The Best Example of a Personal Narrative Essay You May Use

Student life is not always complicated and tough. Many assignments may bring pleasure, and a personal narrative essay is one of them. This assignment does not require research and critical thinking. You do not have to apply...

What Is a Counter Argument in an Essay?

What is a counter argument in an essay? Counter argument writing is one of the arguments students develop in essays. When students learn how to write a counter argument, they develop communication skills. The ability to write a counter argument helps students debate...

Rhetorical Criticism
What Is a Rhetorical Criticism Writing Definition?

According to the rhetorical criticism definition, this is the method of analysis and interpretation that lets us understand how different phenomena impact us and the people around us. As the...

Why Censorship Is Bad?
“Why Censorship Is Bad?” Essay

One of the basic principles of America is freedom of expression, which means such a notion as censorship serves as a good subject for essays. Censorship takes place when a person or a group of people hinder others from...

Climate Change Essay
Submit a Brilliant Climate Change Essay with Our Help!

Nowadays, people need to deal with climate change as a negative result of urbanization. Scientists from all over the...

Literary Analysis Essay
How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay? Handy Tips Here!

A literary analysis essay is an academic paper in which one should examine a literature piece from different perspectives...

What Is a Diagnostic Essay?
What Is a Diagnostic Essay? Please, Help Me to Write It!

A diagnostic essay is one of the common tasks in the academic curriculum of many students. As its name suggests, a diagnostic essay aims to diagnose the student`s writing and analytical skills, as well as their ability to express their ideas in a logical way...

Informative Essay Writing Tips
Informative Essay Writing Tips

In order to write this essay type properly, it is crucial to understand what kind of paper it is and what its purpose is. Informative essay is a piece of writing that suggests telling the audience about something in details. Some event or phenomenon can be a central point of the paper...

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
90 Best Traditional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

Writing compare and contrast essay allows students to show their creativity. Students are free to express their thoughts and ideas regarding the selected issues. It is much more interesting to compare the objects or particular individuals than just describe them.