Music Essay Writing

How to Compose a Great Music Essay

If you were quite fortunate to choose the theme for your essay on music, you would perhaps pick the one that is the most fascinating and exciting for you.

Nevertheless, selecting a music essay theme for students may be a complicated task.

How music impacts your lifestyle? Consider your music background: do you play an instrument? Do you enjoy listening to music?

How does music impact your daily routine? You listen to music simply everywhere: on TV, radio, fashion runway shows. Consider the dance styles and their effect on music, or its impact on human’s mental health. Pay attention to a need to decrease the theme and match the appropriate proves. In which ways the music styles and genres evolve? Read about specific historical facts and cases, their connection to ordinary life. What is the position of music in your life hood? Is it only arranged sound or something more?

Let us go deeper into the history of music. It is also a huge area for researching. 

Look more attentively at various types of music. There are many of them, and each can make a great impact on the listener. Pay attention, for instance, the effect made on you by pop or rap music in your music essay. Your wild imagination is at your disposal here.

Learn the origin of main musical expressions – tone, consonance, dissonance, rhythm, tempo, melody, harmony, contrast, etc. These terms can explain truly much about the music itself. Try to realize its meaning.

Before we go to the bonus part with music essay topics, let us learn the paper composition more detailed.

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Music Essay Composing: The Structure

Creating a task about music, as well as similar assignments, demand accurate research, estimation of relevant sources, and a correct essay plan, which will direct you across the writing. 

To compose a great music essay, you have to know the kind of a paper: argumentative, discursive, persuasive, or descriptive. When you are assigned to for and against essay, you should collect and estimate the prove supporting both opinions of the paper theme. 


The common structure stays the same.

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The Music Essay Introduction

This is the part where you give a short explanation of the theme. You can begin your intro with a citation, definition, or brief thesis statement that directs your audience to the essay theme. Keep in mind: create an introduction with plain and logical sentences.

Body for your Work

The body of your paper is the most essential part of your work. Here you will give the proof and data explaining or contradicting your thesis statement. Each paragraph about music has to dispute various positions and concepts. 

The ordinary body paragraph composition involves:

  • A theme sentence, defining the argument for a specific paragraph
  • An introduction to the prove you collected to support an argument
  • Citations and facts (remember about correct citation!)
  • A definition of the citations and facts 
  • The connection between proves and the essay theme
  • Paragraph transitions leading your viewer to the following part
  • Bottom line?
  • The paragraph has to be strictly not more than 8 sentences.

The Music Essay Conclusion

When creating a conclusion, you have to introduce a persuasive argument about the theme. Look through the key details of the music essay. Summarize all arguments given earlier. 

Here is the common closing paragraph composition:

  • Summarize the essay thesis in couple sentences (usually, it takes 1-2)
  • Remind the key elements of your work (also 1-2 sentences)
  • Recap your results.
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Writing about Music: Characteristics

When composing about music, you do not have to be obligatorily a professional musician. All you need is to have a skill of listening, understanding, estimation of the music, and giving your definition and point of view about it. Your music essay has to be a merger of the convincing and entertaining main argument, plain composition, and correct style. If you aim to create an amazing task about music, involve a combination of metaphor and attention to musical elements. Here are some specific music essay characteristics:

Applying Technical vs. Clear Language

Consider your public. Is your writing for professionals or not? If you are a freshman in music or composing for a public, unfamiliar with the music, do not use technical terms. Introduce your proves in common phrases. In a different situation, applying professional language may be helpful to determine music’s subtleties accurately.

Applying Metaphorical Language

What can disclose the nature if a musical passage better than applying metaphorical methods? Perfectly selected metaphor lets highlighting the passionate quality and sense of a musical work better than certain technical expressions. 

Be cautious when selecting analogy as a poor metaphor may spoil your efforts to describe the musical masterpiece.

Creating an Immanent Critique

When creating a music essay, your lecturer may ask you to estimate just one part of music, argument, or text. Sure, you have the only one source for your work. To manage this assignment, you have to estimate internal tensions, deviations, or slippages of a composition or a text.

Bonus: 10 Themes for a Brief Essay on Music

Here you can see a list of different themes to write about music. We expect these ideas will assist you with evolving professional music essays:

  1. The ability of music to affect the human mind. Consider the reasons for using music in advertising and how it impacts a client’s behavior.
  2. The power of music: Robert Wise’s film. Estimate the film’s lyrical and musical effect on the whole atmosphere.
  3. The effect of music on our brain. Explore the newest research in the mental health area and which way music therapy impacts depression treatment.
  4. Music as a way of life. Estimate how the favorite music style impacts our daily routine, manners, clothing style, etc.
  5. The history of music. Switching to the main periods of music development and estimate how this process impacted modern music. 
  6. The most essential elements of the music sphere. Estimate how modern audio technology and quick lifestyle affect musicians.
  7. The psychology of music. Explore what the preferable music style can say about someone’s identity and reasons. 
  8. The music and television. Estimate in which way the music of TV programs and films affect the audience’s senses and manners.
  9. Musical education: the way of success? Does someone require a musical background?
  10. Has to be the music free for download? Disclose the ethical and lawful aspects of this question.
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