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Applying to a business school is a tiresome process. You have to prepare an entire package of documents. Still, your business school personal statement can rightfully be considered the most important one. You cannot improve or somehow influence the results of your tests and your scores, but you can impress the committee with the presentation of your strengths and the aims you want to achieve in the future.

In this article, our experienced writers will share with you the secrets of a winning business school personal statement as well as where one can get professional writing help.

On the one hand, high grades are important for getting into the business school of your dream. On the other hand, nothing looks more strange than a student with perfect test scores and no personality, or a poorly written personal statement. As you can see, your personal statement business school oriented is what reveals your personality, usually hidden behind achievements and a set of scores. An impressive personal statement can convince the admission officers that you are a highly motivated and promising student who can really contribute to the college community, even if your grades are not outstanding.


As with most influential documents, writing a personal statement is not an easy task. In fact, your chances to be accepted depend much on this text. Most likely, you will need to spend long hours writing and revising every paragraph, to ensure your ideas are expressed clearly and you meet the word count limit. This is why you may even need business school personal statement help.

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What to Write in Your Personal Statement

“What should or shouldn’t I mention in my statement?” “How long should this document be?” “Is there a way to make my personal statement impressive?” There are two ways to answer this question:

  1. Read this article till the end

  2. Order personal statement online.

If you go for the second option, you will save your time, and rest assured that your future is in good hands.

Personal Statement Writing Strategy

Prior to crafting your statement, stop and think about your past experiences, your aims, your reasons to pursue the chosen career, and the strengths that make you unique in a certain way.

If you don’t know what to write in your personal statement, follow this formula:

  • Where you’ve been

Here, you may describe activities you were involved in, past experiences, and knowledge gained. You may want to mention your past research and volunteering experiences, that vividly describe your background.

  • Where you’re going

Clearly explain how this academic degree will help you to reach your goals. Mention how you can contribute to your community.

  • Why this school

Explain how the program you have chosen is related to your aims and long-term goals.

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6 Aspects to Consider When Writing Your Statement for Business School

If you are determined to compose your personal statement on your own, we would like to equip you for this journey! Below, you can find six aspects to consider when crafting this important document.

Use storytelling

Many applicants have test scores, volunteer work experience, and GPA like yours, but none of them have gone through what you have gone through. Your story is unique. Provide special details and facts that will make your writing memorable. Make your reader want to read your story till the end. Build on it.

This is obvious, but still, we will remind you that this essay should be about you. Do not let yourself write something that can be said about every person of your age. And don’t switch the focus of your paper to your parents and their lives or achievements. Of course, our families influence us, but your audience wants to understand who you are, and not who your parents are.

Your paper should resonate with the rest of the documents in the application package

Your story should bring together everything you have accomplished. Also, the ideas should be resented logically and coherently. Do not go into great details. Choose the experience that is relevant to your future profession and that may resonate with the officer who will read your article.

Be specific

List the skills you have already gained. This should be something related to your chosen career path. Also, talk about the skills you hope to acquire during your studies and how you will use them in your job.


Stand out from the crowd

Your paper will be compared to hundreds of similar applications. This means you will be compared to other students. Thus, in your business graduate school personal statement you should show that you have unique advantages over the rest of the students. And of course, avoid clichés. Nothing can do more harm to your essay than the use of hackneyed phrases.

Avoid sensitive subjects

Try not to mention sensitive or controversial topics. Avoid talking about religious or political problems.

Prove that your candidature is the right choice

Gather as much information about the program and the business school as you can. Check out their policies, goals, and achievements that they are proud of. Then show how you can contribute to their achievement, and how you are an ideal fit for the chosen program. Use examples from your life and studies.

Your business school application is your chance for a better future. Make sure it is personal. Make sure it is coherent. Make sure it is focused.

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Crafting Personal Statements

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