Great Tips on Writing Personal Responsibility Essay

Great Tips on Writing Personal Responsibility Essay

Life cannot be full without having responsibilities. A college student knows that for sure, as every day of studies brings new things to learn, new assignments to complete, and new challenges to face. Students work really hard as they have lots of ambitious short-term and long-term goals. Thus, writing a personal responsibility essay looks reasonable at a certain stage of college studies. If you have got a task to work on such an essay, you should know which ideas should be included. This concept should be viewed from several perspectives. Thus, it is often hard for students to complete this assignment properly and to get really good grades. An essay on personal responsibility requires lots of effort and time from students, but our writers can help you make things easier. We will assist you with writing, offering our smart ideas and interesting approaches to essay writing.

Responsibility: Meaning and Implications

The definition of personal liability presents it as accountability of an individual for the taken actions. It implies that this person understands that a specific action or decision has certain effects on his/her life and burdens to bear and acknowledges that there will be people impacted by it.

Students often ask a question, ‘what is personal responsibility?’ even if it is not the topic of their essay. If they know the answer, they can focus on their ability to handle their obligations systematically. At first, they set the goals they want to reach and then, decide on the ways they can do that. Thus, they accept liability for their actions, thoughts, and opinions. Accepting personal responsibility, they also agree that they have to grow professionally, improve, and take care of their body. It implies taking proper care of the problems at an individual level as well as the level of agreement and cooperation with other people. Besides, a person makes sure that he or she acknowledges personal mistakes, corrects them, evaluates the actions, and gets motivated to take further steps.

Questions One Has to Answer Prior to the Stage of Writing

To start with, what first comes to your mind when you hear the term “responsibility”? We suggest taking a pen and a piece of paper and writing down all possible associations in absolutely random order. It is enough to take about ten minutes to recollect everything related to it: books, movies, characters, experiences, real people, and whatnot. Then, try to focus on the adjective ‘irresponsible’ and reflect on all possible associations with it.

When you are done with that, you can see the aspects you have already covered and it will be easier for you to detect the area that is still vague. Thus, you will ask a question and see how many answers it can get. For instance, writing an essay on personal responsibility, you can ask a question like that:

“What can make a person take responsibility?”

“Is it a must for a person to be responsible?”

“Is it possible to teach someone to be responsible?”

“What does it mean to be a responsible person?”

“Is it possible to practice being responsible?”

“What are the consequences of acting responsibly?”

“What are the consequences of acting irresponsibly?”

Your pre-writing stage will let you get a list of your own questions on the topic. Try to find a great personal responsibility essay example and give answers to the questions you have composed. It is possible to turn this experience of writing into an enjoyable activity!

Composing a Good Essay

So, you have got a topic related to social responsibility and now it is time for you to consider whether people actually care about it. Are some citizens indifferent to their responsibilities? Are they scared of taking obligations? Reflect on a personal responsibility definition before you start working on the paper. Let the readers know about relevant situations and bright examples when a person either refused to take responsibility or took too much of it. Your essay requires a good thesis which will be a backbone for your writing. Answer your main question and turn this response into a thesis statement. A thought-provoking or exciting example of taking personal responsibility from real life, history, or even your imagination will let you support your position effectively. Remember that you are working not on a definition essay. The readers expect to see an in-depth analysis and your reflections in the text.

Are you allowed to use the pronoun ‘I’ in this type of paper? For sure, you are. It is the topic that implies referring to your personal understanding and experience. So, go ahead!

If you want to have an outstanding paper, you need to take the following steps:

  • Select an issue for your essay to be used in a thesis statement;
  • Specify particular points to be further analyzed in the text;
  • Decide on the opening category (give its definition, provide a background, and focus on the main idea);
  • Create extra points for your main issue (the number of subcategories may vary);
  • Give an analysis of the key ideas (present separate key points in topic sentences of the paragraphs);
  • Summarize all the arguments in a logical conclusion. Avoid repetitions;
  • Do editing and proofreading. Fix all mistakes in terms of spelling, formatting, style, and grammar.

Use this simple plan to create a brilliant paper. Set a realistic goal! Try hard to sound confident! Use your outline! Focus on your writing without distractions.

Still asking yourself, “Why is personal responsibility important?” We offer you a chance to get professional writing support from us to avoid confusion of all kinds. Refer to one of our experts and get affordable writing support from a great writer. This will allow you to get excellent grades for your personal responsibility essay. Also, you will be able to use the purchased original paper for future reference.

Personal Responsibility Essay Sample

Avoiding responsibility sometimes may be tempting, less painful, and more comfortable. Some people do not feel responsible for themselves and society, preferring to blame their problems on others. However, when an individual refuses to take responsibility in life, he/she completely loses personal power and liberty. The purpose of the following paper is to describe my relationship to the idea of “responsibility.”

A responsible human being is a person who can face and deal with the consequences of his/her own or other people’s actions and words. Therefore, responsibility can be regarded as an ability to bear all ramifications of an event because of the moral duty. More specifically, everyone needs to fully understand that being a part of a family, community, organization, or class entails a number of responsibilities that cannot be ignored. It takes much self-discipline and effort to continually work hard to get excellent grades in school, appropriately behave to fulfill parents’ expectations, and keep promises to one’s friends. Nevertheless, I feel responsible for doing what I am asked to do both at school and home. From a moral standpoint, I am indebted to my parents because they gave birth to me, taught me how to behave, looked after me, and provided educational opportunities. I believe that my proper behavior and good attitude is a reward for their continued care and effort. Responsibility in school means respecting other classmates and teachers as well as studying hard. The fact that a teacher makes thorough preparations before classes gives me a sense of responsibility, which in turn encourages me to properly complete all assignments on time. It is abundantly clear that a teacher relies on students’ work and their feedback; therefore, everyone should feel responsible for contributing to the learning process.

However, people should not always feel responsible for external events and actions that impact them. For instance, I do not think that I am responsible for what other people say about me, but I am definitely responsible for my reaction to these words or actions. It is worth mentioning that my reaction to an action may involve a series of events, the consequences of which I should be able to bear. Each event in my life has occurred in order to help me take responsibility for every decision I make.

Furthermore, all people have a moral obligation to contribute to the society, thereby powerfully promoting its welfare. Society can be viewed as a complex engine, where each person is a part of the machine and is supposed to be functional. Hence, people should work hard as teachers, doctors, businessmen or occupy any other job which is beneficial for society in order to make their valuable contributions to the overall working. Whatever job I choose, I will always consider my work as a method of maintaining the complex engine named society. Certainly, I may or may not achieve great success in my career and my contribution may be relatively small, but I will still feel responsible for making a difference in the well-being of society.

All in all, being a responsible person means showing reliability and trustworthiness. Each person epitomizes the part of society and, therefore, has a moral duty to properly maintain its functioning. I feel responsible for sustaining and promoting the well-being of my family and school community as long as I am a member of these groups. Even though I am not responsible for some external events that may directly influence my welfare or that of these groups, I can demonstrate an appropriate reaction taking responsibility for consequences.