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Succeeding in different types of research paper writing is essential if you want to get high grades at college or university. Apart from knowing how to master different types of research paper writing, it is critical to be aware of numerous essay types. Professors assign essays at different academic levels of studying, which means that an essay is a common writing assignment for many students. One of the underlying aspects of successful essay writing is being able to follow the essay prompt exactly and be able to address the paper instructions in detail. Whereas during tests, students need only to choose the correct option or to provide a short answer, in essay writing, they need to be coherent and logical and be able to express their thoughts concisely. A great complexity about academic writing genre is that students should be aware of different types of essays in order to be able to succeed in different kinds of essays. There are dozens of essay types and each student needs to be aware of at least the main of them in order to succeed academically. In essence, there are four main essay genres that differ from each other greatly. The rest of the essay types are just variations or blends of these main four types. Check them out:
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Expository essay

Among different types of compositions, expository essays require you to evaluate a specific theme or topic from your personal perspective. However, apart from merely presenting the point of view, a student is required to back it up with expert opinion, i.e. credible and reliable sources. It is also expected that you share your own experience and discuss the subject in relation to your personal life examples. What can you gain when practicing expository essay writing? You can master your skills of proper organization of the research process. In particular, you will learn how to make the research process less time-consuming. Apart from mastering your time-management skills, you may also discover the topic from the other perspective and learn something new about it. When working on the expository essay, you need to make sure that it is extensive enough and discussed in detail. Each question on the assignment should be separately discussed and a student should follow the task step by step. Normally, the tasks to expository essay writing starts with “how,” so be sure to provide detailed answers to such essay prompts.

Descriptive essay

Among the various genres of academic writing, a descriptive essay is one of the most frequently assigned ones. One of the main requirements to this essay writing type is that it should be original and written from scratch. Despite the fact that you can normally find any information pertaining to the descriptive essay on the Internet, be sure that you will have to write the paper as an original description that is thorough and detailed enough to describe a specific phenomenon, event, thing, person, etc. To succeed in descriptive types of papers, it is essential to masterfully use adjectives and adverbs and be good at vividly describing different things. When working on a descriptive paper, you are also encouraged to masterfully use a variety of literary devices, such as epithets, metaphors, similes, comparisons, personifications, analogies, allegories, and others.

Narrative essay

When assigned a narrative essay, you are expected to provide an interesting and exciting story that will captivate your target audience. To get inspiration for narrative essay writing, you are recommended to read many short stories, novels, and compositions from famous writers.

Persuasive essay

As it can be inferred from the essay type, a persuasive essay should persuade the readers in a specific stance or a standpoint. As such, when you are working on a persuasive essay, be specific about the idea or message you are conveying and emphasize on a specific viewpoint relating to a given issue. The main aim is to be convincing enough and provide strong arguments and evidence. Therefore, be sure to formulate a strong and clear thesis statement, which provides specific facts that may convince the target audience in the truthfulness of the subject.

Extra Kinds of Research Paper and Essay Writing You May Be Assigned

Apart from the abovementioned four types of essays students are normally assigned in colleges and universities, they may come across some more types of research paper and essay writing. Read on to check them out.

Comparison and contrast essays

When assigned a compare and contrast essay, you are expected to focus on the similarities and differences of a specific phenomenon, thing, event, etc. The aim of this essay type is to provide a comprehensive discussion of different aspects of a specific phenomenon in order to make the target audience become fully aware of it. As such, it is essential for a student to be well-versed in a specific subject in order to provide a thorough topic discussion.

Argumentative essay

When devising this type of paper, you need to focus on different perspectives of the same issue. Argumentative essays are specifically assigned for controversial topics in order to present both sides of the problem and make the argument well-balanced. In this essay type, a student is expected to provide an in-depth discussion of the pros and cons of the subject and provide equal arguments. One of the challenges, however, is to be able to present both sides of the argument objectively and in an unbiased way. An argumentative essay is not the same as an opinion essay, so be sure not just to provide your personal opinion but to provide expert evidence.

Analytical essay

The focus of analytical types of research paper and essay writing is to present a description and comparison of research findings presented by various scientists and researchers. The focus of this essay writing type is to provide discussion on methodology, research, findings, and conclusions. The main essence of analytical paper writing is to focus on the existing research and provide a new framework for the research issues.

Critical essay

When writing a critique paper, the main aim is to provide an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a specific object, phenomenon, movie, book, article, etc. It is essential to emphasize on the strong and weak points of some issue and provide a summation of what your personal opinion is about it and how you view it. In other words, you need to conclude whether the object, phenomenon or subject is predominantly good or bad. For example, if you are working on an article or book critique, it is important to pinpoint to how successful the author was when discussing the subject, whether he/ she managed to convey the idea or message successfully and clearly, whether the work was persuasive.

Definition essay

This is a type of essay writing that is considered one of the simplest. Of course, it does not mean that you just need to provide a definition of some issue and that is it. Surely, you need to provide a comprehensive discussion that highlights the topic from various perspectives. When working on this essay type, it is crucial to use the required terms and vocabulary structures and avoid biased opinions.

How to Get Help with Different Essay Types?

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