Culture Essay Samples

Sep 9, 2019

Museum Report

They comprised mammals whose bones and teeth configurations were similar to the present tree sloths, though, they were much larger. They date back as early as 11 million years ago and went into extinction about 12000 years ago. Paleontological studies suggest their origin is South America and migrated to the North America about 3 million years ago. Their fossils have been found in many western states of the US. Like the other giant ground slots, Harlan’s had huge jaws, and fore limbs were shorter than hind limbs. They had ... Details

Sep 10, 2019

Art Critique

The painter masterfully conveyed the evening far from the state of nature in the desert, with its purity, clarity, tranquility and overflowing emptiness. In this artwork the meeting of a meerkat and a rhino is depicted. These are the two animals much different from one another. They are from the one world; they live on the one hot earth, but at the same time are so distant and dissimilar. Another element of the story is a stone between the two animals, which plays an interesting part in ... Details

Sep 13, 2019

Female Emancipation

Whenever the global south is discussed, it gets represented in light of absolute poverty, disease, terrorism, and male domination over women. Aid organizations from the global north go to the global south to provide assistance and donations in various areas. One of the areas is the area of women empowerment, which can be interpreted loosely as attempting to give women a voice and the opportunity to fight and campaign for equality. This scope is however changing quickly with the creation of ... Details

Oct 9, 2019

The effect of LGBT content in popular culture on the public opinion in the United States

The influence of media is far reaching, and affects all that interacts with it. What people interact with in the popular culture influences their opinion, way of life and perspective. Similarly, the presentation of LGBT content in the popular culture, has affected the way people view the issues surrounding the controversy of non-heterosexuality. Initially, the popular culture presented LGBT content, as weird, evil, immoral and socially unacceptable. Similarly, the public used to perceive LGBT people through the ... Details

Nov 5, 2019

France 24

France 24 is a wholly government-owned holding media company that, although launched in 2006, was merged with Radio France International (RFI) in 2008 to ensure a broader scope of media coverage at hand. Hence, apart from television space, France 24 has strong connection with this organization as constant partners within a united media group. Along with an Arabic radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya, the two above channels compose France Médias Monde, a central French media broadcasting agency. Simultaneously, the ... Details

Nov 13, 2019

Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is a renowned artwork by Pablo Picasso that illustrates five prostitutes in a brothel, in the Avignon, Barcelona. The contentious eye-catching art is currently displayed in the Museum of Art in New York. The oil on canvas painting measures 8' x 7'8, and symbolizes a key landmark in the history of contemporary art. Picasso contentious and prevailing painting broke all conventional notions and outlook of ultimate beauty. It depicted him away from other artists and steered in the ... Details