Concept of Justice, Harmony, and Virtue

Governance entails several things. The people appointed in office may not necessarily be the only ones making critical decisions in the running of the government. In fact, there are situations where those never appointed matter but the forces behind them. Some factors help in running the affairs of the country. They include justice, harmony, and virtue. These traits are necessary for enabling a working environment for growth. Consequently, the utmost practice of justice, harmony, and virtue guarantees a firm understanding of governance and peaceful coexistence within a country.

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Concept of Justice, Harmony, and Virtue Explanation

The duties and rights of an individual are what constitute the concept of justice. Individuals are bound to make mistakes and, therefore, cause other people to suffer. The fundamental concept of justice is thus an interpersonal one where conflicts between people can be resolved. Justice consists in upholding everything that is morally right between individuals. In a society where individuals of different belief and cultures interact, there exists the social justice, which is meant to bring sanity in such places. The attainment of justice in the society is something unachievable because different people believe in different things hence conflicts must always arise. It is also true that the achievement of justice between individuals is unattainable too. Everyone will always say what to live in a just society or environment, but one thing will remain; there can never be a perfect condition of justice. An ideal situation is that which when one feels offended, and punishment is administered to the offender, they will both feel happy for that which has happened. 

Talking of punishment brings us to the other key concept of justice that a person should not face any punishment unless for committed crimes. It is an important concept in that more often than not; justice has proved had to attain because people who suffer punishment are innocent. Conflicts are aggravated in the society when someone faces punishment for crimes, which he/she never committed. Justice does not prevail when offenders roam the streets freely. For justice to prevail, therefore, there must be proper mechanisms of determining the offenders such that no innocent person suffers for crimes that they never committed. A final feature of the concept of justice is the process itself. The process of attaining truth can help mitigate the effects of having a society without the rule of law. In most cases, people have blamed the procedures of seeking justice for not acting as per the requirements. That is why it is right to say that the process can only mitigate some of the effects of injustices. By setting up a strong judicial system, the country is sure of providing the best services in matters justice to its citizens. With a system that works, individuals will rest assured that no manipulations from those who matter in the society take place. The issue of manipulation in the judiciary is prevalent, and it creates the impression that the well-off are the ones who receive a fair share in the legal process. 

Everyone is equal in the rule of law. No one should be above any other person. These facts should not only be in blue and white. They must be followed to the latter if at all justice is to prevail. With justice in place, there will be harmony, which is a situation in which people live happily together. It is, therefore, imperative that the process of attaining justice be affair one for all to have a trust in the systems put in place to safeguard their rights as equal citizens of a nation.

Harmony as said before is that situation when one feels happy for being around other people. Harmony depends on some factors including justice. The existence of peace in the society points to the concept of harmony. An individual cannot have harmony with only him/herself. The idea stems from the fact that people tend to be happy in the company of other people. In a critical analysis of harmony, it is evident that justice has a positive correlation with harmony. People are living happily together usually experience little or no conflict at all. In the few cases of conflicts, the process of attaining justice is usually swift and long lasting. The concept of harmony is to ensure the processes of change, which are inevitable in the world, take place without causing conflicts. People have to work together to drive the much-needed change in the world. Governments have to listen to the people’s cry so that they make life better for each. Harmony does not only apply to governance; but it also applies to all the sectors of the economy, which are crucial to taking a country to the next level.

The thought of Confucianism serves as an explicit background on the concept of harmony. The harmony in the society has obtained its effectiveness from the Confucius teachings over the years. A governance has to shape a county’s destiny by changing its attitude by adopting more proactive roles. A country like China has managed to shape its future both internally and externally by achieving a harmonious relationship with the audience who are the society. When a country is exhibiting a harmonious environment, it tends to send a signal, which denotes that a country is going towards her development objectives. Researchers have to conclude that a government that has attained absolute harmony inclines to match both domestic and foreign policies thereby leading to the creation of an open door policy. 

Although, scientific development slogans have attempted to overshadow the process of attaining an absolute harmonious society, harmony has remained one of the primary maxims of the central government during the legislation reforms. A premeditated harmonious society has a legal implication, and the operation can be feasible when harmony is linked with the law. A government has to find a robust legal and judicial system by incorporating Confucianism on harmony consideration. The concept of harmony tends to be consolidated and efficient in a legal system when developed. The contemporary society has restructured the idea on how to attain a harmonious society and preferred to concentrate on the idea “harmony.” Harmony being an agreement and synchronizing tool, plays a vital role in the case of legal disputes and this suggest that the foundation of the contemporary society is law. Law‘s objectives are to attain equality that now connect harmony with justice and virtue under the regulations of the people’s wisdom. A society can only claim to have achieved absolute harmony if practices peace, love, order, honesty, and alliance upon a comprehensible development. The concept of harmony has proven to be a vital tool for the unification of man and nature for a possible vigorous development in a country. 

Virtue is that positive trait possessed by someone. The character is deemed to be morally good and of value. Virtue comes with admiration. People would want to associate with virtuous individuals. A moral person is one who derives pleasure from doing that which he/she deems as good. In a society as we are living today, such people exist in our minds only. Most people are corrupt at present. They would steal given an opportunity. If only we had people with virtue around, some of the cases of misappropriation of funds, and cases of irresponsibility in the workplace would be minimal. Projects stall, clients are dissatisfied with service provision because we luck people with integrity. People are driven by the urge to provide the best for the society. As is evident, there is a relationship between the three concepts discussed above. When one talks about virtues, it is geared towards having a just society. Justice, on the other hand, is a virtue. Virtuous individuals are the best in making the society attain justice, which has seen before, is almost unachievable. These people are also the real custodians of harmony. One will always wish to live with such people since they do make you happy by their deeds. 

Virtue in politics has brought confusion where people see it as a personal and psychological attribute. In the ancient days, the Greek leadership perceived that it is the duty and responsibility of the government to guide its citizens in pursuit of virtue. Why will a government need virtue in its controlling and governance?  The government knows virtue is an essential ingredient to a happy life and gives the meaning of man’s existence too. If the element of virtue had no essence in a government, the citizens would be more victimized than the government officials will. The government officials should embrace the value of virtue in their leadership. Otherwise, they are likely to misuse power and lead their subjects out of self-interest. Modern governments have undermined the importance of virtue more compared to the ancient governments, and this is evidenced by constant acts of injustices where leaders have the rule to quench their personal aggrandizement.


In conclusion, practicing of utmost justice, harmony, and virtue guarantees a firm understanding of governance and peaceful coexistence within a country. Every society strives to develop and live a happy life, and the government officials have a pressure to deliver a better society to their subjects. The linking of justice, harmony, and virtue will provide an enabling environment that serve individuals with equality, humanity, and dignity. Absolute harmony provides the legislative aspect of the government and a society function effectively when operated under the rule of law. Virtue provides an identity to a society as it helps to recover individual culture and relativism, which provides a natural regulation of the human behaviors towards each other. 

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