Critique Essay Topics

Choosing one of the critique essay topics to complete a written assignment can become a very complicated task. But do not worry as it may look difficult at first sight only. Consider that in order to assist you in gaining the right momentum for making your choice; please carefully look through our list of the critique essay topics that would, by all means, help you in developing your creative skills.

Critique Essay Topics on Literature Studies

  1. Irony and its presentation in classical literature
  2. Feminist ideologies presented in modern literary masterpieces: Common features
  3. The role of the author’s background in creating a real masterpiece
  4. Allegory in the Shakespearean sonnets
  5. Describe the secondary heroes in your most favorite piece of literature
  6. Describe the secondary heroes in your most favorite classical book
  7. Metaphors, similes, and other stylistic devices used in modern poems
  8. Describe the application of different viewpoints (first / second / third person) in a specific literal work
  9. The effectiveness and role of imagery in the fairy tales
  10. How was black humor utilized in the literature of the 20th century?
  11. The Canterbury Tales and its role in developing of English Literature
  12. Dwell on the build-up of a specific novel and how it transitioned to its climax
  13. What is your favorite genre of literature: Specific features

Critique Essay Topics about Films and TV

  1. Choose any novel or story you have recently read, and conduct a comparative analysis on its film adaptation
  2. Why are the media shows very popular today worldwide?
  3. Describe the leading themes in the moderns TV shows and movies 
  4. Conduct an analysis of the film by considering the takeaway points described in it
  5. What are the “humorous topics” portrayed in modern mass media?
  6. Conduct a comparative analysis one of the most popular cooking shows in the UK and the USA
  7. Classic movie remakes: Pros and cons
  8. Conduct a detailed analysis of one of the best cooking shows in the UK
  9. What aspects make an astounding drama series?
  10. Choose one of the ‘all-times’ best films and explicate how it presents today’s pop-culture
  11. Make an analysis of one of your favorite romantic comedies
  12. Watch an educational movie and dwell on its importance to students
  13. Examine the leading character of a comic book based on its film adaptation
  14. Choose a series / film that has won an Oscar this year
  15. Choose the most popular reality TV series and analyze it in detail
  16. Make an analysis of one of the popular game shows 

Critique Essay Topics on Social Issues

  1. The effectiveness of the judicial system of the USA in its struggle against different drugs
  2. The effectiveness of media in solving such issues as illiteracy and poverty in the developing countries
  3. Choose one of the social issues that have been taking forever to find an effective solution to it. Suggest your own considerations on how to do this in the most effective way.
  4. The war in the Middle East: How to stop it
  5. The US Military spending: Is it necessary to cut down the budget on such issues
  6. Racism in the US police system
  7. Racism in the US judicial system
  8. Dwell on the long-lasting impacts of colonialism that have been experienced worldwide
  9. Suggest your alternatives to anti-poverty programs that different governments could apply to handle this issue
  10. Explicate why some of the governmental policies are ineffective in the USA
  11. Explicate why obesity is considered one of the burning issues in different parts of the world
  12. Pros and cons of healthy food
  13. Junk or fast food: Advantages and disadvantages
  14. Pros and cons of the legalization of marijuana in the USA

Critique Essay Topics about Economics

  1. The efficiency and effectiveness of the US economic system
  2. The role of the stock market on the lives of ordinary people in the USA
  3. What are the pros and cons of new online currencies applied nowadays by different financial institutions?
  4. The efficiency and effectiveness of the German economic system
  5. Analyze any type of economic change in your community and its effectiveness
  6. Discuss how an ordinary student can economically use his / her budget
  7. The efficiency and effectiveness of the UK economic system
  8. Choose one of economic issues / problems discussed in the social media and suggest effective ways or measures to solve it
  9. What are the key economic benefits of modern recycling applied in the USA or any other country? 
  10. Global warming and carbon emissions: What effective measures should be implemented worldwide?
  11. The effects of the international relationships on economic relationships between the USA and China
  12. Economic crises: Common features  

Critique Essay Topics on History

  1. The 5th amendment and its influence of the US judicial system
  2. The US history from a realist point of view
  3. Choose one of your favorite ‘US historical landmarks’ and explicate why it is your favorite one
  4. The greatest and most influential wars in the history of the humankind: Similarities and differences
  5. Choose a state which history you are interested in and explain your point of view
  6. Discuss how different influential politicians are portrayed in films
  7. What ideologies can be seen in different historical films
  8. Choose one of the movies devoted to the history of your country / city / town / community. Is it close to reality?
  9. The effects of historical films on people’s points of view
  10. Describe one of the historical documentaries that you have recently watched. Why is it worth seeing?
  11. Choose one of your favorite historical series and explicate what makes it so special or unique
  12. What are the leading themes in popular historical figures description (e.g. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher) 
  13. Choose one of the most favorite historical books of yours and conduct its critical analysis 
  14. The Project Bluebook: Hidden Facts of the US History
  15. Pros and Cons of disclosing secret information hidden by the governments worldwide

Critique Essay Topics about Environment

  1. The effectiveness and efficiency of current green and clean campaigns/projects in your own town / city / country in eliminating the impact of global warming of nature
  2. Choose one of the most popular environmental TV shows and explicate its educational significance to the young generation
  3. Global warming: Key causes and most effective solutions 
  4. Describe one of the everyday routines that you consider can contribute to decreasing carbon footprints
  5. Dwell on how different types of social media can help in disseminating “green and clean ideology”
  6. Make an analysis of the up-to-date innovations that help in reducing environmental pollution in your city / town / country
  7. Discuss the most dangerous type of pollution in your town, city or country
  8. Critique one of the environmental policies that you consider ineffective
  9. Choose what alternatives can be used instead of the pesticides in today’s agriculture
  10. GMOs: Essential advantages and disadvantages 
  11. Historical technological advancements that could assist in solving the issue of global warming

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