50 Useful Analytical Essay Topics and Writing Tips

The analytical type of essay is not assigned as frequently as the expository or narrative ones. That is why students, who are to pass this kind of paper, often do not know what to write. Analytical essay topics are not hard to find. Still, one needs to understand what process analysis is and how it is done to be able to estimate if they can write on this or that topic. In addition, some themes are boring or too often used by the students. Thus, they should not be chosen for the paper if you do not want to kill your instructor with boredom. Also, while choosing the theme, you should make sure there is enough information about the processes behind this or that thing. You will likely need to consult additional sources to make your claims strong and accurate. Thus, below you will find a clear explanation of what process analysis is and a list of fifty topics to help you start crafting your masterpiece. Also, we will provide you with the tips on writing a scholarly analytical work.
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The concept behind process analysis is the act of taking a process and analyzing it – a sort of “how to” or an explanation as to how a particular thing works.
There are two types of process analysis – the informative type of analysis and the directive type of analysis. The informative analysis explains how some thing or process works. For instance, anyone who knows how to write an analytical essay might use informative process style to show how a website works or how a car or bicycle works. The directive analysis explains how something is done. For example, the writer might use this technique to show their readers how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. You may use either of these two methods in analytical essays, depending on the requirements your tutor has provided. You should always check with your instructor what method they want you to follow before starting on the writing part.

50 topic ideas for your analytical essay

So, now that you know what a process analysis is, it is time to decide which would be the best topic for an analytical essay. A comprehensive list presented below will help you to choose what to write about. Though all fifty themes are interesting, you should find the one that tickles your imagination. Are you curious about how this or that thing works or how something is done? Great! This means you will enjoy the process of writing the paper. Again, don’t forget that you need to make sure there is enough information about the chosen subject or phenomenon. Check the listing to find good analysis essay ideas!
  • Describe how study techniques can be improved.
  • Explain how Pinterest works.
  • Explain how a journal or diary should be kept.
  • Describe how a cell phone works.
  • Describe what a cheerleader does.
  • Explain the mechanism behind email.
  • Explain the steps involved in learning a foreign language.
  • Explain how to begin a relationship.
  • Explain how a music library can be built legally and without over-spending.
  • Explain how to cope with exam anxiety.
  • Explain how to pass exams.
  • Explain the analytical essay definition and process.
  • Describe how a person can live without a car.
  • Explain how to cope when a relationship breaks up.
  • Describe how to cope with a romantic disappointment.
  • Describe the best way to survive life in a dormitory.
  • Explain how to get along with roommates.
  • Describe how Google works.
  • Explain the process behind getting your first house/apartment.
  • Explain how to build a good student-tutor relationship.
  • Describe what is involved in writing poetry.
  • Explain how to use a cell phone’s camera feature.
  • Describe the process behind finding accommodation off campus.
  • Describe how to write non-plagiarized essays using the analytical essay format.
  • Describe how an interesting essay should be written.
  • Explain the basic rules of APA style citation.
  • Explain the basic rules of Chicago style citation.
  • Explain the basic rules of CSE style citation.
  • Explain the basic rules of MLA style citation.
  • Describe how YouTube works.
  • Describe how Tumblr works.
  • Describe how online television works.
  • Describe how blogs work.
  • Describe how checks work.
  • Describe how credit cards work.
  • Describe how debit cards work.
  • Explain how to get the most out of a holiday.
  • Explain how to make relationships work.
  • Explain how to cope if your partner/spouse cheats on you.
  • Explain how to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Explain how to make your time at college successful.
  • Explain how to study literature and develop an appreciation of it.
  • Describe how to proofread and edit an essay and create an analytical essay outline.
  • Describe how delicate subjects should be approached.
  • Describe how a tutoring service works.
  • Explain how to cope with betrayal.
  • Explain what to do if your religion is not working for you.
  • Describe the publishing process i.e. how to get work published.
  • Explain how to get the best from a class.
  • Explain how to train a puppy.
All of the above topics make good essay material, and you may well have experienced many of these situations in real life. Your own experience will add that extra personal touch and enrich your writing. Last, but not least, consult your tutor if you are finding it difficult to choose analytical essay topics. They may be able to give you additional ideas or assign a topic to you.

Peculiarities of Analytical Writing

An analytical essay differs from other types of academic writings and has some peculiar characteristics that the writer should keep in mind. We assure you that every student should know how to write an analytical essay. Knowing all its characteristics allows producing an excellent paper that will meet all the modern educational standards. Although each writer’s style is unique, the analytical essays have common features. The regular important components of the analytical essay are:
  • a recommended topic;
  • a logical structure;
  • the presence of the necessary arguments.
Usually, the writers have to specialize in several levels. Analytical essays do not simply require a response on what you have learned from the lecture. You have to analyze what lessons you have learned from it; how this particular lecture influenced your ideas and worldview.

Things to remember writing an analytical essay

In order to make use of the information gathered, consider the following:
  • Develop a step-by-step process;
  • Make sure that every argument you present in the essay is reasonable and proved by some evidence or statistical data;
  • Consider the way you use the information. It is crucially important to put your arguments in the logical order;
  • Organize your claims and assumptions clearly to draw a ground conclusion.
Analytical essay definition varies from manual to manual. In general, it requires a number of analytical and research techniques. But you do not need to apply all of them in your paper. As a rule, students apply one technique in a specific essay. They try to make a perfect piece of writing that can bring the highest grades. In an analytical essay, such an approach allows describing the problem from several different angles. Before writing the essay, feel free to note all the points that you are going to concentrate on. It will help you to manage your topic successfully and cover everything. Be sure to produce coherent details, develop several logically organized paragraphs, and draw a ground and reasonable conclusion. Be sure to end your analytical essay with a thought-provoking idea and it will make your essay a brilliant example of academic writing. Writing an analytical essay is not just about choosing a subject or phenomenon and describing it. Apart from organizing your essay in accordance with the required analytical essay format, you need to provide the evidence for all your arguments, the specialists’ thoughts as well as some opposing views. Feel free to demonstrate your writing and research skills, and your essay will bring you only positive results. It is a good idea to create a short analytical essay outline and organize the entire writing process according to it. We assure you that taking into account the above-mentioned points you will make the writing process flow easier.
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Process Analysis Essay: Writing Tips and Recommendations

If you have been assigned a process analysis essay, keep in mind that you should provide not only an essay that is impeccable in content and structure, that is logical and smooth, and that has flawless grammar, spelling, and punctuation. More so, you are expected to present an essay that provides a step-by-step coherence of facts or information on a specific topic. According to the process analysis essay definition, the paper should be procedural and consistent in content. As such, you should pay attention to the instructions and address them carefully but also go deeper beyond the obvious set of requirements as in the other essay types. When working on a process analysis essay, there is a need to examine the whole process closely from an analytical perspective. Therefore, it is essential to know that such papers require expertise – if it is not some first-hand research conducted by you, then it should be some expert opinion you can rely on. When writing a process analysis essay, it is important to remember that you need to analyze things chronologically. If you do not follow steps, then the essay will make no or little sense to the reader. Each step is so important to follow because you should provide logical information that helps your audience to comprehend the process/phenomenon you explain. People reading your paper should understand the reasons why something happens as well as they should be clear about what is happening. Moreover, if some terms that are used in the paper are not clear to the reader, make sure to define them. Why does this matter? Otherwise, the paper will not be comprehensible. Furthermore, if you have applied some specific tools or methodologies, please be sure to explain them as well. Here are some of the fresh and easy process analysis essay ideas:
  1. How to be successful in college?
  2. How to maintain balanced body weight and stay healthy?
  3. How to be trendy without spending a lot of money?
  4. How to organize the right wedding for you?
  5. What are the basic steps in writing a winning resume?
  6. What steps need to be taken for one to become a nurse?
  7. What are the principles of gravitation?
  8. How to write blogs that attract readers’ attention?
  9. What does one need to do to have a successful relationship?
  10. How to edit photos like a pro?
  11. How to wisely distribute and use the money you have?
  12. How to fight fears or phobias? Share an example of your own fear.
  13. How do you organize your free time?
  14. How to avoid the negative aspects of the Internet while you are using it?
  15. How to train pet dogs not to eat garbage and food from the street?
  16. How to get a bargain buying a new car?
  17. How do muscles work?
  18. What is the procedure of the court appeal process?
  19. How to prepare for an English language exam successfully?
  20. What are advantages and disadvantages of travelling around the world without a car?
  21. How to improve your eyesight?
  22. How to manage time in order to be able to prepare for the exams in advance?
  23. How to master the art of taking good pictures for the Instagram?
  24. How to prepare oneself for parenthood?
  25. How to choose the best smart phone?
  26. How to apply math theory to solving practical problems?
  27. How to overcome panic attacks?
  28. How to end a relationship in the best way?
  29. How to get rid of bad habits?
  30. How to learn playing the piano if you are an adult?
  31. How to choose the right major as you are entering the college?
  32. How to be successful in a job interview?
  33. How to start a new habit?
  34. How to monitor your monthly expenditures?
  35. How to be persuasive in expressing your viewpoint?
That’s not all. These are only some of the numerous topics that you can come up with when working on a process analysis essay. You can search for some other essay topics for college students when you visit our website.

How to Write a Process Analysis Essay?

Before you start writing your process analysis paper, make sure you know for sure what is a process analysis essay and how it is structured. So, first of all, the purpose of a process analysis paper is to provide a clear and detailed explanation of how something is done, how something happens, how something works, etc.
The best part? You deepen your own knowledge in the field and you master your skills of analysis and explanation right in the process of working on your paper. If you want to know more details about writing a process analysis paper, here’s the deal: our professional writers have prepared a detailed plan on how to do it. Check it out. What’s the real story? A process analysis paper has the core purpose of leading the target audience through a specific assignment and ensuring success. In most cases, it is beneficial to those people who are novices in some field and who need help dealing with the task. When you work on the paper introduction, you need to identify your aims but you should not disclose specific details. In short, you need to focus on the background information as well as a specific detailed process of application some strategies. After reading the introduction, your reader should know what they need this information for and how to apply it further. When developing the body paragraphs, make sure you first identify how many of them you will need in the main body. Make sure there is no redundancy; you need to be precise and explain information clearly. Each body paragraph should be presented in a specific order. If you focus on some implementation stages, ensure that each paragraph is devoted to a separate stage. In your conclusive paragraph pinpoint to the result of the process. You can also reiterate the thesis statement. If some questions regarding the process analysis essay writing are left, you are free to consult our professional writers. Another option that will ease the task of essay preparation is to purchase a paper from our custom writing company.

How to Write an Analytical Research Paper

 Choose a Topic

The first step in creating an interesting analytical paper is to choose a topic carefully. As mentioned previously, it makes sense to select a topic you feel passionate about or simply ask our writing service to help in the event you are unable to come up with something decent.

Write Introduction

The second step is writing a strong introduction since this sets the tone for the entire research and, very likely, for the paper’s conclusion. It is recommended to do a little brainstorming in order to generate some good ideas for the introductory section. In some cases, however, students are given a predetermined topic so brainstorming won’t be necessary.

Research the Topic and Make an Outline

The next step is researching that topic whereby the writer must carefully study the requirements of their assignment and undertake enough research to collect adequate materials for their paper. Note-taking is extremely useful as well as creating a paper or essay outline. Indeed, an outline is of great help during the writing process because the writer can use it to extract a number of new and fresh ideas. An outline additionally helps control the progress and quality of the research, analysis, and writing. Should you choose to look for any existing examples of an analytical essay, you should see that every sentence written in the paper’s body depends on or links back to the thesis statement. Therefore, it is important to focus on this when you begin writing.

Create the Essay’s Body

At a later stage, in the essay’s body, you should:
  • Provide arguments and evidence in support of the central thesis statement. As mentioned, however, your thesis statement should stand up to argument or opposition.
  • Ensure your paper is free of plagiarism. It is another critical aspect of writing an analytical paper. You can look for examples of analytical essays online to find out how your paper should be structured but be careful not to use any information or copy any sentences from these examples because plagiarism detection systems like Turnitin will highlight your work as suspicious. Be sure, therefore, to remove any traces of plagiarism if you want to get good results.
Something else that is essential to note is that many school teachers and professors, as well as various colleges and universities, have different rules for academic papers. Hence, it is important to understand these and not to misjudge the amount of words, pages, or paragraphs that are required. An analytical essay is usually comprised of five paragraphs, but this rule is not mandatory.


Last of all, do not forget that it is vital to proofread your completed paper to ensure it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. A student is not likely to get a top grade if their work is not thoroughly proofread and perfectly polished. Not only can you purchase analytical essays from Writing-Service.org, but our experts will also edit your work! We understand what it takes to make a paper perfect, and you may contact our team if you need editing and proofreading services. The services we offer are affordable and within the reach of everyone. If, however, our prices seem out of your range, it is most likely we can offer you an attractive discount. Our professional writers have extensive experience when it comes to writing all types of papers so it is not hard for them to decide on a topic and to produce a great analytical essay. Even if you choose to work on your own assignment, we can still assist you by providing great tips and advice.
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