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Most often, professors give students of different academic levels assignments related to essay and research paper writing. Still, students can often confuse these assignment types as they do not always understand the difference in structure and formatting. If you do not know how to manage this writing type, you can buy research paper from experts. Still, it is essential to be able to differentiate between essays and research papers.
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Types of Research Papers

  • Abstract
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Conference Paper
  • Literature Review
  • Proposal
  • Research Essay
  • Thesis and Dissertation Writing
The UNC overview of efficient academic writing also presents other types of research papers; they are abstracts, conference papers, annotated bibliographies, proposals, literature reviews, research essays, thesis writing, etc.

What Is the Difference between Essay and Research Paper?

The latter can be regarded as an extended version of an essay that is often assigned to students of undergraduate level. As it can be inferred from its name, a research paper must include a detailed summary and analysis of scientific investigation conducted on a specific topic. More so, unlike essays, research projects are longer and should contain a central argument, supporting points, and analysis. Essays, on the other hand, may simply provide answers to the questions provided in the essay prompt or they can be based on personal opinions. The main aim of research paper writing is to conduct original research and then present a well-organized coherent report that provides the main findings, points, and details. When it comes to essay writing, one is not required to carry out any scientific investigation but rather provide a critical overview of the existing investigation on the given topic. Talking about research paper organization, it should adhere to the latest academic writing standards. Particularly, each stage of your scientific investigation should be properly planned. A well-structured academic text should contain a hypothesis, a list of research questions, a literature review, an overview and analysis of methods, an analysis and discussion part, and a conclusion. Contrariwise, essays can provide an overall description of the main perspectives on the topic. So, both types of papers are popularly assigned academic writing tasks that help students acquire an in-depth understanding of some topic or subject as well as implement theoretical skills in practice. More differences relate to the length of writing, the number of sources required for citation, and including the writer’s opinion if relevant.
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How Long Is a Research Paper?

Many students question themselves as to what the length of their paper should be. This is a really popular question, and you are not alone in your confusion and doubts. This can be a real challenge, especially when professors do not specify the word count limit. Word count limits of research papers should assist with the credibility and accessibility of scientific writing. Nonetheless, in some cases, these limits can have an opposite impact – as scientific reporting may be negatively affected. So, when working on this type of assignment, professors encourage learners to be concise and brief but at the same time attentive not to compromise the quality of the content. An average length of this academic document should be from 5 to 7 pages. Talking about the paragraphs, one page consists of approximately two paragraphs. In general, the length of an academic paper depends on a variety of factors, including paper type, structure and organizational requirements, formatting style, and professor’s instructions. Every research project has more or less the same underlying structure, particularly an introductory part with a thesis statement, background information, arguments, supporting evidence, and conclusion.
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What Factors Determine Your Research Project Length?

Before you start working on this assignment, you need to find out how many pages your paper should have. Check out the list of variables that impact your project’s length:
  • The subject of the research. An essential role in determining the length of your write-up is played by the subject of the research. If the subject is simple, then most probably the research paper assigned to you will be comparatively short in length.
  • The topic of the research. As you start researching and then writing the paper, you should pick a specific topic that will be neither too broad nor too narrow. Afterward, you need to compose an outline to make sure that the topic is adequately investigated. More so, it will help you decide on the relevant facts that you will want to include.
  • Significance of your paper findings. Within the process of researching the topic, you will come across different sources and materials that can be used for supporting the argument. When picking them, make sure to rely only on credible and trustworthy sources. When you derive some facts and ideas from them, please organize them properly to elaborate on the arguments.
  • Scope of discussion section and conclusion. Identify how much attention you want to pay to cover all points within the research paper. If you want to cover many points in detail, then certainly your paper will be longer. Keep in mind that the conclusive part should be a concise overview of what you have discussed in the paper. You do not have to sum up all points but focus on the most significant ones.

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How to Write a Research Paper

Writing a research paper, a writer should be well-aware of the major principles of formatting the assignment in accordance with the standards of MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian style. A writer should also remember that the discipline determines the requirements to a research paper; thus, it is crucial to be attentive. A specific research paper format stands out among those of other academic assignments. Memoirs, reflective essays, book reports, editorials and other papers do not require the development of an argument on the basis of solid evidence instead of an opinion, while for a research paper, it is a must. If you want to learn how to write a research essay, you should check out different resources about academic writing.

Useful recommendations concerning research study and stages of research process

  1. Accurately state the subject of your research. If you do not know exactly what you are going to write, the possibility that you will complete this task is really low.
  2. After your piece of writing is given a title, you should put down as many questions as possible regarding your topic, which you will need to answer.
  3. Make a list of sources you will need when writing your composition. Remember that profound research is not only about using the Internet.
  4. Do not forget to devote enough time to the research paper. Plan your research by dividing your time in order to answer all of the questions in the list.
  5. Group all of the material you have found by date, source, and the answer on which question.
  6. Look through the information you’ve collected in order to make sure it answers all the questions you’ve written down.
Where to do your research? For many students, a library is the most convenient place for doing such an assignment. Nevertheless, you could also use Questia, JSTOR, or ScienceDirect, etc. These programs will give you access to many articles, journals, books, etc.
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No Plagiarism

All of the ideas in a paper should correspond to a well-written research paper thesis and be 100 % original. Basing the research on the opinions of other experts, you have to cite the sources correctly to avoid plagiarizing. Plagiarism is defined as claiming the ideas and phrases of other authors as your own or not giving credit to the actual authors. Summarizing is defined as giving explanations to the ideas in your own words. In-text citation is defined as a parenthetical reference to the text/author and a summary or a direct quote of that author. A direct quote is defined as the exact phrase of the author presented in quotation marks.

Styles of Citation

Notwithstanding the topics for research papers, they require a certain citation form. The most widely-used styles required for use in colleges are MLA, APA and Chicago (Turabian). The majority of disciplines have a specific guidance for proper use of styles, while there are also flexible ones. It is highly recommendable to check the style with every professor not to make a mistake.

Important Points to Be Followed when writing your research paper

  • There are several kinds of resources, such as printed material, media sources and the Internet, or even your own observations and investigations.
  • Almost each library has electronic catalogs where you can order sources beforehand.
  •  Before interviewing a person, you should prepare thoroughly. Put down all necessary questions and take a notebook or a tape-recorder with you.
  • Be objective while conducting an experiment or observing a particular object. Don’t let your emotions influence the conclusions made after the experiment.
  • Cite accurately your resources and don’t delete the records to prove that your research is authentic.
  • If your research is based on original sources, this fact makes it more credible.
  • Don’t be restricted by the small number of sources. Try to find as much information as possible.
  • Instead of copying all of the information you’ve found, try to reformulate it from a different aspect.
  • Grasp the opportunity to visit different seminars, conferences, or lectures that refer to the topic.

Common Mistakes When Researching

  • Neglecting the importance to formulate the subject of a composition clearly that leads to a great amount of irrelevant material.
  • Not exact understanding of the information. Make sure that you support the thesis with accurate facts.
  • Ignoring copyrights and presenting some facts as your own.
  • Failing to hand in your research paper in time.
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Research Paper Topics

As a rule, professors provide a list of topics related to the subject area of the research or the course overall. Still, in some cases, you are given a chance to pick a topic on your own. When you have to select a topic, make sure it meets the aims and objectives of your research. More so, you need to be well-versed in the topic and interested in it. When you are passionate about the topic, it will be significantly easier and more engaging to investigate it. Below you can find some of the popular (though general) topics and themes that may provide you with fresh and creative ideas for your informative research paper:
  • anime
  • movies
  • police brutality
  • animal abuse
  • euthanasia
  • technology
  • internet marketing
  • social justice
  • bullying
  • child abuse
  • homelessness
  • statistics
  • research paper on abortion
  • domestic violence research paper
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