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It is not a revelation that students hate writing a personal statement for graduate school because it entails a number of requirements if one desires to succeed. One of the students once told that the writing process of personal statements is too difficult because “you have to present who you really are, without egoistical statements; you have to be confident, but do not show off because no one likes it; and finally, you have to attract reader’s attention. Is it possible?” “Yes,” it is indeed possible to put a tick near all those points and the following tips will help you understand how the personal statement writing can be managed.

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Peculiarities of Writing a Personal Statement which Best Reflects You

The steps to writing an effective personal statement are:

  • choose a suitable topic which you are interested in
  • grab the attention of your audience
  • show the aim behind your chosen topic
  • read your paper aloud

What about the length of the paper? If you are wondering how long should a personal statement be, our answer is that you should strictly follow the requirements given by admissions. It seems not that hard, right? Read them attentively and stick to them while writing. Usual limits are 1 or 2 pages and 500 to 800 words.


If you desire to go through the grad school application process on your own, our writers have created the list of requirements or clues that will be useful in writing:

  1. All personal statements need to be crafted and adjusted according to the requirements of each school. If you mention details like why the program interests you the most, you are welcome to include some specific details about this program. Admission officers will see that you are indeed interested in the enrollment and carried out a research to learn more about this educational establishment.
  2. A graduate school application process is oftentimes difficult to experience because one has to mention some key details about his/her personality. Some students think “I do not have any prominent features that make me better than others” or anything of this sort, but it is actually not true. You simply have to brainstorm the most engaging situations that influenced your development. You can show that your worldview was shaped with for example one strange occurrence in the bus. Try not only to enumerate the facts from your life but also relate them to your experience and the formation of personal opinions.
  3. While reading your personal statement, admission officers must experience a feeling that you are highly committed to reaching your goals. Show that you have a direction that guides you towards pursuing some professional qualities. At the same time, you must mention that you are an open- minded person that is always eager to learn something new, no matter how difficult it will be. Here you have to reach the “golden mean” – do not sound to confident that you will definitely overcome all studying hurdles, but show that you will go to great lengths to cope with them.
  4. All writing directions must be strictly followed! Professional application paper should include the exact amount of words that was mentioned in the requirements. If you was asked to write 900, do not make it 901. This one excessive word will show that you are not able to adhere to the basic writing requirements. Admission officers are not high school teachers who will put an A+ regardless of some small paper flaws.
  5. Do not include too long sentences because you have to prioritize the content. Usually, personal statements are short, but you will have to include a big number of details. Therefore, get rid of some too elaborate sentences that do not reflect any significant value.

Introduction must catch reader’s attention. You can write about a funny situation from your life that will interest the reader. However, too personal/emotional details must be excluded because the aforementioned writing presumes a high degree of formality. Some students ask “What is a personal statement?” or “How to write main body paragraphs in a personal statement?” The main body paragraphs should provide answers to the questions mentioned in the application form. If you were not given this questionnaire, you have to mention about personal and academic experiences.

The key discussed aspects from the main body paragraphs should be summarized in the conclusion. In addition, you can also mention how the desired job position will help you attain professional goals.

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