Marketing Essay Topics and Tips

Business school students often look for interesting marketing essay topics. The truth is that they have to write many essays while studying. And at some point, they just run out of ideas for the next paper.

Meanwhile, the field of marketing is a broad one. It entails all the activities businesses undertake to promote the selling or buying of their services or products. Still, this is not only about the promotion of certain goods. Learners have to study the basics of accounting and business analytics, principles of microeconomics and business ethics, consumer behavior, strategic management, and more. For instance, statistical analysis is needed to determine the possible target markets/audiences. This means analytical writing skills will be needed to present a proper interpretation of the research data.

At the same time, the student may need to create a paper highlighting specific sales strategies and analyzing intended target markets. An assignment can also entail a task to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a certain company.

Regardless of the peculiarities of the task, students must demonstrate brilliant writing skills, structuring their work properly, and using the correct writing tone. Thoughts should be presented coherently. Transitions between the paragraphs should ensure a smooth flow of ideas. The final manuscript should be well-organized. And that is in addition to your thorough marketing analysis.

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So, we believe that the marketing essay topics and tips provided by our writing team will help you get through this daunting task. Remember that you can always seek help from our reliable writing service!

Topics to Write an Essay About Marketing

A good essay about marketing starts with the choice of an interesting topic. As you have already understood, this field is broad and there are many themes to choose from. Thus, the list below is not exhaustive. But it can push you in the right direction:

  1. Marketing evolution;
  2. The objectives of this discipline;
  3. Economic development of the country: the influence of marketing;
  4. The challenges and opportunities of business development;
  5. Aspects of IMC process;
  6. Approaches to the study of this discipline.

The themes listed above revolve around the discipline under discussion. To narrow down the scope of your theme, choose from the list of 20 more specific marketing essay topics:

  1. Peculiarities of the creation of customer-centered businesses;
  2. Ways to influence the consumer decision-making process;
  3. The end of telemarketing;
  4. Social media influencers and the promotion of goods;
  5. Pharma-marketing: pros and cons;
  6. Client behavior in buying;
  7. Strategies for reaching potential consumers and ethics;
  8. Differences in consumer behavior in Europe and the US;
  9. The influence of SM on consumer behavior;
  10. Tools to make proper business decisions;
  11. The role of SWAT analysis in maximizing the company’s business strategy to reach consumers;
  12. A strategy to break a strong market monopoly;
  13. The impact of technology on market research;
  14. The use of online advertisements to promote goods/services;
  15. The relationship between brand loyalty and client experience;
  16. Communication challenges in branding management;
  17. The most effective marketing campaigns of 2021;
  18. Tools to increase customer loyalty;
  19. Boosting sales with the help of corporate social responsibility;
  20. The recent changes in market targeting.

Preferred Writing Format

Though marketing papers do not require a certain bibliographic format, the APA style is the one that is most commonly used. Our team of writers recommends that you visit the Purdue OWL page about APA format for sample papers, guidelines, and in-text citations examples. Concerning publication, view The Manuscript Guidelines of the American Marketing Association.

Common Marketing Writing Steps (Preparation Stage)

  • Make a questionnaire and create interview questions
  • Analyze statistical data and their meaning; assess their limitations
  • Apply the findings of your research to real-world marketing problems
  • Draw a parallel between the concepts which you learned in course readings and the ones that you found in current sources
  • Examine a company’s strategies, competition, and industry
  • Conduct a market analysis
  • Research psychological, cultural, and sociological factors that can impact consumer decision making
  • Describe the most appropriate market for your particular product
  • Tailor a product handbook
  • Construct a thesis statement
  • Evaluate marketing strategies as well as weaknesses and strengths of the company under analysis.

Key Steps to Create a Paper

To complete a good marketing paper, you should go through certain steps.

  1. Find the most appropriate topic among a huge number of marketing essay topics.
  2. Create a plan/outline for your marketing essay so that you have a clear and well-constructed scheme for your future work.
  3. Start writing an introduction and designing a strong thesis statement.
  4. Move to the main body, which is the most essential section of your document as it requires all your best to provide a profound analysis with facts and evidence.
  5. Write a conclusion. It is also an important part of the paper since it summarizes the whole point of your work.

Take into account these simple and clear recommendations, and you will never regret it. Following this advice will help you to create a superior quality marketing essay! Start writing right now!

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