Research Essay Samples

Jun 10, 2019

Housekeeping Manager Job

The job of housekeeping manager can be regarded as one of the most challenging professions. A person who occupies this position takes responsibility for planning and organizing housekeeping processes. Moreover, this occupation requires hourly development of staff work, as well as scheduling and training of employees. The strategies and services performed by the housekeeping manager have to meet the needs of the hotel’s owners, as well as its ... Details

Jun 10, 2019

World Hunger Essay

Hunger and famine are the burning problems troubling the world community during many years. According to the statistics, approximately 7.3 billion individuals inhabit our planet. Among them, about 805 million human beings suffer from hunger. It makes about 10 percent. Approximately “800 million people still experience chronic and transitory hunger each year”. First, this paper will draw attention to some of the consequences of hunger. Second, it will regard... Details

Jun 10, 2019

Disaster Management

This paper is the research on disasters and some other issues concerning this topic. Calamities and disasters are common occurrences in modern world, which is why they have to be managed and given proper attention by the authorities. Programs that could manage such phenomena should be developed and effectively implemented since the world is already experiencing the adverse impacts of natural and man-made disasters on property and people. These disasters, regardless of ... Details

Jul 9, 2019

History of Photography in Civil War

The topic of the essay is history of photography in the Civil War. The aim of the paper is to study the history of American photography, the stages of its development, as well as the development of documentary photography during the Civil War. To study these questions, seven sources are used in the paper. All sources are reliable and fully depict the history of American photography in the middle of the XIX century. At that time, such photographers as Matthew Brady and ... Details

Jul 11, 2019

Remote and Robotic Surgery

The paper argues with the prospective of the usage of remote and robotic surgery. It reviews recent cultural and technological state of the technology. Furthermore, it analyzes the benefits and the disadvantages of the remote and robotic surgery. The paper argues that despite the definite benefits of the reviewed technology for the patients and the surgeons, this technology has certain disadvantages. Furthermore, the disadvantages have ethical, technological, and legal peculiarities. Thus, people ... Details

Jul 11, 2019

School Choice: Family Background

Research has consistently reported that parental involvement is positively related to the academic achievement of their children during their various life stages ranging from childhood to adolescence as well as beyond. The academic benefits associated parental involvement that have been documented in literature include improved language and cognitive skills, higher grade point averages, lower chances of dropping out, and improved grade retention. There is widespread agreement among researchers that ... Details