Literary Analysis Essay Samples

Jan 22, 2020

There Are No Children Here

This paper is based on the book "There Are No Children Here." The book setting is in a war-torn area in America which is prone to drug smuggling. Various gangs have come up, and each wants to dominate the region. This desire for dominance has resulted in numerous gun battles and gang members killed as well as stray bullets getting to innocent community members. The paper gives a narrative review showing how the book has impacted my personal life. It also gives a character assessment for ... Details

Mar 30, 2020

The Historic and Social Aspects in “Gooseberry” by Anton Chekhov

Chekhov is a widely recognized master of the modern style of story writing. He skillfully created his short stories that became particularly influential among the writers of America and England. His first stories were based on the popular fiction, which included superficial vivid characteristics and swift development of events. However, changing of the personal views induced Chekhov to concentrate more on the moral issues. The majority of author’s convictions were influenced by the thoughts of Leo Tolstoy that... Details

Mar 30, 2020

The Rise of Machine Intelligence

Smarter Than Us: The Rise of Machine Intelligence is a book by Stuart Armstrong which looks into intent into bringing a closure into the inferential distance in respect to the topics of the risk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the requirement for the safety of Artificial Intelligence with a view of avoiding catastrophic futures. The major objective of the book is to provide a brief discourse in the light of artificial intelligence in order to upgrade the understanding of the lay audience in line with the issues mentioned above... Details

Jul 2, 2020

Poetry Comparison

Starting from the early twentieth century, writers and poets had to break with the past literary tradition and respond to the reality of rapid changes and modernization. In such a way, they had to experiment and find new forms and ideas... Details

Jul 3, 2020

The Role of Nature in the Poems by Li Bai and Robert Frost

Nature has always been one of the most important themes in poetry of all epochs and societies. It serves as an endless source of metaphors, associations and inspiration for poets and artists. Details

Nov 4, 2020

Life of Pi

The book Life of Pi is dedicated to the large complex of philosophical and religious issues. However, one of the most essential topics of this novel is survival... Details