50 Useful Analytical Essay Topics

Your tutor has given you an analytical essay as your next assignment and you do not know where to begin. You have not previously heard of process analysis and you have never written an analytical essay before. Therefore, you have no analytical essay topics ready and you just do not know what to write in the essay.

The following paragraphs tell you all about process analysis and what it entails. This description is followed by a list of fifty topics to help you get started on your analytical essay. 

The concept behind process analysis is the act of taking a process and analyzing it – a sort of “how to” or an explanation as to how a particular thing works.

There are two types of process analysis – the informative type of analysis and the directive type of analysis. The informative analysis explains how some thing or process works. For instance, anyone who knows how to write an analytical essay might use informative process style to show how a website works or how a car or bicycle works. The directive analysis explains how something is done. For example, the writer might use this technique to show their readers how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.

You may use either of these two methods in analytical essays, depending on what instructions your tutor has provided. You should always check with your tutor what method they want you to follow before starting on the writing part.

50 topic ideas to get you started an analytical essay

  • Describe how study techniques can be improved.
  • Explain how Pinterest works.
  • Explain how a journal or diary should be kept.
  • Describe how a cell phone works.
  • Describe what a cheerleader does.
  • Explain the mechanism behind email.
  • Explain the steps involved in learning a foreign language.
  • Explain how to begin a relationship.
  • Explain how a music library can be built legally and without over-spending.
  • Explain how to cope with exam anxiety.
  • Explain how to pass exams.
  • Explain the analytical essay definition and process.
  • Describe how a person can live without a car.
  • Explain how to cope when a relationship breaks up.
  • Describe how to cope with a romantic disappointment.
  • Describe the best way to survive life in a dormitory.
  • Explain how to get along with roommates.
  • Describe how Google works.
  • Explain the process behind getting your first house/apartment.
  • Explain how to build a good student-tutor relationship.
  • Describe what is involved in writing poetry.
  • Explain how to use a cell phone’s camera feature.
  • Describe the process behind finding accommodation off campus.
  • Describe how to write non-plagiarized essays using the analytical essay format.
  • Describe how an interesting essay should be written.
  • Explain the basic rules of APA style citation.
  • Explain the basic rules of Chicago style citation.
  • Explain the basic rules of CSE style citation.
  • Explain the basic rules of MLA style citation.
  • Describe how YouTube works.
  • Describe how Tumblr works.
  • Describe how online television works.
  • Describe how blogs work.
  • Describe how checks work.
  • Describe how credit cards work.
  • Describe how debit cards work.
  • Explain how to get the most from a holiday.
  • Explain how to make relationships work.
  • Explain how to cope if your partner/spouse cheats on you.
  • Explain how to maintain a healthy relationship.
  • Explain how to make your time at college successful.
  • Explain how to study literature and develop an appreciation of it.
  • Describe how to proofread and edit an essay and create an analytical essay outline.
  • Describe how delicate subjects should be approached.
  • Describe how a tutoring service works.
  • Explain how to cope with betrayal.
  • Explain what to do if your religion is not working for you.
  • Describe the publishing process i.e. how to get work published.
  • Explain how to get the best from a class.
  • Explain how to house train a puppy.


All of the above topics make good essay material, and you may well have experienced many of these situations in real life. Your own experience will add that extra personal touch and enrich your writing. Last, but not least, consult your tutor if you are finding it difficult to choose analytical essay topics. They may be able to give you additional ideas or assign a topic to you.

Analytical Research Paper Example

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