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The main aim of white paper writing is to demonstrate the author’s knowledge and expertise on a specific topic through evidence and facts. It should also provide an optimal solution to the problem under analysis. Even the most skilled writers may face difficulties when creating such a document. It is often hard to find a balance between the creative and technical aspects when discussing the main concepts and strategies. Thus, reliable white paper writing services are the best way out for those in need of such a document. There, professional and experienced writers will conduct thorough research, analyze data and present original ideas encapsulating them in a well-structured and properly formatted paper. In case you need to show your expertise in the specific industry and persuade the audience that your solution to the issue is the best using in-depth analysis of data, buy a white paper from Writing-Service.org. Cooperation with our reputable online writing platform will bring you numerous benefits. You will be presented with a whole range of opportunities. We will save your time and help you to inform the readers about the services you offer leaving these people with a lasting feeling that they need them.


Common White Paper Writing Tips: White Paper Format 

Any white paper follows the universal academic format and includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. Some people even confuse it with a business report, though these two documents have unique features and characteristics. For instance, very often, the authors of business reports put a conclusion at the very beginning of the text trying to address the needs of the readers. No doubt, the readers want to receive the most meaningful information at the very beginning to decide whether they want to follow the writer’s ideas on not.  

In a white paper, the author should inform the reader about the potential benefits of using a particular product or service. In the final section of this document, the author should provide the audience with a great solution that is supported with accurate evidence from the document. As such, a white paper and a business report have different natures, especially when it comes to meeting the reader’s preferences. However, both these documents should contain interesting and sound arguments and be easy to understand.  

How to Write a White Paper? 

  • Select the Right Title

First and foremost, you need to choose the right title that will clearly indicate what the reader can learn from this text. Though it is usually rather short, the heading should be informative and enticing. 

Example of a good heading and topic for a white paper: 

The Rules of Survival: A White Paper on Plastic Pollution Legislation Proposals in 2019. 

The word combination “white paper” is not necessary to write, though some readers require this indicator.  

  • An Abstract

It should briefly summarize the key points that will be discussed in the document. After reading your abstract, the audience will understand if this document matches their needs.  

  • A problem statement 

A problem statement in this authoritative report clearly identifies the problem that will be addressed. In a clear and concise manner, outline your research question to explain the scope of your research to the reader. 

  • Provide background information 

Though often skipped, this section is particularly important as it helps the reader to understand the purpose of your written text. Knowing the background information about your product or service, the reader will find it easier to follow your ideas and arguments.  

  • Discussion 

A discussion part contains your research and the data and facts found. If you are presenting a particular policy or service, make sure to analyze it from different perspectives. When citing the findings of other researchers, make sure to mention their authorship. 

  • Solution 

Based on the arguments and evidence mentioned above, provide a solid concluding paragraph that will restate your position and emphasize the relevance of your research. 

  • Reference list 

You probably know that all sources used in the writing process should be mentioned in the reference list. Its format depends mainly on the referencing style chosen. For instance, if you are writing an APA white paper, you need to follow the APA guidelines precisely.  

Other White Paper Writing Tips 

We assure you that following the universal formula, creating a white paper can be a rather effortless task. Look through the following secrets to boost your writing competence: 

Best White Paper Writing Services Best White Paper Writing Services

White Paper Example

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