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It’s not a secret that students hate assignments that include an element of comparative analysis. They get disappointed when they see tasks with compare and contrast titles in their academic schedule. Still, this kind of analysis is not as tricky as it might seem at first glance. This is just a form of academic writing where the author juxtaposes two or more ideas. Looking at the learner’s agenda one can see several compare and contrast titles as this kind of writing is often met in colleges. Why? Because this single task gives instructors the possibility to check students’ knowledge and understanding of several theories or several notions, or texts. Thus, one should know how to analyze ideas effectively. The students should understand how to write a compare and contrast essay with a proper structure. It is appropriate to use a single topic and do a critique of another topic. Another possible variant is demonstrating the similar features of the two topics and then the distinguishing ones. The essay that compares and contrasts the topics or ideas may seem to be very easy, but it is crucial to keep in mind that comparative analysis is aimed at presenting a meaningful argument or conclusion on the contrasted topics or ideas.
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Compare and Contrast Essay Titles

Choosing a heading for this type of assignment you literally choose the topic of your work. This is so because the things you are going to juxtapose will be reflected in the name of your manuscript. More often than not, professors do not expect from learners any surprising or intriguing headings in such papers. You may even lose grades if you mislead the reader with an inappropriate name. Thus, the title for compare and contrast essay should clearly demonstrate what two things, ideas or phenomena you analyze. Of course, everything is clear if the teacher has given strict instructions regarding the ideas to be analyzed in the paper. In this case, you already have the heading of your work. In other cases, the choice of the topic and the name of your manuscript is yours. So, how to title a compare and contrast essay? You can select from countless titles when you are working on a compare and contrast essay. You can pick any item, phenomenon, event, or notion to compare and contrast it with another notion or phenomenon. However, please, remember that you are making a decision regarding the topic of your paper, you will need to choose two similar things, which can be easily compared and analyzed. In other words, you will have to be sure that the items you have selected are clearly comparable. For example, you will hardly manage to compare and contrast the taste of pizza and the warmth of the tropical climate. Review the examples below and find out what you wish to compare:
  • Shakespeare’s sonnets and the romantic poetry of Russia
  • Your household and the household of your friend
  • An online campus or a physically located campus
  • Having a cousin or a sibling
  • A transformational leader and a transactional leader
  • A tropical vacation and an arctic vacation
  • A beginner in swimming and a professional
  • Segregation and slavery
  • George Bush and Donald Trump
  • Telling truth or telling a lie
  • Going to the cinema or watching a movie at home
  • Attending a museum or watching paintings online
  • The New Year Eve and the Christmas Eve
  • Doing and telling – how different are they?
  • Telling gossips and sharing misleading information
  • Having a wild pet or a domestic pet
  • Going to a private hospital or a public hospital
  • Spending a day in the country or having an urban vacation
  • Keeping to a diet or being physically active – which is better?
  • Living in an inner city neighborhood or living in a suburb?
  • Football and soccer – are they different?
  • Going to the beach or going to the country for a vacation
It is a good idea to compare the contribution of two or more famous people to a specific area. For instance:
  • Discuss the contribution of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to the IT field.
  • Critically evaluate the key policies of Barack Obama and George Bush.
  • Analyze the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.
  • Give an assessment of Joseph Stalin’s and Adolph Hitler’s actions.
  • Compare and contrast the life of Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla.
If you want to review more essay titles for comparison and contrast essay, check them out here.
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Easy Steps for Creating a Perfect Compare and Contrast Essay

Study the best compare and contrast essay examples to understand how to choose an efficient theme related to the required topic

The theme will be revealed in the introduction to the essay. It will facilitate creating a well-defined, clear argument that will explain why exactly those two objects, aspects or things are compared and contrasted. For instance, the philosophical ideas of Aristotle can be compared to those of Plato with a proper introduction, in which you are supposed to show that they had certain similarities in their works, and the thesis that demonstrates clearly the ultimate differences between them.

Demonstrate the reason why the topics are compared

This explanation is to be given at the very beginning, since the readers should be aware of the reasons for their potential interest in the compared subjects. The argument also gets enhancement if the writer emphasizes the importance of the connection between the chosen topics. Furthermore, the writer can bring the readers’ attention to the reasons for choosing the topic in the conclusion of the essay. A supreme compare and contrast essay example can be found online to serve as a guideline and sample to follow for an inexperienced writer.

Be specific while writing a thesis for this type of essay

The thesis serves the readers as a map to the tourists. The most effective idea can unite two topics, while a thesis is supposed to set up a good argument to add meaning to the analysis.

The most efficient language for this type of essays is a comparative one

Use such comparison words as “similarly”, “moreover”, “likewise”, “conversely”, “however”, “although”, etc.

Organize your topics

There are no definite standards for comparative analysis organization; however, one can first present all the available details regarding the chosen topic, and then provide the information related to another topic to compare them as a result. It is also possible to alternate between the points to compare in both topics and then to finalize the discussion with a conclusion regarding the relationship between the ideas or topics.

All the points are supposed to be linked to the thesis

All the used comparison points and evidence should fit with the thesis. Although the topics or ideas can be compared in a number of ways, the body paragraphs are supposed to contain only the evidence related to the thesis. It is an important hint that is frequently overlooked by the writers.

Summary of the stated points should be brief and concise

The readers should understand why the comparison and contrast analysis was made between the topics or ideas. The conclusion should also demonstrate clearly how the evidence fits the whole comparison.

Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essay

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