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The Turabian style essay has its own specifics. But not because of the content per se. All the difficulties stem from special rules of formatting. Therefore, such papers require attention to every detail and a lot of time. A student’s inability to format the title page and to cite sources properly can cause a significant grade deduction. Moreover, it is almost impossible to master this system of shaping academic documents in 30-40 minutes without a concise guide highlighting its main aspects. Thus, our team of professional writers has created the following article, explaining the main features of the Turabian style. Also, we offer you to turn to our professional writing and formatting services for help. Not only will you get tangible writing support, save your time, and receive high grades, but you will also get a sample of an excellent paper to use for future reference.

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Turabian Style: How to Use It


Turabian is the style that was created in 1958. The style guide called A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations was developed by Kate Turabian, an employee of the University of Chicago. Turabian is very similar to the Chicago style as the Chicago Manual of Style was used as the basis for its creation. The main common features are the same usage of italics and the place of publication year in a reference. In addition, just like Chicago, Turabian allows using either footnote at the bottom of each page or in-text citation in the author-date format. The main requirements are to include a bibliography and ensure consistency in formatting. 

Distinctive Traits

Although quite similar, Chicago and Turabian styles have several differences, in particular, in footnotes, in-text citations, and, of course, bibliography. The best way to see the distinctions is to examine specific examples of citing different sources. So, let us get started!

  • Books

A footnote of a book looks as follows: 

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 8th ed. (Cork: Apostrophe Books, 2013), 75.

An in-text citation of the same source, which is put right after the cited text, should look this way: 

In this chapter, Alice meets the Hatter and takes part in an unusual tea party (Carroll 2013, 75). 

On the bibliography page, the source is to be referenced similarly to the footnote, but the punctuation should be different. In addition, there is no need to indicate page range and use the brackets when a publisher is presented. So, the book reference should be as follows: 

Carroll, Lewis. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 8th ed. Cork: Apostrophe Books, 2013.

  • Journal Articles

Professors frequently require their students to use peer-reviewed and professional journal articles when writing research papers. Therefore, you are highly likely to cite one of them soon. A footnote of a journal article is as follows:

John Doe, “The Influence of Bird Migration on the Economy and Political Situation in Imaginationland,” Journal of Made-Up Articles 24, no. 12 (May 2017), 433.

It is much easier to cite a journal article if in-text citations are used. All you need to do is to add relevant information in brackets at the end of the sentence, i.e.:

(Doe 2017, 433). 

The entry in the bibliography should be formatted as follows:

Doe, John. “The Influence of Bird Migration on the Economy and Political Situation in Imaginationland.” Journal of Made-Up Articles 24, no. 12 (May 2017), 433-49.

Pay attention that the order of names and surnames differs in a footnote and bibliography entry. As in the case of books, punctuation is distinctive. A page range is obligatory as an article is a part of another source, and a reader should know exactly where it could be found. 

  • Website

Professors have become less strict these days and allow their students to use websites as a source when conducting research. However, this can cause citation issues. In Turabian style, citing a webpage is quite simple. The footnote is supposed to be as follows:

John K. Doe, “A Made-Up Article,” Non-Existing Website, accessed May 8, 2017, http://www.thissitedoesntexists.com/a_made-up/.

An in-text citation should be formatted this way:


The entry in the bibliography is again extremely similar to the footnote:

Doe, John K. “A Made-Up Article.” Non-Existing Website. Accessed May 8, 2017. http://www.thissitedoesntexists.com/a_made-up/.

Do not get frustrated whenever you need to take care of formatting. Relevant guides and specific instructions allow you to do the job correctly. Thus, your paper will look neat. If, however, you do not want to waste your time on this aspect of writing a research paper, our editor will be pleased to assist.

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Use Turabian Style To Write Your Papers

If you are a student, then you know the difficulty surrounding the Turabian citation style. More than once, you have asked yourself if you have enough skills, patience, perseverance, and understanding to produce an outstanding Turabian style paper. Unfortunately, the answer was not always positive. This is why you had to spend much time trying to understand the complex formatting requirements. Meanwhile, they ask you to use footnotes and follow specific recommendations when compiling your references page. You can italicize or underline the titles of your works included in the bibliography list. However, you should not forget to list all authors alphabetically. You are required to present the fullest information about each source, including the date and place of publication. To sum up, you need to make sure that your reader can easily locate any source he or she finds on your list of references.

Of course, if you keep having difficulties with Turabian style format papers, you should apply for qualified writing assistance. Thousands of students have already requested Turabian style help from prestigious online essay writing companies.

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