How to Review an Article

Examining articles and evaluating the data provided in them is a task that is often assigned to college and university students. So, how do you write an article review? You definitely need to impress your instructor with the precision of your assessment. Besides, while you decide if the information in the publication is presented clearly and smoothly, your own writing mechanics should be perfect as well. You should also know where to start, what to look for, and what is the order of presenting separate aspects of your analysis. Your manuscript must have a balanced combination of summarizing info and evaluative analysis. Otherwise, this will not be a real review. To answer all of the above-mentioned questions, our team of custom writers has compiled the information presented on this page. Here you will find helpful essay tips and hints on formatting. Also, you will learn why is the number one choice for students in need of original individually written papers.
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The article review format implies doing writing at a professional level as you will have not only to understand what the paper is about but also to summarize and evaluate its content. A perfect review can be written only by a person who is well aware of all the requirements and standards of writing to demonstrate their logic, critical thinking skills, and ability to do a proper evaluation of the text. Note that you cannot provide any additional information in your work. You are limited to the details obtained from the publication you have chosen. In general, this assignment implies evaluating the method of research used by the scientist with corresponding retrospect critique and analysis.
Journal articles An analysis of a journal publication implies evaluating both the strong and weak points of the text. The readers expect to gain an understanding of the writer’s interpretation of the vale that the chosen work has. Scientific articles An analysis of a scientific work covers information in the field of science. In this type of student work, the background details are analyzed to ensure a comprehensive evaluation of the scientific manuscript.

Writing an Article Review: Tips and Hints

Have you ever read anything about how to review an article? Have you had any actual experience of doing such assignments? If your answers are negative, have a look at some valuable tips below. They will make the process of writing less tiresome and time-consuming.
  1. Check the information to be included in the paper. Having studied the main guidelines, you will know how to structure the content properly and what you should use as the basis for your work. Remember that your review should cover interesting observations and in-depth analysis.
  2. Identify the key idea. Scan the article and focus on the general impression it leaves. Only after that, you can start brainstorming ideas about the author’s intentions and your opinion about the efficiency of writing.
  3. Clarify the meaning of terms you do not know. It is not a problem if you are confused about certain expressions and terms. Pay special attention to each of them, highlighting them and checking their meaning in the dictionaries and different reliable sources.
  4. Emphasize the most important ideas. Read the work under analysis for the second time and highlight the ideas you consider to be the most valuable for understanding the author’s views.
  5. Create an outline. Make your task much easier, having a logical outline with properly grouped ideas. An article review checklist will help you not to omit any detail or miss any important point. Spend some time thinking about the questions to be answered.
  6. Brainstorm ideas for a title. Do not forget that the article review title should be both concise and eye-catching to pique the readers’ interest. Besides, it should serve as a reflection of the key idea.
  7. Study some samples to format your paper properly. Look through the guidelines to refresh the citing rules for a required style. Be sure that you have confirmed the needed style with your teacher as the requirements for APA and MLA citation format differ significantly.
  8. Spend enough time to make your introduction impressive. The opening paragraph should be brief, but it should cover all the main aspects with a focus on the key arguments and ideas of the author. The last sentence should be a thesis.
  9. Adhere to a formal style. Be sure not to use the first-person pronouns. Your manuscript should be written in strict adherence to the standards of formal style for academic writing.
  10. Make a summary, critique, and draw conclusions. You know how to write an article review if you have followed all the tips and managed to show your opinion about the success of the author in the article. Moreover, do not forget to specify the drawbacks in writing, if any, along with the strengths.
As for the last step on the list, it should be noted that critiquing an article is not that easy. Much depends on the type of work you evaluate. Often, students don’t know how to write a research article review. Here, the main part of your critique should present your competent opinion of the piece under analysis. Moreover, you need to determine if the objective of the experiment (or the observations) is significant for this sphere of knowledge. Check if the experimental methods are adequately described. The study design and methods should be appropriate for the purposes of the research under analysis. Check the correctness of all the calculations. The statistical methods should be appropriate. Here is a small prompt regarding the drawbacks: research articles often suffer from data that is repeated twice in tables. Still, it is important to stay positive. So, make sure to highlight all the strengths and positive aspects of the work. It is advisable to end your analysis on a positive note. Having read our writing tips, try to determine whether you feel confident about creating your academic paper on your own. If you have any doubt, seek professional assistance from a reliable writing service to have your review crafted by a writing expert. Place your order online and get rid of your fears.

How to Format an Article Review

Having learned the article review definition, you should also pay special attention to the individual requirements given by your professor regarding the citation style. Make sure that you have obtained all required instructions and clarifications prior to writing your paper. Here is a list of questions to answer:
  • Should you examine one or several articles?
  • What is the required citation format (APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.)?
  • What is the required word count?
  • Should the review cover your personal opinion?
  • Is any background information needed in the paper?
To get a clear picture of how your masterpiece should look like, you can search the Internet for a sample of an article review for college students. Also, check the samples of citing the sources in the most common academic styles: APA and MLA. Both styles require you to include the source of the publication. Typically, scholarly works suitable for your analysis are published in newspapers and academic journals or posted on websites. Working on an article review with the APA citations (as well as MLA), it is essential to add bibliographical entries for every reference used. Here are examples of referencing.

APA Format

  • Website article:
Limer, E. (2013, October 1). Heck yes! Retrieved from
  • Journal Article:
Duncan, S. (2016). Voices from the grandstands. Sporting Traditions, 33(2), 19-40.
  • Newspaper Article:
Saunders, J. (1995, Oct. 30). Obesity affects social status. Washington Post, 1-4.    

MLA Format

  • Website article:
White, Lori. “The Newest Fad in People Helping People: Little Free Pantries.” Upworthy, 3 Aug. 2016.
  • Journal Article:
Guillen, Jorge. “Does Financial Openness Matter in the Relationship Between Financial Development and Income Distribution in Latin America?” Emerging Markets Finance, vol.52, no.5, 2016.
  • Newspaper Article:
Schmidt, John. “Companies Fail the Test.” The Gazette, 15 Mar. 2015, 11. Print.

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