Housekeeping Manager Job

The job of housekeeping manager can be regarded as one of the most challenging professions. A person who occupies this position takes responsibility for planning and organizing housekeeping processes. Moreover, this occupation requires hourly development of staff work, as well as scheduling and training of employees. The strategies and services performed by the housekeeping manager have to meet the needs of the hotel’s owners, as well as its guests. All the above mentioned operations should be conducted in accordance with state, federal, and local criteria. In this research paper, I would like to develop job descriptions and job specifications of housekeeping manager, as well as terms of recruitment, selection and hiring processes, as well as tools for the particular position. Moreover, it is of crucial importance to develop a training program and performance evaluation criteria to determine the most appropriate candidate for the organization. Therefore, this research paper will examine certain aspects of housekeeping manager job in order to show why this particular position is of interest to me.
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Job Description and Job Specifications

The occupation of housekeeping manager is very challenging and thrilling. It requires special skills from the candidate who wants to become a specialist in this field. As for me, I am certain that this position will perfectly meet my expectations for the career I want to build. I believe that this job will provide me with a chance to utilize my education, as well as training and natural skills. While there can be different situations in this industry, I can learn many important factors related to this position in order to combine this knowledge with my existing abilities. Thus, I will be able to provide guests with best quality assistance. In addition, being at the epicenter of hotel operations is a worthy challenge where I can display my strengths. I have chosen this particular position because it requires endurance, sharpness, perseverance, and resourcefulness – the qualities I possess and would like to develop. Although a person who wants to obtain this job will have many responsibilities and duties, housekeeping management also includes creative approach. While this position can be regarded as a set of different professions, I am confident that it will allow me to use my knowledge of psychology, human services, counseling, as well as literature, music, cinema, and other fields of art. I believe that a housekeeping manager has to be a many-sided person in order to handle every situation. Furthermore, I would like to work in this industry because I believe that the primary housekeeping duty is to ensure excellent conditions of hotel rooms for guests, which, in turn, is a key component of the company’s success. While this job requires knowledge of certain concepts and procedures, as well as accomplishment of goals and performance of a variety of tasks, I consider it a perfect opportunity for my career growth. Therefore, I am greatly interested to enter this industry and occupy the position of housekeeping manager because it is a demanding field where I can express myself. The job of housekeeping manager can be described as challenging work that requires many responsibilities and duties. Thus, one who occupies this position has to manage daily long-term operations, as well as have control over cleanliness and sanitation of the hotel and its guests. Moreover, housekeeping manager has to take part in the development of business strategies, specifically those, which are related to the general aims of the hotel. In fact, his work embodies the developed strategies for various areas of housekeeping, including laundry and pool zones. The person in this position regularly controls status of the hotel, as well as regulates strategies if it is required. He or she also monitors the work of the Housekeeping department and belonging areas. To manage these operations, one has to organize frequent examinations of the hotel in order to make certain that all demands and standards of cleanliness are maintained. Furthermore, the duty of housekeeping manager is to make sure that guest rooms, public space, and related areas are in appropriate conditions. In addition, housekeeping manager is a connecting link between room maintenance requirements and the Engineering department that is responsible for satisfying them. Therefore, a person in this position combines different elements of housekeeping into the unit, ensuring the efficiency of the organization, as well as harmony in it. Moreover, housekeeping manager has to embody operations and procedures within this field in order to reach general financial and service purposes. One also needs to arrange annual housekeeping budget, as well as control its realization to take certain measures if it is necessary. It is also required to schedule the work of staff according to the planned occupancy and make corrections if needed. Furthermore, housekeeping manager’s responsibility is to supervise disbursement expense. One should pay attention to inventory, buying, and payout for all rooms provisions, including linens, cleaning and laundry supplies, as well as machines and equipment. At the same time, housekeeping manager is required to make guests satisfied by providing them with conveniences and resources they need. One is also responsible for the selection, training, and reinforcement of employees. A person occupying this position has to make sure that his colleagues exceptionally do their duties, providing guests with sincere hospitality. Additionally, housekeeping manager controls and coordinates the activities of one department with others to promote guest satisfaction. Therefore, the job of housekeeping manager consists of details that all together have to convey quality results and promote high hotel services.

Recruitment, Selection and Hiring Processes and Tools

Advertising for Hotel Housekeeping Manager

Position Title: Hotel Housekeeping Manager Job Description: This position requires specific duties concerning planning, arranging, and developing general procedures of the housekeeping department according to hotel standards. This person has to provide guests of the hotel with the care of the highest degree of quality. The responsibilities of this person include staffing, preparing schedules of employees, as well as their hourly training and development.

Specific Responsibilities

  • to control activities of the housekeeping department;
  • to manage the efficient cleaning of guest rooms;
  • to plan, arrange, and coordinate team members in order to provide guests with the best quality service;
  • to supervise the work of the cleaning staff of all possible shifts (day, event, and post-event);
  • to ensure appropriate preparation of staff for upcoming events;
  • to be responsible for purchasing, re-ordering, and sustaining of cleaning supplies and inventory;
  • to organize and carry out inspections of all public areas;
  • to be responsible for recruiting and training new members of the team, as well as arranging their schedules;
  • to pay attention to all employees performing their duties;
  • to maintain the high standards of cleanliness and safety;
  • to guarantee the proper sustentation of all equipment and make necessary changes (repair or replacement) of the equipment if needed;
  • to ensure the highest degree of guest satisfaction.

Job Requirements

  • high school diploma;
  • 3-4 years of experience in housekeeping area, specifically in a large organization;
  • 2-3 years of experience in leading and managing a team of staff;
  • an ability to foresee the needs and requirements of clients, as well as to manage goals and directions in accordance with the desired aims;
  • readiness to perform multiple tasks and intelligently prioritize;
  • attention to details;
  • perfect English writing and verbal communication skills;
  • demonstration of excellent professional manners, while interacting with hotel guests;
  • readiness to work on flexible schedules, including holidays, night shifts, and weekends;
  • good physical shape in order to lift or push items weighing 25-35 lbs.

Sources for Candidates

The sources for candidates for the position of housekeeping manager can be different. Thus, one can start from the websites where people post their applications, searching for a job (f. e. or It can be regarded as a good source because candidates describe their abilities and experience in detail there, providing all the necessary information. Moreover, one can view the expectations of a person who wants to receive a particular position and assume whether he or she is a proper candidate or not. For instance, if a candidate overstates his or her claims to payment or working conditions, it will be obvious that this person does not suit the position. However, not only candidates, but also employers can put advertisements on job search sites, facilitating the procedure of recruitment. Furthermore, searching for a candidate on such job websites, one can better see the situation on the labor market. At the same time, scrutinizing information about person’s experience, as well as education, one can check it and save the time. Nevertheless, the negative aspect of this source is that people may mislead the potential employer, indicating wrong phone numbers, distorting personal information, or lying about working experience. Another source, where one can find a proper candidate for the office of housekeeping manager is an employment agency. The biggest benefit of such resource is that it remains a reliable link between employers and employees. There are two kinds of employment agencies: public and private businesses that also perform duties of the agency. While an employment agency offers employment options to candidates, an organization can also find an appropriate person for a particular position. Moreover, such an agency signs a contract with an employee; thus, it can provide an employer with all the necessary information, protecting the interests of both sides. At the same time, by cooperating with an employment agency, one can choose from a variety of candidates, as well as build a network of connections. However, in some cases,  employment agencies simply aim to make a profit out of both an employee and an employer. Such an agency also may lack experience in a certain field, but to achieve set goals and accomplish proposals, it can act in bad faith with an employer, showing an inappropriate candidate. Thus, these factors can be observed as negative sides of this source. A recruiter can also refer to an educational organization in order to find a qualified person for the position of housekeeping manager. While employers are searching for a person with high school diploma, they can address to high school or college for a recommendation. Many high school and college graduates with good academic results fail to find a suitable work position. Thus, such method can be regarded as very beneficial because a company can single out the best potential candidates. Nevertheless, graduates will not have an appropriate experience as leading managers. Thus, it can be perceived as a negative factor. However, if a company is greatly interested in a particular candidate, it can take him or her on probation and teach all he or she needs to know to obtain this job. Furthermore, a company itself may arrange an interview for candidates in a form of competition. To prevent unwanted candidates from applying, an employer can submit an advertisement in newspapers, journals, magazines, and other kinds of mass media, indicating  specific requirements for this job. When candidates come to an interview, an employer may create an unexpected situation for them in order to choose the one who finds the best solution. The positive side of this source is that an employer may check ingenuity and stress resistance of candidates, which are very important factors for this job. The negative aspect is that employees may not be ready for such way of interview performance that, in turn, can undermine the whole idea of competition. The last and the most radical resource where an employer can find a good candidate for a particular job is another company, specifically its competitor. The recruitment of staff of the competitive organization is not a new way of searching for a perfect candidate. Although an employer will need to offer an employee better conditions than he or she has had in the previous position, a company will only benefit from such an agreement. The positive aspect of such source is that the employer will definitely know about skills and abilities of the candidate, being able to predict what he or she will bring to the company. Nevertheless, the negative factors may prevail the positive ones: other organizations in this industry will guard against such behavior that may greatly spoil reputation of a certain company.

Interview Questions

  1. Why did you choose to apply for this position?
  2. Do you have recommendations from your former employer? If so, may I familiarize myself with them?
  3. Please tell me about the best and the worst housekeeping experience you have had. What made this experience significant to you and what have you learned from it?
  4. What is your schedule availability? Would you be able to work extra hours?
  5. What types of chemicals and machines are used in housekeeping?
  6. If a client has come with a pet, which it is not allowed, what would you do in this case?
  7. If a guest is continuously screaming and yelling at you, how will you handle this situation?
  8. Imagine the situation. The international delegation will arrive in the hotel in twenty minutes. It is an unplanned visit, which means you have not had time to prepare. The conference room is locked and you cannot find the room attendant who is responsible for this section. What will you do in such situation?
  9. If our regular customer has got drunk and arranged scandal, insulting hotel guests and staff, what would you do to handle the situation?
  10. Why do you consider yourself the best candidate for this position?