Persuasive Essay Samples

Feb 26, 2018

Health Speech on Red Bull Energy Drink

Introduction Attention Getter: are you tired and feeling lazy? Are you giving up on a sport career that you initially fancied? Are you afraid of driving for long hours in a highway because of fear of exhaustion? Worry not. Red Bull energy drink gives ... Details

Feb 26, 2018

Greenpeace Organization

Greenpeace is the renowned not-for-profit and non-governmental organization that strives to preserve nature and change human attitude towards environment. It advocates for global peace by safeguarding oceans, promoting disarmament, and operating against imprudent and excessive fishing. Moreover, the environmental organization promotes elimination of ... Details

May 6, 2019

Advertising in Marketing Management

In marketing practice, various techniques and methods of communication with the target audience are used to get the desired response. Companies must not only produce quality and useful products, but also inform about their benefits, as well as achieve a clear positioning of their outputs in the minds of the consumers. To do this, companies must skillfully use various tools, such as ... Details

May 8, 2019

Engineering Essay

Engineering is one of the many fields of study commonly taught in the contemporary college and university education frameworks. Engineering entails the systematic use of scientific, empirical, mathematical, social, technological, and economical methods and systems to build, create, invent, organize, operate, and develop tools, machines, equipment, structures, and processes. Engineering aims at ... Details

Jul 9, 2019


This experience was quite tremendous for me as I learned a lot and was frequently exposed to the situations that occurred for the very first time in my life and which required me to act. First of all, I had the opportunity to work as a paramedic under the pressure of emergency real life situation where every second matters. I provided the essential and first aid to the many victims of the fires. I helped the patients to resuscitate and stabilize their health conditions. I was assigned to use the ... Details

Oct 10, 2019

Oil Is More a Blessing than a Curse

The United Arab Emirates is famous for its crude oil resources. Country Analysis Briefs in the context of the report for the US Energy Information Administration highlights UAE to have the oil resources of “about 98.63 billion barrels (15.681×109 m3), almost as big as Kuwait's claimed reserves”. When being used in political games and intrigues due to the ambitions at the global international arena, the crude oil resources are the major part of the national economy that ... Details