Greenpeace Organization

Greenpeace is the renowned not-for-profit and non-governmental organization that strives to preserve nature and change human attitude towards environment. It advocates for global peace by safeguarding oceans, promoting disarmament, and operating against imprudent and excessive fishing. Moreover, the environmental organization promotes elimination of today’s nuclear weapons and encourages to act radically in order to prevent the fundamental threats of climate changes. The main goals of Greenpeace are providing future without hazardous toxic substances, ensuring the safe alternative to dangerous chemicals that are still present in various commodities. Greenpeace is practically the only organization in the world that uses non-violent and constructive confrontation to be heard by numerous communities and promotes the rational solution to the global environmental challenges that are vital for the peaceful future. Because of the fragile ecosystem that deserves adequate maintenance and short-lived planet, explorers, journalists, ecologists, and pacifists decided to create non-governmental and not-for-profit organization that was later named Greenpeace. Today, the planet needs effective actions, immediate solutions, and positive changes. The organization is present in the forty nation-states across Asia, the Pacific, New World, Africa, and European continent. Activists never accept financial aid from governmental structures and large corporations, since they strongly follow the principles of independence. Instead, Greenpeace prefers to rely on substantial donations, contributions from charitable foundations and thousands of activists and supporters throughout the world. For 40 years, the organization has been opposing significant deterioration of environment.

According to Greenpeace, the desire to achieve peaceful world motivated opponents of nuclear weapons, volunteers and activists to engage in anti-nuclear protests. They decided to travel on boat from Vancouver to Amchitka, where the U.S. authorities carried out dangerous underground nuclear tests with a goal to be heard. According to Warford, a few years later, Greenpeace became internationally renowned, owing to its comprehensive protection of the natural resources. The founders of the campaigning organization claim that just several individuals can change the situation for the better. Activists and ecologists continue to follow their tradition of acting in a creative and non-violent way, involving ships as an important part of their noble activity. Greenpeace that is well known around the world for its peaceful protest and fast actions directed towards the environment protection raises environmental issue to public knowledge. According to Mormont and Dasnoy, it also influences thousands of private enterprises. Greenpeace exposes environmental offenders and challenges any corporation, company, or governmental structure that fails to fulfill their obligations in order to protect nature and atmosphere. The organization’s explorers and activists expose environmental offenders and defy governmental structures, corporations, and companies that do not fulfill their obligations in protecting atmosphere and nature.

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The Major Mission of Greenpeace

The goal of Greenpeace is conducting open disputes about societies’ environmental choices. Many environmentalists, who work for the organization use methods of quiet diplomacy, seeking to affect policymakers and officials on numerous environmental issues. In pursuing main objectives, activists and caring people conduct comprehensive researches and act persistently to raise the level of public debates. In addition, the not-for-profit organization claims that their continuous struggle will undoubtedly preserve the planet, ensuring the green future. According to Greenpeace, there are three million activists and supporters, who encourage other individuals across the world to not be apathetic and act immediately towards a common goal. The organization does not operate to manage significant environmental issues. Greenpeace works to eliminate them. Moreover, it has developed a road map to establish marine reserves and preserve the seas. Individuals, who join Greenpeace, are diverse adherents of one purpose. According to Greenpeace, a peaceful future for all people is the one big goal of all activists and volunteers. The organization continually confirms the general public about its independence and never asks for help from other parties. The Greenpeace activity is based on donations and contributions of ordinary people that help proponents of green future protect environment and carry out successful campaigns. The organization will never accept financial aid that compromises its aim, independence, mission, integrity, and not-for-profit status.

Since Greenpeace is an independent establishment, its fundraising policy is supposed to screen contributions and donations to guarantee the fact that the organization does not get any objectionable financial aid. Moreover, Greenpeace refuses to accept donations from intergovernmental institutions funded by authorities. However, it continues to cooperate in terms of consultation with the United Nations. The organization has no enemies or friends. Moreover, it has no adversaries or allies in exposing threats to the nature and finding rational solutions. If the company or government is ready to change the environment for the better, Greenpeace will undoubtedly help to achieve the important objectives.

The main task of international Greenpeace is to elaborate on global strategies, as well as provide accurate and precise monitoring of the organizational development of all departments. Moreover, the organization’s representatives closely coordinate non-violent campaigns across the world and supervise the performance of regional offices that constantly and directly keep in touch with environmental communities. Nowadays, the independent, campaigning and not-for-profit Greenpeace runs creative and active campaigns against toxic production, nuclear weapons, fishing industry, dangerous consumer equipment, and agriculture that is genetically engineered. The organization conducts its activity, applying a variety of tools that help attract more supporters from around the world. In the United States, the reputable and renowned environmental organization includes brave and motivated volunteers and activists who care for the green future. Greenpeace continues to give priority to campaigns that concerned people can discuss and address globally. Instead of collaborating with corporations, authorities, and business owners to build a path towards the sustainable green future like many companies do, Greenpeace organization cooperates with ordinary citizens and relies on their efforts in making the planet healthier.