Persuasive Communication


Persuasion refers to trials aimed at changing someone’s way of reasoning regarding their beliefs, attitudes, and personality concerning a situation or an event. Persuasive communication, however, establishes the accomplishment of five vital aspects involved in persuasion. These aspects include; energizing, assuring, call to action, the rise in consideration, and endurance in alternative aspects. According to the Rational Model of persuasion, using beliefs and values, the behavior of an individual can be foreseen Ottati. This paper provides a description of a situation of concern with a written persuasive message to resolve it. Studies show that four factors should be considered for an efficient and effective communication. First, the person involved in resolving the situation should be credible amongst the workforce members. Objectives that define the foundation and basis of reasoning should be established. This second step evaluates the point of concern to establish a common ground of argument for everyone to participate. Thirdly, based on evidence one can bring forth and table arguments and the intentional motives behind them. Finally, common feelings are vital to ensure that the audience or the party involve in these negotiations acquires trust in the process. In case there isn’t any audience persuasive communication can be relayed in the form of a message. Persuasive messages tailor one’s beliefs, norms, ideas and personality towards a certain direction for the accomplishment of certain objectives. These objectives are usually aimed at resolving situations of concern especially in workplaces amongst employees Ottati.
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Issue causing concern

Swick Sunglass Marketing Company in its end-year financial meeting proposed the adoption of telecommuting through the management. This proposal was initiated and made by the managers without consulting the employees. The management thinks it will be cost effective and efficient in ensuring an increase in productivity. The employees are, however, not contented this has caused conflict between the managers and the employees at the workplace. The employees have several arguments against telecommuting. One there will be no free food when one is working at home. They claim that free food such as pizza is a motivating factor in a working environment. Some employees are not technologically compliant with telecommuting. Thus, there will be nobody to consult they are stuck in their remote areas. Some especially women claim that this technology will encourage laxity regarding their grooming efforts as nobody bothers to upgrade their closet when they work indoors. Most of the employees might miss out on the company’s activities when they do not report to their workplaces Ottati. Most of the employees fear isolation that is going to be caused by this technology. Some claim that their homes have no enabling environment to do the job due to so many distractions, especially from their siblings. Telecommunication causes brain drain and interferes with their interpersonal and effective communication skills. Telecommuting reduces the upward mobility of employees which can only be achieved through the sharpening of skills in an interactive working environment.

Persuasive message

In our end of financial year, meetings the company management proposed the adoption of telecommuting technology. As a company involved in production and sales of this product, the management saw this project as a breakthrough for our sales activities. The company has conducted a pilot survey which on the new technology proposed to ensure technological advancement towards increased productivity. In the meeting, not much background information was provided about this project because it was still under survey. One of our resolutions was to provide a way in which most employees who conduct our virtual customers from the offices or at home. Telecommuting merited as the best technology to ensure our vision came true. This technology not only favors the business but us as employees too. Most of the activities such as compiling reports, updating catalogs, contacting potential virtual customers, consulting suppliers and retrieval of database information can be executed through telecommuting. With frequent calls from fellow employees, customers and suppliers consulting on production and marketing it would be important to acquire something that would enable us to update information faster. For instance, I need to ensure that my records are updated before our Thursday meetings. Through telecommuting, however, I’m in a position to sustain these calls and adjust to my schedule accordingly Ottati. Telecommuting will increase our productivity, for instance, most of us shall have updated their reports and organized for the week’s sales and production process from the comfort of their homes. That means on Monday morning reports will be ready for our brief meetings that are usually held before the commencement of the week’s activities. Employees who are unable to report to work due to unavoidable circumstances can submit their work from their remote areas without straining. Telecommuting boost morale more so for our aging employees will now have an equalized employment life by working from their homes. As a company in this region, one of our main concerns in the pollution effect the company might cause to the environment and the amount of energy any technology would consume while in use. This technology saves energy and does not cause pollution to the environment. The technology is cost effective not only to the company but to the employees too. Less is spent when one works from their homes. I think this now makes sense to most of us. However, we have organized a meeting with the managers to address this issue, further. The meeting will be held on Monday next week to engage in a comprehensive discussion on how we can implement this technology. I’m sure we shall have samples of work done by the system and how it can be acquired. This persuasive communication addresses the situation of concern which happened to be the adoption of telecommuting. Listening to both sides is vital; the managers have their positive reasons for proposing this technology. However, the employees equally have their problems for objecting the new technology. Through a meeting that the company will hold according to the letter will ensure both parties reach an agreement. The mutual benefits of this technology that will be realized by both the employees and employers form the common ground for arguments. Being positive in addressing the negative attitude of these employees is instrumental in convincing them. Persuasive communication skills are a necessity in addressing conflicts which are inevitable in most workplaces.