90 Best Traditional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

90 Best Traditional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

Writing compare and contrast essay allows students to show their creativity. Students are free to express their thoughts and ideas regarding the selected issues. It is much more interesting to compare the objects or particular individuals than just describe them.

However, it does not mean that everyone can cope with compare and contrast essay. Some compare and contrast essay topics can be difficult to cover, and thus students start looking for professional writing help.

Tips on Writing Excellent Essays

Select an interesting topic. For example, you can Google the following: “Best Traditional Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students.” Your task is to identify two things that have similarities and differences.

Of course, you can practice uncommon parallelism. You may describe your favorite author and smell of roses. Unexpected and authentic topics for a compare and contrast essay will increase your chance to enter Arts University.

What Sources Can Be Used?

Oftentimes, students do not know how to write a compare and contrast essay. Remember that such type of essays requires creativity and attention. When your task is to compare something from the objective point of view, you have to take into account facts and support them with real evidence. Find secondary as well as primary sources prior to writing compare and contrast essay. Check whether the selected sources are not outdated. Please remember that only credible sources are allowed. They can be as follows:

  • Books
  • Documentaries
  • Textbooks
  • Academic journals
  • Newspapers
  • Scientific magazines
  • Reports

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

There is no formula for writing compare and contrast papers. Here you will find the most effective tips on writing such type of essays.

Avoid the most common mistakes.

Identify the topic type. Compare and contrast essay topics are divided into 4 types:

  • Situation (compare 2 situations)
  • Events (compare and contrast two historical events)
  • Fiction characters or particular individuals
  • Locations or places (describe two places or locations)

Follow the common paper structure regardless of the selected topic type.


Describe your topic. Grab readers’ attention. Write a clear and concise thesis statement.

Develop the main argument

Select three main claims. Provide evidence to all your arguments.

Refute the arguments of your opponent

Find facts that contradict your arguments. Include counterargument in your essay. Then try to refute the opposing views.


Here you need to restate the thesis statement and remind the readers why your point of view should be supported.

In order to make your essay more interesting for the readers, include facts, figures, and numbers. You can also use the following hooks:

  • Literary quotes
  • Anecdotes and jokes
  • Lines from poetry
  • Metaphors and similes, etc.

1. Brainstorm. When you need to choose from two >compare and contrast essay topics, you should brainstorm the ideas. Create a table with differences and similarities.

2. Find expert assistance. Get online writing assistance that can help you select the best topic and provide you with credible sources.

3. Pay close attention to the format and in-text citations. Use indirect or direct quotes. It helps to make your essay objective.

We offered you a simple compare and contrast essay structure. Select the topic, which is of great interest for you. We will share with you the list of the best topics which are divided into categories.

Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. College vs. University
  2. Working Students: Do they benefit?
  3. Essay or Research Paper: What do you prefer?
  4. Differences between British and American English
  5. Employment after education
  6. Differences between SAT and TOEFL
  7. Comparison of PhD and Master’s degrees
  8. Argumentative and Persuasive essays: Same or different?
  9. Home schooling vs. traditional schooling

Political and historical topics

  1. Ideas of Clinton and Obama
  2. Baroque vs. Renaissance
  3. Theology vs. Anthropology
  4. US dollar vs. Euro
  5. UK Prime Minister vs. German Chancellor
  6. Nazism vs. Nationalism
  7. Queen Mary vs. Queen Elizabeth
  8. WWI vs. WWII
  9. Trump vs. Merkel

Essay Topics for Freshmen

  1. Orange vs. Apple
  2. Day vs. Night
  3. Animals vs. People
  4. Poor vs. Rich
  5. Juice vs. Coffee
  6. Village life vs. City life
  7. Depression vs. Anxiety
  8. Spanish dishes vs. Italian dishes
  9. Seaside vs. the Woods

Compare and Contrast the Opposite

  1. Men and women
  2. Fanta and Pepsi
  3. White wine vs. Red wine
  4. Peace and War
  5. Bus and car
  6. Good and evil
  7. Work and vacation
  8. Earth and sky
  9. Wood and plastic

Ideas for Teenagers

  1. Adults vs. Children
  2. Campus vs. Home
  3. Watching movies or reading books
  4. Freelancing vs. working in the office
  5. Movies vs. theatrical plays
  6. Radio vs. Television
  7. Family vs. Career
  8. Roman vs. Greek Culture
  9. Science vs. Art

Social Media and IT

  1. Traditional letters vs. emails
  2. SMM vs. Traditional Marketing
  3. Face-to-face dating vs. Online Dating
  4. Games in the yard vs. Computer Games
  5. Forbes or New Yorker
  6. Twitter or Instagram
  7. Tradition vs. Trend
  8. Writing by pen or typing
  9. Traditional adds vs. online adds

Music and Movies

  1. Charmed or Buffy
  2. Reading vs. watching
  3. Pop vs. Rock
  4. Lord of the Rings vs. Sam
  5. Fantasy vs. Documentaries
  6. Irish vs. American Cinematography
  7. Ragnar vs. Floki
  8. Comedy or Horror
  9. The Pianist vs. The Reader


  1. Tragicomedy vs. Comedy
  2. Roman vs. Greek Mythology
  3. Drama vs. Comedy
  4. Lyrics or Prose
  5. Modern Poetry vs. Poetry of 15th Century
  6. Hamlet vs. Othello
  7. Non-Fiction vs. Fiction
  8. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings
  9. Modern Literature vs. Past Literature


  1. Pan vs. Microwave
  2. Maths vs. Humanitarian science
  3. The Earth vs. The Mars
  4. Andromeda vs. Milky Way
  5. Our Galaxy or another Sun System
  6. Innovations of Da Vinci vs. Nicola Tesla’s
  7. Tsunami vs. Hurricane
  8. Software vs. hardware
  9. Chemistry vs. Physics

Popular Topics

  1. Volleyball vs. Basketball
  2. Korea vs. China
  3. Subjectivity vs. objectivity
  4. Water or tea
  5. Wine or Scotch
  6. Anorexia vs. Bulimia
  7. Divorce or Marriage
  8. Capitalism vs. Marxim
  9. Heterosexuality vs. bisexuality

Comparison and contrast essay tips