Personal Essay Topics

In writing a personal essay, you are giving the reader an insight into your life, your character, and your experiences. An essay of this type may be required for your class at school or as part of a college application pack. Therefore, the writer needs to choose their personal essay topics carefully if they are to produce a successful paper. Here, we offer a list of popular topics, which we trust you will find inspirational. 


Good Topics for Personal Essays

  • A moment that dramatically changed your life
  • The worst disappointment you’ve ever had
  • Somewhere that has special meaning for you
  • How you can make life a success
  • Why money is important in life – great topic for a personal essay!
  • How you overcame your worst fear
  • The proudest and best moment in your life
  • What you would invent if you had the chance
  • The country you would live in if you had a choice
  • The toughest decision you’ve ever had to make
  • How you met your dearest friend
  • The period of time you like most
  • The time you failed at something - feel free to take a look at some personal essay examples if you need further help with any of these topics
  • Kind words that gave you renewed hope
  • Why your parents are extra special
  • What you would ask for if you could have a make-over
  • The time you wanted to run away
  • A change in events that took you by surprise
  • How you felt when a friend let you down
  • The changes you would make to someone’s life if you had the chance
  • What your cat or dog might say if they could talk
  • Your favorite movie scene
  • Something you secretly love – this is a good topic if you are not sure how to write a personal essay and need some practice
  • The super power you would choose if you had the chance
  • How you would use power if you had it
  • How good a teacher you would make
  • The greatest loss or misfortune you have experienced
  • Which animal you would like to become
  • How a particular book had a life-changing effect on you
  • The luckiest day of your life
  • Particular words that hurt you
  • A moment in your life when you were brave
  • Your favorite family time – this is a nice topic for personal essays
  • What is the one thing you would change about yourself
  • What you would have been like if you had been alive 100 years ago
  • One task a robot would never manage
  • The world’s best discovery
  • The museum you would most like to visit
  • Somewhere you do your best to avoid
  • What change you would make in the world
  • The most ugly thing you have ever seen
  • Why you avoid telling lies
  • What life would be like if you were  a building
  • A time when you’ve wanted to hide away from everyone
  • A right decision you made
  • A wrong decision you made
  • Something you find irresistible -  this is a good option for anyone looking for personal essay topics that are easy to write about
  • What charity would you start
  • Where you would hide away if you had to
  • The time you learnt an important lesson when you were a child
  • The animal that would best rule the world
  • A gift you would like to receive
  • What you would do with a million dollars
  • A difficult lesson you learnt
  • What color means
  • Something awesome you witnessed
  • A surprising but secret talent you possess
  • The accident that changed your life
  • The most difficult thing you have ever had to tell someone
  • A close encounter
  • An embarrassing moment
  • Your most fearful moment

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