How to Write an Interview Paper

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An interview essay or interview assignment is aimed at providing a specific viewpoint concerning a specific object, phenomenon, concept o subject based on the answers given by different people. Thus, if you want to have such answers obtained, you should conduct an interview with specific population. After you have analyzed various answers provided, you should process and organize them accordingly and consider including them in your future work. 

Writing interview papers impliesWriting interview papers implies

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Preparation Process

To begin with, you should contact your interviewees to set a place, as well as time to meet with them. Keep in mind that you should get a specific permission (written consent) for recording the interviewees’ answers or taking pictures. Always explain to your target population who you are and what your key goals are.

Find a comfortable place, for instance, a restaurant, a café, a library, or an office. The interviewees should express their consent concerning the application of the recorded material or provided data. In accordance with the laws, you must obtain a written permission to record your interview. Once you have arranged your interview, ensure to get to the set place on time.


Process of Conducting the Interview

No matter whether you record the interview on your phone or your voice recorder, it is recommended to take some notes. This measure will assist you in remembering some points that seem to be very interesting, important, or unique.

Utilize a recording device in case you need to clarify the context of some phrases or words during the process of your research writing.

Try to be respectful and patient. The interviewed person should have some time to think of and figure out necessary answers. Try to arrange a relaxed and pleasant environment for your conversation. Be always result-oriented and pragmatic.

interview tipsSettle on the Format of Your Future Writing

Usually, if students have their essay assigned, they will be provided with instructions on its format. Talk to your teacher to clear out all details, including the questions or answers expected, the application of paraphrasing, in-text-citation, etc. Generally, there are most common types of interview as indicated below:

Narrative interview essays are the frequently assigned tasks at different educational institutions. Some answers may be paraphrased. Such a format also allows presenting background info. 

The question-answer essays should contain direct quotes only. The list of questions and answers should be presented in the form of a dialogue. It should be noted that it is allowed to add some comments in the parentheses. This format suits essays that comprise only one or two interviewees or a group of the closely related people, for instance, spouses or a film cast.

interview tipsPrepare a Detailed Outline

An outline can differ depending on the type of writing. However, it should comprise an introduction that is to describe your subject and the aim of the interview. Your outline may become a basis for your introduction. Begin it with an interesting anecdote or fact while talking to your interviewee. Then familiarize your future readers with key points and prepare your thesis statement. It is advised to support your statement thesis with specific facts, and provide a summary of the presented info in the conclusion. Most of the essays imply a 5-paragraph structure (the introduction, three body paragraphs, as well as the conclusion). The same structure could be applied while composing your interview essay.

It is recommended to make notes during and after the interview. You should consider both the most essential sections of the interview, as well as key themes while communicating with a person. This info will assist you in defining what you are going to dwell on and in what order questions and answers should be placed.

interview tipsThesis Statement Preparation

If your piece of writing is aimed at only introducing your readers to the person, your thesis statement should be a concise and clear summary of her or her background, experiences, qualifications, achievements, and skills.

If the interview is utilized in your essay in order to support a specific position or present an opinion on broad problematic issues, the thesis statement can formulate such a position, indicating the interviewee in the context of the issue under study.

interview tipsCompose Your Piece of Writing

The body of your writing should be related to your thesis statement and illustrate the interview in detail.

Interviews usually comprise many repetitive terms or phrases. Thus, you should polish your piece of writing and delete all unnecessary or unneeded elements. You should always focus on the subject of your essay.

You can find plenty of useful and practical info on interview essays in the internet. Visit different websites of the prestigious and well-known universities or colleges and read through articles. For instance, the website of the University of North Carolina Writing Center provides many useful tips on how to get rid of constantly repeated phrases, and how to utilize transcriptions. You may also find some instructions and recommendations on how to transfer your personal experience. There are also many databases of interview assignment for students that you can easily refer and upload for further analysis.

interview tipsFinish an Interview Essay Accordingly

In fact, there are numerous ways to end your interview essay. A proper conclusion of your interview essay can present the following aspects:

  • your considerations in terms of the answers provided by interviewees;
  • the impact of responses on the thoughts of yours;
  • the answers to your questions, indicated in the introductions, that are based on the results of the interview;
  • the logical and clear ending of the essay.

Furthermore, the conclusion may prove, refute or support the idea you mentioned at the beginning of your piece of writing. The matter is that it should be well-thought-out, coherent, and understandable. Always proofread and edit of your interview essay so as to avoid different mistakes, typos, or repetitions. We hope that our guidelines on how to write an interview paper were very informative and clear, and we expect that you will be capable of composing the best interview essay.

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