Exploratory Essay

Writing a paper of an investigative style is not a usual assignment. That’s why students often look for an exploratory essay sample to gain an understanding of how this work is done. This is a tricky task as it requires one to present a retrospective of one’s thinking and writing processes they research the issue. You will have to describe why, when, and how you performed a specific type of research. Thus, your thinking process will be reflected in your work to a certain extent. Sounds scary? The good news is that we have put together interesting topics for this kind of task and an exploratory essay sample that will allow you to produce a decent paper. To make your life easier, we have also provided useful tips and explanations in this article. Just keep reading to find out how to cope with your assignment.
A good exploratory essay does not require that you achieve certain outcomes. For example, you are not expected to prove any point. Rather, you should simply enjoy the research process and use the knowledge you gain to educate your audience.
If you take a look at quality exploratory essay examples, you will see that they are all about the process rather than the result. Just take it as an opportunity to learn something new and share your findings with your reader.
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The Purpose of an Exploratory Paper

The main aim of this essay type is to let you look at what is known and not known about your subject. You are also free to provide a contribution to the body of knowledge related to your topic. You don’t have to argue to prove anything. Rather, focus on broadening your outlook. Enjoy the process to the fullest! Any exploratory paper is focused on a subject and research question. It may not have a strong thesis statement. You can follow two different strategies when working on your exploratory essays. First, you can focus on immediacy. Second, you can take a retrospective look at what has been done in your field of study before you. When you are done with preliminary research, use the exploratory essay framework to document your steps. Ask questions and raise concerns. Be critical in your judgments. See if the current research offers any solutions to your problem. Consider the advantages and drawbacks of these solutions. A good exploratory paper provides you with an opportunity to reorganize the body of knowledge in a way that is convenient to you. As a result, you synthesize available evidence to make it easier for the audience to read and understand it. Exploratory papers can be created on various topics and subjects. Some of them include sports, organizational effectiveness, human rights and civil rights movements, curriculum design approaches, immigration and its effects on the U.S. economy, and others. With any topic you choose for your exploratory paper, be ready to research it in depth. Take a perspective that interests you and throw yourself into the whirl of exploratory activities! Exploratory essays are more about the questions rather than the theses. You may choose between two exploratory essay strategies – an in-process strategy to make an immediate effect and a retrospective strategy to create something fascinating. In an exploratory essay, you will list and outline the actions, you have performed to explore the topic from many different perspectives. If you find it difficult, you always have a chance to buy exploratory essay assistance from talented writers. In an exploratory essay, you will weigh different alternatives while trying to answer your research question. You will engage in a kind of dialectical analysis that follows the patterns of Hegelian or Platonic thinking. You will synthesize different opinions and perspectives to create a holistic picture of your subject.
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Exploratory Essay Topics

You can choose among different subjects if you want to write an exploratory essay:
  • Voluntary Organizations and their Effectiveness in Health Promotion
  • The Real Effects of Sports on Health
  • How Democracies Protect Individual Freedoms
  • How Learner-Centered Teaching Improves Academic Outcomes
  • Why People Want to Live in the U.S.
  • How Higher Taxes Improve Education and Health Care
  • How College Admissions Discourage Students from Making a Career
Pick a topic that is interesting to you. You should be very thorough about the process of writing.

Exploratory Essay Examples

If you have the assignment to write an exploratory essay, it is useful to look through possible examples of this essay type, like the one provided below. You can use our sample exploratory essay to see how the author presents their ideas but do not copy anything. Similarly, if you decide to rewrite the paper provided as an example, this will be treated by your instructor as hidden plagiarism. Your work needs to be original.
Looking through the examples of exploratory essays you will probably see some similar features to the ones described in our article. These are the synthesis of the available evidence, the depth of research, and the ability of the author to be introspective and analyze personal thinking processes. You need to make sure all these components are present in your work. Alternatively, you can turn to a professional writer for help. This way, you will definitely be satisfied with the result.

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An exploratory essay is mistakenly confused with an argumentative essay. Yet, these tasks are different as they have many distinctive features. When working on an exploratory essay, you won’t need to convince your target audience about something. Instead, you will explore a particular problem from different perspectives and suggest preliminary conclusions about how it can be solved. As well as any other piece of academic writing, an exploratory essay has to consist of an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. The content of an exploratory essay is unique and depends on the topic you are investigating. To cope with the task successfully, you need to know what to put in each part of your essay. Now, let us focus on the main parts of a common exploratory essay outline:


In the opening paragraph of your essay, you need to familiarize the reader with the problem you are exploring. Also, you may inform your audience about the results you are going to obtain. The introductory paragraph is to provide basic facts about the subject under investigation, as well as appropriate background information. To make your opening paragraph look engaging, you need to think about how the disputed question may captivate the attention of your readers. For instance, you can dwell on the historical background of the problem, its main causes, etc. Finally, you should indicate the sources you used when researching the topic.

Main Body

You are free to use the main body paragraphs to explain how some scholarly resources have changed your understanding of the topic. In this section, you have to convey your ideas in a clear and compelling way. Your essay needs to include three or more main body paragraphs. Each of them has to begin with a topic sentence and include appropriate supporting evidence. When analyzing the sources used during the research, you need to focus on the following information:
  • Brief introduction of the source (title, author, date of publication, publisher, etc.);
  • Explanation of why the source is relevant to the topic under study;
  • Important ideas you have found in the source;
  • Personal introspection on how the source has helped you look at the problem from a different angle. If the source has enabled you to choose a new direction in your research, make sure to mention it.


In the concluding paragraph, you need to provide your personal opinion on the issue under analysis. Also, you may inform your readers once again why the topic is relevant and interesting. Please note that you do not have to include new information in the conclusion. After all, its primary goal is to sum up your analysis.
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How to Write an Exploratory Essay?

An exploratory essay is a typical academic assignment. Thus, it is important to know how to write it accordingly. Although the teacher will provide you with the samples and guidelines, you may check some efficient writing tips provided below:
  • Pick a good topic. In case your professor has allowed you to choose the subject of your essay, you need to focus on the one that fits your interests. The best exploratory essay topics are always engaging and intriguing. Before choosing any topic, you need to carry out preliminary research to find out some relevant ideas;
  • Carry out in-depth research and make notes. Once you know the topic, you should start looking for appropriate research information. The ideas taken from outside sources will enable you to stay focused on your argument;
  • Create an outline. As soon as you are done with researching, you need to create a brief plan for your exploratory essay. It has to include all of the ideas that will be discussed in your paper. Pay attention that your outline has to follow the traditional structure and include three basic parts. Although the structure of your essay depends on the professor’s requirements, it has to include an introduction with a strong thesis, a detailed main body, and a clear conclusion. A good outline will help you avoid, including irrelevant information in your essay;
  • Write your paper. After you are done with all the preparation stages, you need to begin the writing process following the professor’s guidelines point-by-point. If you want to make your exploratory essay look good, you need to avoid procrastinating and organize the writing process properly;
  • Proofread your paper. To get you a good grade, your essay should be free from plagiarism and other mistakes compromising its quality. When proofreading your paper, you need to fix all the flaws and inconsistencies.
Writing an exploratory essay can be a very challenging and effort-consuming task. If you do not think you can cope with this assignment on your own, you can contact our writing team and ask for assistance. Ordering our exploratory essay help is a truly great idea for students who take care of their academic records.

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