Law Essay Samples

May 13, 2019

Environmental and Toxic Tort

Nowadays, hundreds of people suffer from toxic torts and environmental pollution. However, they face the considerable challenges in proving that their injuries and environmental damages were caused by the exposure of harmful substances. Creation of the links between the actions of defendant and the problems of prosecutor is considered to be the central problem in the environmental and toxic tort law. Additionally, it should be mentioned that ... Details

Jun 5, 2019

A Model of Union and Labor Management Partnership

Though for a long time unions and the management of most organizations have acted like adversaries, the need to cater union members’ welfare for better productivity is bringing them together. The employers are increasingly seeking to enter into partnerships to ensure their interests are taken into consideration. It has been viewed as a positive way of ensuring that businesses thrive in the current highly competitive ... Details

Jun 6, 2019

Compare and Contrast of Realism and Liberalism

The world order is usually viewed and explained through the set of the multiplicity of theories. Different approaches analyze certain aspects of international politics from one side while giving less emphasis to others. Realism and liberalism are the oldest and most widely articulated and prevalent theories in international politics. Comparison of different perspectives can offer not only thorough understanding but also reveal the approaches that ... Details

Jul 10, 2019

Labor Laws

There are different labor laws in different countries. These are practices that govern the working environment by protecting the interests of the employers and their employees. On one hand, labor laws aims at improving the productivity of workers by ensuring that the employers are complying with the provisions for minimum wage and safe working conditions. The employers are also protected from malpractices from their employees. In the emphasis, they are not allowed to engage in ... Details

Sep 10, 2019

Forensic Investigation Report

Crime scene under investigation is boarded off and located indoors. From the first glance it seems to be some kind of a storage room because it is surrounded by shelves with carton and plastic boxes with scratched tiled floor of black and grey colors. It is boarded off using metal shelving unit and a beige stool typically used for bar counters. The length and width of the crime scene is measured by the meter which remains on the floor in its primary position. The crime scene is Details

Oct 11, 2019

Criminal Justice and the Right to Peaceful Demonstration

Peaceful protests have a dignified and long tradition. Over years, peaceful demonstrations have played a key role in bringing about a lot of significant political and social modifications ranging from the founding of the welfare condition, improvement of union rights and extension of voting rights. Historically, there were no rights of protest. For this reason, the protest was just tolerated. However, this controversy has changed after the enforcement of the “Human Rights Act” in the year ... Details