History Essay Samples

Aug 9, 2019

The Role of Religion in the Middle East Conflict

The conflict in the Middle East strongly depends on the religious aspects, which are brightly reflected in the Arab-Israel, intra-Arabic, and Islam-Christianity religious discrepancies. ISIS development also significantly influences the peace in the Middle East and Islamic religion issues. A deep intolerance of Islam in relation to other religions restricts the Middle East in an effective collaboration with other countries. A great role of religion in the Middle East conflict is reflected in the impact of different beliefs, which ... Details

Sep 11, 2019

History Impact

Most people have at one point in their life studied about a history of something or someone, especially at school. They have only studied history because it is compulsory in schools, but some of them fail to think the relevance of history to our day to day lives critically. It is what we learn from histories that we learn more about our lives and also shape our present lives. History is the study of past events, discoveries and memories and how these events and memories are of importance to man in his present life. Through the study of the ... Details

Sep 13, 2019

Mazower’s View of Islam as Alien to Europe

In the book ‘Salonica: City of Ghosts’, Mazower observes that several cultures could have been in existence in Europe in the past but wiped out by other developments. Again, the recording of such history may have been overlooked due to greed by nations and communities to portray only their own way of life and not experiences of previous occupants. Such was the case with the Islamic in several parts of Europe. The book describes the Islamic life in early Salonica to the extent that ... Details

Nov 11, 2019

Obama’s Foreign Policy: Continuity or Change

The administration of the current U.S. President faces an immense criticism from Obama’s opponents. In the midst of the heated debates, one should decide whether Barack Obama’s foreign policy is a continuity of the traditional agenda or a new stage in the history of the American diplomacy. The growing bulk of evidence, including historical data, official declarations and documents, and expert opinions, reveal some critical changes in the U.S. performance on the world stage. Nevertheless, a critical evaluation of ... Details

Jan 20, 2020

Commodore Perry

An increasing interest of West in Japanese studies was influenced by the role of history and culture in international relations that are beneficial for the further exteriorization of diplomacy and the art of negotiations. This is what a thorough researcher may call the art of the possible. However, modern political science continues to use a non-violent approach in commercial and foreign relations. Besides, the domination of carefully related principles is much more in use, when the probability of war ... Details

Jan 21, 2020

How Was Jing Ke's Personality Shown in his Assassination Attempt?

The history of China is filled with a great number of magnificent events and figures, who left their imprint in the history of the country. One of such figures was Jing Ke, a king, who later on had to kill emperor of the great country, China. The events which, however, used to take place throughout the life of Jing Ke were followed by the situations and circumstances which are not easy to translate even this time, since they used to bear a dual character. The historians frequently regard ... Details