History Essay Samples

May 10, 2019

Chinese Civilization

The Chinese civilization is one of the most ancient in the world. The history of China may be divided into the periods of the reign of different dynasties. The paper investigates the influence of Xia, Shang and Qin dynasties on the development of the Chinese civilization. The territory of China may be divided into two ... Details

May 14, 2019

Humanitarian Interventions

Humanitarian intervention can be defined as a situation in which one state uses military force with the aim of ending the violation of human rights within another state. In an international context, the sovereignty of each particular state is recognized and respected. Consequently, it is rather difficult for one state to invade another without ... Details

May 15, 2019

Isolationism and Imperialism

The history of isolationism and imperialism that existed between East Asian nations and Western nations is intriguing. This is because it shows the numerous attempts by the East Asian nations to fight imperialism in all ways through isolationism and the latter discovery of the importance of the Western nations’ advantage and hence the acceptance of imperialism. In order to understand this, ... Details

Jun 7, 2019

Emergence of the Pastoralists and Agriculturalist Societies

The emergence of pastoralists and agriculturalists societies began in the Neolithic age of human development. The brain of the human being was developing hence man was able to develop crude farming tools. It enabled man to shift from hunting and gathering to farming. This essay aims to bring out how the pastoralists and agriculturalists societies emerged and the factors that led to their ... Details

Aug 9, 2019

The Role of Religion in the Middle East Conflict

The conflict in the Middle East strongly depends on the religious aspects, which are brightly reflected in the Arab-Israel, intra-Arabic, and Islam-Christianity religious discrepancies. ISIS development also significantly influences the peace in the Middle East and Islamic religion issues. A deep intolerance of Islam in relation to other religions restricts the Middle East in an effective collaboration with other countries. A great role of religion in the Middle East conflict is reflected in the impact of different beliefs, which ... Details

Sep 11, 2019

History Impact

Most people have at one point in their life studied about a history of something or someone, especially at school. They have only studied history because it is compulsory in schools, but some of them fail to think the relevance of history to our day to day lives critically. It is what we learn from histories that we learn more about our lives and also shape our present lives. History is the study of past events, discoveries and memories and how these events and memories are of importance to man in his present life. Through the study of the ... Details