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Today, a lot of learners study economics. This is one of the most popular subjects. However, does everyone understand what economics means? According to some scientists, economics is the study that deals with allocation of scarce resources. These resources can be of two types: physical (land, water) and non-physical (government expenditures, taxes). Economists deal with various economical issues. They try to find some effective solutions to economical problems. However, in order to become an economist one has to get a degree in this field. Students of the Faculty of Economics often get a task to write an economics essay on a certain topic.

All economics essays have some peculiarities of writing. Let’s consider the information mentioned below:

The majority of economic essays are written in APA style. However, your professor can ask you to prepare a paper in some other style. In order to submit a well-written work and get an A, every student has to know the distinctive features of the specified style. It is very important to know how to format an essay properly. Besides, special attention should be paid to the citation of quotations as not a single student wants to be accused of plagiarism.


Main Notions of Economics

In order to do a great economics essay, learners can use some economic terms. They can help start writing and give some inspirational ideas. By the way, it would be good to read some materials on economics to understand better what it deals with. Plus, it will be much easier for you to choose the right subject among the variety of economics essay topics. Everyone knows that it is not so complicated to produce a paper when you are interested in its subject.

While studying, learners write the following types of academic works:

Types of writing in EconomicsTypes of writing in Economics

Economics Paper Topics

Choosing a topic you are interested in is likely to make you and your readers feel more enthusiastic about your paper. In the event your topic relates to economics, you will have a good choice of subject areas to consider. To help you choose an economics paper topic, here are some ideas you could consider: 

  • Why study Economics?
  • What effects does cybercrime have on the Internet industry and related economy?
  • Does high rates of obesity affect the global economy, and how?
  • What would you consider to be President Barack Obama’s most successful economic policy in the year 2014?
  • Does climate change have any economic effects?
  • Does climate change have any economic benefit?
  • Do you think the European Union (EU) has managed the last economic crisis effectively, and how?
  • Is the economy in Europe affected by China’s trade policies, and how?
  • How is a country’s economy impacted by labor migration and immigration?
  • Are global economies still impacted in any way by the World Bank?
  • Discuss the effects of China’s economic and political power
  • What are the likely economic effects of growing biodiversity, especially in terms of the endangered variety?
  • Describe how outbreaks of Ebola impact the global travel economy?
  • How are the conflicts in the Middle East beginning to effect global economies?
  • What are the likely effects as economic recovery continues?
  • Are lower fuel costs affecting the economic wellbeing of countries that depend on the export of fossil fuels and, if so, how?
  • What is the biggest economic threat that the United Kingdom is likely face over the next two years?
  • Which world economy is expected to become the next largest?
  • Are economies in the Middle East likely to be impacted by new and alternative energy sources, and how?
  • How likely is an increase in the European interest rate in the coming year?
  • How likely is the political climate in Russia to affect the country’s energy prices and, therefore, its economy?
  • What impacts are phone and other communications technology having on the global economy?
  • Analyze the economic crisis of 2008
  • How much does government influence economic growth?
  • How viable is the Keynesian model when it comes to solving common economic problems?

Economics Essay Style Guide

Writing a paper in economics is very demanding. This kind of paper writing is very binding and it does not give you as much writing freedom as, for example, some descriptive essay. Essays in economics require a writer to stick to a formal language, as well as demands clarify of writing. The guide below will help you find out more about it. 

Famous English writer and Journalist, George Orwell, made up a list of rules that can help while writing. These rules are widely applied even now. For example, he offers to avoid using different informal speech figures and metaphors. Further, he states that short words are a better choice for a writer who writes essays in Economics. The same thing can be said about active voice, which is a better option than using passive voice. 

economics essay tips

Do Not Use Unnecessary Information 

This rule can be applied to a situation when you want to make an impression on a reader and start giving too much information instead of clearly stating what you have to say. Do not try to sound too smart. Use simple words to make your message easily understandable. 

economics essay tips

Make Sure to Use Facts and Pieces of Evidence 

Facts and evidence make your writing persuasive. No one is going to believe you when you simply provide tons of information without supporting it with credible facts. Some people will tend not to support your point even if it is backed up by evidence. Will they trust you without using facts? As a result, to make strengthen your position and prove that your opinion is the right one, do not make assertions and suggestions. Your task not just to air your thought on some subject, your task is to make the readers believe and support it. Reasoning, solid facts and arguments will help you in that. 

economics essay tips

Avoid Being Too Informal and Chatty

Essay in Economics is not a field for phrases like “surprise, surprise”, “oki-doki”, etc. Well, if your intention is to make the readers bored at once you may try to write like that. Still, if you clearly understand what people form your reading audience, you should better avoid such writing style.

economics essay tips

Make a Long Story Short

This rule is applied to those writers who consider long sentences and paragraphs a way to success. The reason behind using short extracts is that too long paragraphs can confuse the reader and make him lose the logical thread. Different essayists support the thought that each paragraph of an Economics essay is a small container for one particular thought. The more precise you are, the easier it is for you to deliver your message.    

economics essay tips

Do Not Be a Boaster

Saying that your paper is the best and the most credible source of information ever is not always a good idea. It can irritate the reader and your intention to impress them can be ruined. Your task is to provide reliable and credible information, while the task of the reader is to believe it or not.

economics essay tips

Persuade Wisely 

In order to persuade the reader in the correctness of your thoughts, it is not very wise to turn on the didactic mode. Starting each sentence with words like expect, imagine, remember, compare, take, etc., will evoke the feeling in the reads that they are dealing with a textbook but not an academic paper. Persuade by using facts. 

Do not forget that regardless of the audience you are targeting, the most important in writing is to deliver your message. This process differs from one writing style to another. So, if you are writing an essay in Economics, do not forget about our guide and tips we have provided!

Economics Essay Example

Economics Essay Writing Service

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