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If you do not know what kind of discount you can get, do not hesitate to contact our online support agents, and they will inform you about all possible discounts. Please remember that several factors influence a type of discount, namely, if the customer is a new one or returning one, how many pages he/she has ordered, etc.

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Types of Discounts

  • If you have ordered more than 30 pages, you will get a 5% discount. It will be automatically applied to your account.
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  • If you have ordered more than 100 pages, you will get a 15% discount (it will be applied to your account starting from the 101st page).

If you have any questions regarding our discount policy, you are free to ask our online agents, and they will assist you any time. If you have extensive projects with multiple papers, you can ask if any kind of discount can be applied based on your project specifications. You are welcome to use a free quote option, if needed.

We work 24/7/365 for the clients’ convenience. If you want to learn more about our discount policy or simply have other order-related questions, we will be happy to provide timely responses to your questions.

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