Deductive Reasoning Essay

It is a common practice among teachers and professors to assign writing tasks to evaluate the level of students’ knowledge of a particular subject. Deductive reasoning essays are perfect means of measuring students’ competence and writing skills. They demonstrate how students construct plausible hypothesis based on the given clues or circumstances. In other words, a deductive essay solves the riddle by analyzing the existent evidence in case ample information is provided.

Deductive essay writing help

Deductive reasoning requires a person to weigh relevant factors comparing them to the common knowledge of a particular matter and arrive at a conclusion. It consists of three key elements: premise, evidence, and conclusion. The first component (premise) is a truth, fact or assumption that induces the analysis and logical conclusion. An argument may have a few premises. The second component is evidence. It implies to the credible data that you have examined or other information related to the topic. The third component is the conclusion. It provides the decisive analysis of the issue you have discussed in your reasoning essay. The conclusion is based on equalizing premises and evidence. Here is an example of the three components in action:

  • Premise:  all parrots are birds.
  • Evidence: Nico is a parrot.
  • Conclusion: Nico is a bird.

This example is quite obvious yet accurate

As you can see, the essay outline is quite simple. It suggests that people can easily employ deductive reasoning in their everyday life. Let us consider an example. For instance, you go out to get your mail and morning newspaper and discover that there is a letter to a different person in your mailbox. In this case, you could assume that this letter is addressed to a former resident of your house. It is also possible that you happen to share the mailbox with your neighbor and have no knowledge of that. However, the most probable reason might be the mere fact that your mail carrier accidentally dropped the letter along with your mail. Your wisdom and life experience helped you deduct the logical reason for a strange letter in your mailbox. Of course, other variants can also be true but the last one is the most logical. However, if there were a proof of professional competence and responsibility of your mail carrier, you could change your deduction accordingly.

Writing an essay that involves deduction requires the writer to use the likeliest possibilities and not only absolute proofs. This method is used in many fields: law, sciences, police work, literary analysis, investigative reports, etc. The essay of this type should be explicit and focused. The paragraphs concentrate on a certain aspect of the issue, analyze various details, and arrive at a conclusion. The conclusion has to be supported by the evidence. You should examine the data you have to be able to draw a valid conclusion.