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Are you a student of the faculty of Business and Economics? Are you going to work in business after college? Then, you should know that professional business writing is an effective tool for building strong working relationship. It is used in writing e-mails, making business reports, presenting projects, etc.

It is necessary to know to whom you address your paper, so that it can meet readers’ expectations.

Besides, it is important to remember that business writing has to be persuasive and clear. The best way to achieve it is to minimize the use of personal pronouns.


Types of business writing

When students get a degree in Business, they can be assigned to prepare different types of academic works in this field. Besides, professors always emphasize that learners have to present effective business writing in order to get a high grade. If you want to be a professional in the area, you should know how to write memoranda, business letters, make business plans, etc. If to talk about memorandum, it should be said that it is a document which usually provides information on some issues. It can be written in an informal style, unlike other business documents. However, it is always important to take into account the readers of memoranda in order to make a relevant content. 

Business letters are usually written in more formal style then memoranda. They can be used to apply for a job or provide readers with some useful information. The important elements of such letter are date, address, salutation, body, and closing part. When you write a business letter, you can use some specific terms.

Learners often think “what is business writing?” when it comes to performing case analysis. Students often have to produce such college papers and it is not very easy. In such works, learners usually discuss a certain problem and try to find its solution following various business practices learnt during the classes. 

One more type of business writing that students are to perform is that of a business plan. It focuses on the work of a particular company or individual. When you make a business plan, it is necessary to set its goal in order to provide relevant information about the discussed issue. Writing business plans comes alongside with that of business proposals. The latter is a document that demonstrates a certain idea as a solution to the discussed problem. First of all, it is necessary to indentify the problem you are going to deal with. Then, a writer has to explain why the chosen solution is the best in this case. There are two main types of business proposals: solicited and unsolicited. The first one examines the case when a company is looking for a particular service and other agencies can offer theirs as an option. The second is a piece of writing sent to another firm offering cooperation.

Reference Style

Almost all academic works in this field are formatted in APA style. According to it, we should avoid using footnotes and endnotes. Besides, when citing a source it is necessary to write the author first and then the publishing date.

Business Essay Example


Taking into account the above-mentioned information, students understand that it is complicated to prepare academic papers in business. It is necessary to cover the topic completely, present strong points of the work, make the right business writing format, etc. If you consider it to be rather difficult for you, feel free to use first-rate writing services provided by In this case, you will not have to spend sleepless nights trying to write at least a paragraph of your work. Our experienced specialists know where to find useful material for the paper. They know how to format and structure it according to a certain style. Our experts can complete all business assignments successfully. Furthermore, every customer of always receives his/her papers on time. You should not worry about the prices for works as they are really attractive. Feel free to contact us at any time!

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