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Using examples of APA format essay, students can gain some valuable insights on how to shape their works. Still, to achieve perfection, one should carefully study all the aspects of this type of formatting. Thus, the Writing-Service.org team of writers has provided the following recommendations and tips on presenting academic papers in this referencing style. Note that the information presented below is in line with the latest edition of APA. Read this article and improve your referencing and writing skills. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need more profound help with your essay.

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What does it mean to write a good APA format essay? 

By submitting a good APA format essay, you demonstrate that you observe the writing standards followed in your particular academic community. This automatically boosts your reputation. And vice versa. If a student doesn’t meet the accepted norms, he or she loses grades and respect from their professor.

So, what steps should be undertaken to turn in a decent APA format essay?

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General Guidelines on your APA Format Essay

First and foremost, you should not start your APA format essay with a running head anymore. Formatting has become much easier with the latest (7th) edition of APA. Now you do not need to present a running header and an abstract. Still, some instructors may change these requirements. So, you should always read your paper instructions carefully.

In general, the major sections of the APA style essay are the title page, the essay itself, and the reference page. Begin with a title page. This page of your APA format essay must always include the title of your work (capitalized, boldface font), your name, the name of your educational institution, course name, professor’s name, and the date. This info should be centered. Put the number in the top right-hand corner of this sheet. The following pages should be numbered accordingly.

The entire work should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides. The font usually used in student papers is Times New Roman or Calibri, 12 pt. You should indent the first line of each paragraph. The entire text should be aligned along the left margin.

Your masterpiece really begins on the second page. There, you should repeat your title in bold font, centered, capitalized. Note that you should not use a separate heading for your introduction. Still, in case the essay is long, you might need to use headings for your next sections. Thus, your 1st level heading will be centered and bold. Your 2nd level heading will be bold too. But you should align it along the left margin. Your 3rd level heading will be italicized and left-aligned.   

In-text Citations, References, and APA Format Essay Examples

It is rarely helpful to use APA format essay examples to present the sources cited in the paper properly. This is because there are differences in presenting direct and indirect quotations. Likewise, various types of sources are presented differently on the reference page. So, here are the main formatting rules to make your paper a perfect APA essay.
For all your APA essay in-text citations, you would need to indicate the author’s last name and the date of publication. You can place them at the end of the sentence and before the period. Use parentheses to provide this info. In case you provide a direct quotation, you should state the page number, too. You may name the author and the date in the signal phrase and add the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence. Or you may put all this info in brackets. Note that citations that are longer than 40 words are presented without quotation marks. This should be a free-standing, separate block that ends with a period. The page number is indicated after the period. Still, the signal phrase is used to introduce this block quote. If there are no page numbers in the source that you used in your work, you may want to indicate the paragraph or paragraphs where the information comes from. It is not forbidden to do so. This step may even show how diligent and attentive to detail you are.

To understand how the last section of your paper should look like, you may check APA format essay examples. Still, to achieve perfection, it is better to read about the main rules of presenting your sources. Needless to say, every publication used and cited in your work should be presented on the reference page. This is a separate section titled References. This word is typed in bold and centered. Next, you are not required to indent the first line of each entry. Meanwhile, you should do this for the rest of the lines. Put the author’s surname and initials first. These are followed by the title of the source. Long manuscripts, such as books, should be in italics. The titles of the short papers, like journal articles, are not italicized or enclosed in quotation marks. Only the first word of the source’s heading should be capitalized. Further, make sure to indicate the publishers or the books. For articles, you should state the name of the scholarly periodical, volume and issue number, and the range of pages. All your sources should be presented in alphabetical order. For more details, contact the writing center of your college. Still, you may want to order formatting services from one of the reputable custom writing companies. Thus, a professional editor will format your essay or any other type of work according to the style indicated in the order form. This is the best way to turn your essay into a brilliant scholarly work.

The Main Sections of the APA Essay


It is obligatory that the introduction has the thesis statement that defines the main idea of your APA essay. In this part, the writer tries to impress the reader and force him or her to continue reading. The introduction explains what the paper is about. To move to the next paragraph, there should be a transition in the last sentence to hook your readers and lead them further.

First Body Paragraph

If you carefully read APA format essay examples you will notice that these works have their most powerful and convincing argument in the first paragraph. It can also include a vivid example or illustration, to begin with. The first/second sentence presents the topic of this paragraph. It also contains the “reverse hook” that is linked to the transitional one from the last sentence of the introduction. The topic of the first paragraph should be related to the thesis (central idea) stated in the introductory section. To connect this paragraph to the next one, you should use another transitional hook.

Second Body Paragraph

The second paragraph has the same structure as the first one. It presents the second-best argument supported by corresponding illustrations and examples. Obviously, it logically continues the first paragraph. The first or second sentence presents the topic of this paragraph that relates to your thesis statement. To connect this paragraph to the next one, you should use another transitional sentence.

Third Body Paragraph

As can be seen from APA format essay examples, the third body paragraph presents the least powerful argument supported by an illustration or example of the same quality. Obviously, it logically continues the second paragraph. The first sentence of the third paragraph is logically linked to the last sentence of the second paragraph. The first or second sentence presents the topic of this body paragraph that relates to your central idea. To connect this paragraph to the last one, you should use another transitional hook that will signal that this is your final argument, and you are ready to conclude.


This is the fifth and last paragraph of your APA format essay. Since this is the last chance to convince the reader that you have made the right point, appropriate attention should be given to composing this section. Thus, students often look for examples of APA format essays to write an effective conclusion. It is vital to leave the reader impressed.

Thus, in the last section, the author restates the thesis statement, summarizes the three main ideas of the body paragraphs, and provides the final statement that informs the reader that the discussion is over. You can use this model of a concluding paragraph to write various academic papers. The described pattern is very efficient as it encompasses all the important moments of the essay and conveys a vital message to the reader.

That’s all. It does not look that difficult, does it? Of course, if you still feel like you can’t write a good APA format essay, ask qualified writers to help you.

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