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English essay writing often focuses on the reader’s engagement with the text he is writing about. Writers in the English literature field often base their writing on their own ideas and opinions which can require to use the first person point of view. Nevertheless, third person point of view is commonly used in academic English writing.

There are many different types of English essays, but they are usually based on primary source, i.e. the text the writer is writing about. However, many of them are supported by secondary sources, like different texts by various scholars who have written on the same topic. While English essay usually focuses on the primary sources, a lot of assignments need providing quotations from primary as well as secondary sources to support their thesis statements.

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When you write about literature, it is crucial to give context for the piece under consideration and it doesn’t matter what the focus of the thesis statement may be. As usual, this context is provided in the introduction section and contains relevant cultural, economic, biographical, social, or historical information about a certain time period, a book, a character, or a setting. This information provided gives readers a notion about the rest of the paper and the main argument.

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MLA style is the most commonly used English essay format. Therefore, you should be well aware of this citation style so that your essay is properly formatted. There is a professional and useful guideline for MLA format which will help you to format your essay appropriately. One more important thing that you should do is to create an English essay outline. It will help you begin the writing process and get main ideas for the whole paper.

Writing Assignments Types

Literature Review

It helps a writer research information that currently exists, organize it in a proper way, and develop his own ideas for further researches.

Literary Analysis

This assignment provides thoughts about literature. Some of them focus on contextual aspects of literature while others concentrate on textual elements alone. The most common context for literary analysis is a certain aspect of the text’s political viewpoints, historical context, identity and gender studies, socio-economic factors, or literary theory.

Comparative Analysis

This type of assignment requires a writer to analyze and compare things in a text. For instance, two characters in a text or a plot of two or more books can be compared.

Poetry Analysis

This kind of paper is very similar to a literary analysis paper. The most essential difference between them is that analysis is generally much more important when writing about poetry than about prose literature. When a writer makes an argument about a poem, it is very important to take into consideration the aspects of form such as word choice, meter, figurative language, sonic qualities, and so on.

Rhetorical Analysis

This type of assignment critically examines the text and uncovers the inner rhetoric in work. The main aim is to understand the goal the author had while writing the text and the kind of effect he wanted to produce on his readers. It is crucial to identify the main goals and effects of the text as well as to understand how they can be achieved.

Research Paper

This paper requires a writer to develop a strong and clear argument based on evidence and profound research, not on personal point of view or opinion. A research paper should have a strong thesis statement or main argument which the writer will support in the main body paragraphs with the help of secondary sources such as books, journals, data, or interviews.

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