Terms and Conditions

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. Under certain circumstances, Writing-Service.org will consider applications for full and partial refunds. For example, after an order deadline expires, we give customers up to 14 days to submit refund requests. Customers who complain of plagiarism should note that we do not impose time constraints. Nonetheless, you should submit a valid plagiarism report as evidence of liability. 

*** Any manually written notes claiming that there is plagiarism in a paper is not deemed to be trustworthy evidence. Likewise, any software-generated reports that mark accurate references, direct quotations, the question part(s) of an assignment, and/or content lists as instances of plagiarism content cannot be viewed as trustworthy since these elements of a text are generally considered to be authentic. Consequently, we do not accept plagiarism reports from SafeAssign.com but we will accept reports from Turnit.com, the WriteCheck system, and from the iThenticate system.             

  1. Customers occasionally start writing their own papers but for different reasons choose not to continue. Where our company is asked to complete partly written assignments, we do not accept responsibility for plagiarism on the customer’s part. Authenticity tests are undertaken only on the parts completed by Writing-Service.org.       
  2. If you are not 100% satisfied with the work you receive, a representative from our refunds team will review your complaint. In around 3-4 business days you will receive our report along with an appropriate refund amount (full or part) if your complaint warrants it.


  1. To avail of our free revisions option, you have 2 days (48 hours) beyond an order’s original deadline to tell us about your requirements. Once these 2 days have elapsed, the writer will have to be compensated, which means placing an additional order. If, however, the writer we assign completes your revisions without requesting additional payment, you forgo the right to apply for any further refund on that particular order.   
  2. In the case of longer papers, you have 30 days beyond the deadline expiry date to request a complimentary revision i.e. where orders equal 20+ pages.
  3. Free revision requests are not accepted when a customer changes the instructions provided on an original order form. An additional order will also be needed if all the materials or information required to complete an order are not forthcoming until writing is underway or finished.          
  4. When submitting comments about the revision work you require, please remember to include a new completion timeframe. Even though our company always endeavors to deliver revisions by the indicated deadline, some tasks can take our writers 24 hours, especially where there are difficulties reassigning a particular order or the requirements are unusually complex.   
  5. Writing-Service.org urges all customers to monitor their messaging systems (email and Writing-Service.org account) because someone from our company may have questions or require information from you. Occasionally, customers forget or neglect to submit complete instructions and all necessary materials/files with initial orders. Nevertheless, each customer is responsible for ensuring their assigned writer has everything they need to achieve a satisfactory outcome.    
  6. Customers also have the opportunity to extend the standard revision period from 2 days to 2 weeks i.e. from 2 to 14 days. The cost of this service is calculated at 30% of the full price of an order and is non-returnable if the customer does not request or require a revision. However, revision work should correspond to original instructions.

A Full Refund

Writing-Service.org will consider applications for a full refund in the event:

  1. We did not succeed in assigning a suitable writer to your order.
  2. You double-ordered a paper or we charged the wrong price for your order. Our agents will initiate cancellation upon request.
  3. If the price of your order is fully returned, you should no longer use any materials the company already supplied to you. ​

A Partial Refund

Writing-Service.org will consider applications for part refunds in the event:

  1. Your order specifies an inappropriate academic level i.e. you order a paper for university instead of high school.        
  2. You specify an incorrect number of words or pages on an order form.         
  3. You provide Writing-Service.org with contradicting instructions/comments, e.g., there is a discrepancy between an assignment’s description and the attached files/materials. 

In all the above cases, our agents will recalculate the correct price and issue an appropriate amount of refund.

  1. Terms of cancellation for an order that is already assigned:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline

100 %

10% to 19% of a deadline has lapsed

90 %

20% to 29% of a deadline has lapsed

80 %

30% to 39% of a deadline has lapsed

70 %

40% to 49% of a deadline has lapsed

60 %

50% – 59% of a deadline has lapsed

50 %

60 (or more)% of a deadline has lapsed

*** Order cancellation cannot be accommodated where:

  • Initial deadlines have 30% unexpired time remaining
  • Writing-Service.org has assigned one of its writers.

Please also note that if a writer has already uploaded a complete paper, the order cannot be cancelled.

Late Verification

  1. To protect you from various online scams, our company’s finance team routinely asks customers to verify their identities. In these cases, the deadline for order completion begins from the moment we get respective clarifications. If late verification affects you it is possible to speak to us about extending the deadline or you may submit a new writer compensation order, e.g., if your assignment is “hot.”

Word Count Issues

  1. We use the number of words in a page (300 words per page) to calculate page size. The primary exclusion from this principle is technical papers with a lot of calculative content. Instead we use complexity level to work out price.   
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. Our writers can provide you with Speaker notes if required. Each .ppt slide will contain 100-150 words worth of notes if you select this option on the order form and pay for it separately.  
  3. If you require help writing online (e.g., web-based) tests, the price will be worked according to the total number of test questions you need, which may include multiple-choice questions if required, and on the premise of 5 questions per page. Hence, a twenty-question assignment equates to four-page order.


  1. You will be expected to complete an additional writer compensation order based on a revised price if you require early delivery of an assignment. If, however, the writer we assign completes your assignment early without requesting additional payment, you forgo the right to apply for any further refund on that particular order.
  2. If we (or our writers) deliver your order later than agreed without prior consent or without attempting to prolong the deadline, you can expect to be offered at least some refund amount.

Order Type

  1. Customers are encouraged to be vigilant when selecting the type of order they require e.g. “book review” or “thesis.”
  2. If required we can “rewrite” a text for you. We will not ask for an additional writer compensation order unless new writing or extra work is required. The rewriting process means our writers will rephrase or reword the text you provide.
  3. Finally, we remind you to keep a regular check on all communication channels, both your Writing-Service.org account page and your email inbox, in case we are trying to contact you. Prompt responses are vital to delivering orders on time.