Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your interest in our writing service is noted and appreciated. The uppermost priority at is ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to maintain customer data in a secure, safe, and confidential way. We strive to protect sensitive data from known threats, e.g., loss, theft and the like. This article explains what information is collected by and what our purposes for collecting it are.                  

If we are to provide the most superior quality services, there are certain types of information we need to know about:

  • Those who utilize our services
  • Those who browse our website.

For instance, it is useful to know what time visitors use our site, what web browser(s) they use, and what OS (operating system(s)) they use. Information of such kind does not allow us to disclose one’s identity. uses this information only to:

  • Amend and tailor the content displayed on the site.
  • Develop and improve this content and its overall presentation.   

All the information gathered by our web server(s) is stored in a strictly secure and confidential manner. We do not share, disclose, or sell any kind of information.

Use of Cookies

Using cookies is a way for us to gather important statistical data on, for example, volumes and frequency of traffic to our website. The collected data also allows us to improve our site and to make navigation easier and more intuitive.       

Contact Information – Why We Collect This

To make full use of’s services, customers need to complete the registration process on our website, at which time they are prompted to provide their name, telephone/mobile number and current email address.     

This information is then used to complete any orders a customer places. For example, our agents may need to contact you for additional files, materials and/or further instructions. Hence, accurate contact information is essential. Personal data is accessible only to employees and it will never be sold, shared, disclosed, published, or sent to the third parties.

Processing of Order Payments

All transactions through are completely secure, safe and trustworthy. There is no chance of financial data being revealed to other parties. We additionally control fraudulent behavior by asking customers for identity verification.                 

What Rights Do You Have?

You are entitled to alter personal data at any time. Just contact us if any of your profile data needs deleting, adding or changing.