Peculiarities of Writing a Personal Statement

Students who encounter personal statement writing must be aware of modern writing standards, which state that the key of this writing task is to reflect one’s skills, qualifications, and goals. If you have to go through the job application process, you will be obliged to submit a cover letter; but when it comes to the aforementioned type of assignments, not all employers ask to submit this piece of writing. Therefore, please read carefully requirements for the job application process and the list of documents to be submitted to your potential employer.

If you know little about a personal statement format and do not know where to start, check the following helpful writing hints:

  1. While working on the personal statements, students have to see all materials in front of them. You can gather all your academic transcripts, resumes, letters, etc. to use them once working on the paper. Apart from some personal information (full name, origin, and so on), you have to mention your accomplishments and relevant experience. Be specific and do not include any details that partially characterize your personality (e.g. do not mention that you adore playing the piano if you had 2-3 lessons only).
  2. Always spend enough time on the first draft. If you do not know how to write a personal statement, the best start would be to begin from the sketch of your future work. The mentioned type of papers usually includes multiple details about one’s life and experience, so it is pretty easy to forget about some key qualifications or skills. If you are not sure that your paper is properly organized, you can always ask your friend or classmate to re-read it to be sure that you worked in the right direction.
  3. Always follow the generally accepted format for the personal statement for college. Your paper must include introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • Introduction must catch reader’s attention. You can write about a funny situation from your life that will interest the reader. However, too personal/emotional details must be excluded because the aforementioned writing presumes a high degree of formality.
  • Some students ask “What is a personal statement?” or “How to write main body paragraphs in a personal statement?” The main body paragraphs should provide answers to the questions mentioned in the application form. If you were not given this questionnaire, you have to mention about personal and academic experiences.
  • The key discussed aspects from the main body paragraphs should be summarized in the conclusion. In addition, you can also mention how the desired job position will help you attain professional goals.