Film Review Essay Samples

The Century of the Self Summary

The Century of the Self, the documentary by Adam Curtis, investigates how the unconscious of human mind could be controlled and redirected to the right state without hurting the individual. The aspect of politics and economic gains is clearly introduced by the invention of public relations for the American corporations by Freud’s nephew Edward. This is a summary of the reasoning by Sigmund Freud about the understanding of self-feelings. This documentary seeks ...


Dial M for Murder, by Alfred Hitchcock

Dial M for Murder is a 1954 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It is highly influenced by the style and vision of the director. Although Hitchcock in one of his interviews dismissed this film, it should not be undervalued due to its utter theatricality, dramatics and interesting visual characteristics and techniques. Dial M for Murder features some of the most distinctive Hitchcock's approaches and is a faithful and ...


Movie Review Heaven Is for Real

There is an interesting movie called Heaven Is for Real which talks about a family of a priest whose little son has seen Jesus and other wonderful things while having a near-death experience. At first, the family is reluctant to believe the son, but soon they come to accept his revelations while the community pressures the priest mistrusting him and his sons' words. The movie talks about important family issues such as ...