Dissertation Introduction

An introduction is the first chapter of a dissertation which describes the nature of the whole project. When writing this section, you are required to introduce the topic, produce a strong thesis statement, and illustrate the key points of your dissertation.

A dissertation introduction serves several purposes. It:

  • introduces the topic. It is necessary to define the goal of your writing and its subject.
  • arouses readers’ interest. Give magnificent examples of the issues directly related to contemporary events to draw readers’ attention to your topic.
  • demonstrates the relevance of your study. Convince readers of the immense importance of your dissertation.
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Introduction Paragraph Structure

An introductory section usually comprises the following components:

  • Aim
  • Scope
  • Pertinence of your investigation
  • Brief description of the topic within a specific field of study
  • A thesis statement and the aim of your dissertation
  • Brief analysis of the research techniques
  • Dissertation outline


What is your paper focused on? Present the issue you are addressing. You may describe anything what you find engaging, e.g. unexpected discoveries, etc. Remember to cite a remarkable example of the explored subject to attract readers’ attention to your introductory paragraph.


Here, you need to present the topic you are going to cover. Make certain the chosen subject is exact.

Pertinence of Your Investigation

Impart undeniable facts to prove that your research is valuable for a particular academic field. At this point, you can cite the sources exploring your topic. Additionally, it is necessary to mention the academic works you intend to use to produce your piece of writing.

Afterwards, it is required to demonstrate the applicability of your findings. In case it is hard for you to clearly express your thoughts about the examined subject, request your friends to present their opinion about the issue. Thus, it will be easier for you to explain how the obtained results can be applied.

You may face some difficulties in identifying the practical use of the research if you need to write a dissertation for a particular enterprise. On the other hand, describing the benefits the company may obtain by using your research results is not complicated at all. In order to make the procedure go smooth, strive not to define the very enterprise as the place of your internship. Seek to determine the points that are useful for the whole industry sector.

Brief Description of the Topic within a Specific Field of Study

Here, you are to provide a short description of the academic journals or articles relevant to your topic. Thus, readers will see that you have explored the topic in detail.

A Thesis Statement and the Aim of Your Dissertation

In this part of your introduction, you need to present a thesis statement and define the aim of your dissertation. You should distinguish between these two items. Note that a proper development of your thesis statement depends on the way you answer the research question or examine a hypothesis which is sometimes presented instead of the research question.

Remember that a theoretical groundwork serves as a basis for the hypothesis. If you want to be sure of formulating it explicitly, write a literature review first and only then provide a theoretical groundwork.

Brief Analysis of the Research Techniques

When creating a dissertation body, you are supposed to describe the research process in detail. However, in the introductory part, you need to give only brief details about the scientific approaches you are planning to adopt to analyzing your topic. Remember to mention those participating in your research.

Dissertation Outline

This part should explain readers how your paper is organized. You need to point out the crux of every section. Make sure that your dissertation outline is logical.

How Long Should an Introduction Be

There is no firmly established word count the introductory section should have. It is not mandatory to provide description of its key structural components on one page. Nevertheless, the information in the introduction has to be structured logically. Mind not to repeat the same data twice. Present only relevant material on the topic.

Begin Writing a Research Proposal

A research proposal is the first step to writing an introduction. It can be called a sketch of your introduction as it provides information about its elements.

It is clear that an introductory section is the first chapter of a dissertation. However, it is not obligatory to produce it first. You may start composing this section after the rest of your dissertation is done. In this way, you will not find it hard to write a worthy introduction illustrating the major points of your work.  After creating a dissertation introduction, you should carefully check it for grammar to ensure it is impeccable in terms of content, spelling, punctuation, etc.

What Verb Tenses to Use when Writing an Introduction?

When presenting the chosen topic, use the present simple tense. Either the present perfect or past simple tense should be applied to providing the background material about the matter under consideration.

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