The Best Example of a Personal Narrative Essay You May Use

The Best Example of a Personal Narrative Essay You May Use

Student life is not always complicated and tough. Many assignments may bring pleasure, and a personal narrative essay is one of them. This assignment does not require research and critical thinking. You do not have to apply analytical thinking and reasoning skills to compose an A+ paper. Still, you need to check an example of a personal narrative essay or to use professional custom writing services to ensure that your paper is perfect. Some pieces of advice in this article may help you understand what to write and how to make your essay funny, exciting, and enjoyable for reading.

One of the purposes of a narrative essay is to show your writing skills. This is an opportunity to provide a professor with a paper that tells the reader who you are. You are free to choose a topic and express your thoughts in a way you see the issue. You do not have to support your writing with any evidence as this is your opinion and you have the right to think in this particular way. After you receive a graded paper, check the mistakes and use this information as a guide for personal growth as a writer. Do you want to know some tips on how to write a personal narrative essay? Check the information and the sample paper below.

What Is a Personal Narrative Paper?

A personal narrative definition is simple; it is a description of personal life. A personal paper is a story you tell about your life. You are free to choose what to write about. You may tell a funny story or some sad one showing what lesson you have learned. It may be absolutely anything you wish; the only condition is that the story should relate to you personally. Mind that many people may read your paper. Do not write about some sacred secrets or stories you prefer to remain your personal matters. Any point in your life may become a focus of an essay if you chose to describe it. Much depends on your writing skills and creativity.

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How to Write a Personal Narrative Paper

The process of writing a personal narrative essay is similar to writing a traditional academic essay. Here are some steps you may bear in mind while writing your paper.

Choose a Topic

You may know what story you are going to tell, but you still need a topic to consider. Developing a concise and informative title is important as it will either attract the attention of a reader or create a doubtful impression. A reader needs to become impressed with your title to have a desire to start reading your essay. Here are some tips on how to develop an impressive title:

  • Know your audience. Who are you writing for? Are they adolescents interested in some funny stories or adults who want to know what lessons you have learned from your life situations?
  • Ensure that the title reflects the main idea of your story. If the title does not refer to the story itself, a reader may stop reading the text considering your essay irrelevant.
  • Check an example of a personal narrative title online to see how a good topic may look like. However, you need to choose relevant sources for consideration. There is a high chance of using a poor example. Just mind the source you use.

Developing a Unique and Memorable Personal Narrative Writing

When you have a topic, you need to start planning and writing your paper. The planning stage is important. Do not omit it. When you plan what to write, you have an opportunity to structure your thoughts and ensure that your writing is logical and concise. It is always valuable to have a perfectly written personal narrative example in front of you while writing. It helps you understand how to structure your paper and how to make it interesting and academically correct. Here are some ideas you may use while writing:

  • Always ask whether the essay you write will be interesting to your target audience.
  • Mind that this is a personal narration, and it should be emotional.
  • Add details to create a vivid picture of your story.
  • Create a connection with the audience sharing some secret details; make the audience feel unique as you share your mysterious story.

Start Writing

Writing itself is the most complicated part. You may imagine a unique story. However, it may not resonate with what the reader expects. The choice of words plays an important role. Moreover, you need to mind the structure of a personal narrative essay. All these points are important. Check how you may structure your work.

  • Develop a plan and create an outline.
  • Think carefully about the first sentence as it must be a hook. Catch the attention of the audience from the first paragraph and keep it up to the final sentence.
  • Add details, use emotional language, describe events so that the reader can accurately imagine what you are writing about. Appeal to the senses of the reader: smell, taste, and even touch.
  • Develop a connection between you and your audience. Make sure that your story is written chronologically; it helps the reader trust your story and not to skip from one event to another.
  • Do not lose your enthusiasm by the end of the essay. Remember that the last word matters much. You need to return to the main idea at the end of your essay and make it emotional and bright.

Check the Following Example of a Personal Narrative

If you want to write a good essay, you may wish to see how a perfect paper looks like. Below is a sample of a great narrative essay, provided by our team of professional writers.

My dad has all along prided himself in the fact that he was raised on a ranch full of animals and wild vast plains great for camping and horse riding. I on the other hand, am city bred and could not even imagine life on a ranch leave alone share my home with cows, sheep and horses. My grandparents have lived in the north of Tucson, Arizona, and I cannot recall visiting them there since I had been there only once when I was a toddler. I have seen from the photos taken over the years that my grandmother frequently sends that the ranch has some pine trees and vast open spaces. I love my grandparents and though I only get to see them rarely, the last time I saw granny was last Christmas when she came to spend Christmas holiday with us. We had so much fun together and as she left, she invited me to go visit when I had the time to do that considering I have school and a part time job during the holidays. I had immersed myself in my busy lifestyle with so much to do that I never thought that I would get a chance to ever visit grandma.

It came to me as a shock when my dad came home one evening and said that he had some issues to deal with at the ranch and that he was to travel there for a couple of days. I thought about it and eventually cancelled all plans I had for the school break to make time to accompany my dad on this trip. It was a sunny day when we piled our suitcases and food supplies for the long journey ahead in the truck and took off for the road trip to grandma’s ranch. At first I was skeptical of the journey ahead since I am usually not a road trip enthusiast but it turned out quite the opposite. I was mesmerized by the beautiful landscape that we drove through. I had never been to the Grand Canyon and it took my breath away to see it after we made a stopover for a break before embarking on our long journey. We spent the night in a tent in the open paradise and I could not believe the beauty that unfolded before me in terms of the vast clear star studded sky that acted as a blanket over us.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and we got to grandma’s in the mid morning hours. The ranch was out of this world. She has a beautiful barn like house, numerous stables for the horses and silos for storing grain harvest. I was amazed at how homely I felt after smelling the freshly baked bread and soup that greeted us on arrival. I couldn’t wait to go on a tour of the whole ranch. When my dad went to the small town to finish with the business that brought had brought him there, grandma took the chance to take me to see her whole ranch on horseback though I needed classes on how to ride first. It was beautiful. Something else all together besides the town life I was used to. We explored all the corners of the farm and I got to see the plantations and the machines they use on the ranch and it was good to just be at ease and spend quality time with grandma. I got to visit the small town nearby with dad the following day and I thought it was like the towns I see in the old movies on television.

On our last evening, we got to camp outside again under the beautiful sky with a big bonfire where we roasted mash mellows and just talked and laughed together. My family could not understand what I had found so amusing at grandmas though I am sure they would appreciate it once they got to experience what I had at the ranch when they visit there. I had not had such peace within me ever and the trip was worth it since I got to spend quality time with my dad and grandmother in a very unique setting.

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