Scholarship in Nursing Field

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am writing you to apply for a scholarship in order to be able to take part in a special nursing program (name). There are several reasons why I need and deserve this scholarship over all the candidates.


Helping people was always my number one priority. That is exactly why I decided to choose nursing as a major. Unfortunately, my financial condition does not allow me to cover all the expenses for the nursing program I chose. I come from an unprivileged family and my parents cannot pay for my education. I got myself a part-time job, but, unfortunately, my salary only covers some of domestic expenses. I need this scholarship in order to study nursing and fulfill my life-long dream of getting an occupation that will allow me to help various people in hard situations.

I am a good student and I have constantly earned good marks at school. I always try my best to gain as much knowledge as possible.. However, my financial state is something that keeps me away from access to new knowledge that is not only vital to me but also to all the people I might take care of in the future if only I had a possibility to study and pay for my education. It is not only the academic excellence that gives me a reason to claim that I am a suitable person to get this scholarship. My personal qualities make me a good nurse. I am very empathetic to what other people feel. I think that nursing is my calling. That is something I am able to do best. At the same time, I realize very well that all my abilities and personal traits are not enough to provide good care for people. For that I need to gain special knowledge. And in order to get the necessary knowledge I need your help. If you grant me this scholarship, you will give me one of the most important opportunities in my life. Thank you.

Feb 26, 2018 in Scholarship Essay Samples