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Seeding Sustainability Activity

Seeding was our main sustainability activity, which involved supporting and researching innovative actions to deliver real solutions for the chemistry projects. Through the seeding program, it was able to develop intensive capacity building activities and research, which stimulates a better understanding of the chemistry programs. The activity was aimed at encouraging young students on the importance of studying chemistry as well as discussing the recent trends in the chemistry. Chemistry is a scientific discipline, which is highly dynamic.  The seeding initiative was also important in creating an awareness of the good practices and recommendations to inspire future progress in the creation of new programs to enhance effective policy makers. The seeding program also sought to provide the various resources including journals, which describes the sustainability programs in chemistry. For example, it was able to identify and search for new ways to understand sustainability concepts relating to chemical education. 

In the seeding activity, I took part as an educator of the young students on the prepared schedules by our team. For instance, I educated the students on the need to always focusing on the community benefits and objective, which relates to the chemistry subject. My role was important in improving the overall awareness of the nature and implications of chemistry in creating a sustainable future. Therefore, my role and participation in the seeding program will assist in achieving the sustainable goals set out in our program to educate people on the need for taking part in responsible chemistry programs.


Role of Chemistry in Sustainability Activity

Chemistry played a significant role in the implementation and progression of the seeding activity through sustainability. Sustainable chemistry is relevant in dealing with the current and future challenges facing the society. Some of the challenges, which were overcome by involving chemistry principles, included meeting energy needs, favoring a circular economy and the adverse waste management. Chemistry helps in improving the overall efficiency of transforming natural resources to meet the overall human needs for chemical products and processes.  It will also provide relevant guidelines on the design, manufacture and efficient use of safe and more environmentally friendly chemical products and services. 

Chemistry also provides a better understanding of the priority areas, which mainly affects the overall society. Some of priority areas, which could be identified by chemistry, include smart cities, resource and energy efficiency, and education areas. Such areas are important to promote the overall improvement of the chemistry processes and programs. I also noted that the subject of chemistry was able to influence and inspire innovation through the immediate and accurate response to the sustainable solutions. Chemistry aims at developing important solutions to account for innovative strategies to promote effective transformation in chemistry. Chemistry seeks to enhance the provision of energy, environmental protection, enhancing food and water safety as well as enhancing global health care.  

The application of the key principles of chemistry was also important in enhancing the success of the seeding activity.  The principles provide the relevant plans and objectives to promote the understanding of chemistry as well as he design of important processes and systems.  The main chemical principles include prevention, atom economy, less hazardous chemical methods, energy efficiency, safer chemicals, design for degradation, and use of renewable resources among others.  The principles helped to recommend a better way to influence and improve sustainability in the chemistry discipline. The use of renewable assists in improving the technical and economic practicability in the society.

The development of appropriated energy efficiency relates to the creation of the useful chemical process, which should be identified to reduce any potential environmental and economic impact.  For example, chemistry suggested that most of the synthetic processes should be performed at appropriate temperature and pressure.  The development of degradation involves the breaking down the chemical products to degradation products, which are not harmful to the environment. The principle of prevention helps in preventing waste rather than cleaning up waste. It is an appropriate model towards creating enhanced chemical sustainability. The seeding program used the principles as examples and strategies to educate the learners on how to act professionally.  For example, atom economy principle emphasizes the need to design methods, which maximizes the incorporation of the numerous materials to be used in the process. 

Additionally, the seeding program will benefit towards the stimulating innovation and sustainability, which assists in the determination and production of processes. It increases the protection and performance of value to meet the overall goals of protection. Chemistry helped in providing better insights and information on how to optimize chemical processes and products o reduce the overall environmental impacts. The chemistry discipline will inform the students admitted to the seeding sustainability program on the innovation required to develop more competitive and scientifically advanced economy. As a result, I believe chemistry was sustainable in enhancing the inspiring the change of pace and mental transformation to enhance sustainability. 

Personal Reflection

I think the seeding sustainability activity was critical to improving the future of chemistry and advanced scientific community.  Personally, the seeding activity educated me on the need to invest on new talents as well as give other people the knowledge I have gained in my chemistry.  Chemistry and science, in general, is the future of environmental preservation, and thus, I have able to understand the need to educate young students on the importance of chemistry.  I was also able to gain additional insights on potential development and advancements of chemistry in the society.  The understanding of the future of chemistry subject was also discussed and researched during the sustainability program. In the future, I think I will be more sustainable and responsible in promoting the progress of the seeding programs. I intend to develop special programs, which deals in educating young students and profession on how to integrate sustainability into the chemistry program. 

Over the years, chemistry has been blamed for the numerous emissions of harmful gasses into the atmosphere as well as the disposal of waste products into the water bodies including rivers. Thus, the seeding program will give me better insights into how to manage chemistry activities and programs appropriately. In spite of all, I will adopt the new ideas and process learned from the sustainability seeding programs. I believe that sustainability recommends for the development of relevant policies and strategies, which aligns with the current economic, social and environmental concerns. Based on the seeding program, I was able to understand some of the potential programs and ways of improving the sustainability programs without compromising the future needs of the society.  For instance, the seeding program sought to educate the students on the various sustainable solutions to deal with the various challenges facing the chemistry discipline.  

During the seeding activity, I was able to present a “Greenhouse Gas Emission” documentary to the students. The documentary was useful in providing additional information on to prevent the future emissions. However, it discussed how chemistry was responsible and account for a large share of the emission through its chemical processes within the numerous factories. It is an example of the various presentations we used to educate the learners on how to act ethically and professionally towards enhancing chemical sustainability in the society. Therefore, the seeding activity was important in changing my perception towards chemistry as well as the need to sensitize the learners on the concepts of sustainable chemistry.

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