Transportation Information Technologies

Transport is an important sector in the economic growth of the country. Transportation is involved in almost all trade. Through transportation, it is possible to move products and people from one location to another. The transport sector has registered massive growth over the last two decade. The emergence of the advanced technology has played a key role in the growth of transport sector.  Today, electric train, automatic vehicle, and large cargo plane have been introduced in the transport sector. Additionally, the computer system is employed to operate and control different vessels used in transportation. This paper focuses on the topic of transportation information technologies derived from Chapter 1 of the book, “Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective.” 

Transportation information technologies involve the use of information technology in the transport sector. Technology is important in the development of transport systems, including road, railways line and airports. The latest technology is used in the development of infrastructures used in transportations, for example, road networks and airports. Through the use of the latest technology, it is possible to construct complex road networks that are suitable to small vehicles and cargo tracks. Different contractors can employ the latest technology in creating heavy duty roads that can support transportation of heavy cargos and withstand extreme weathers. Additionally, improved communication technology can be employed in the road systems to improve communication and control system. Through the use of the latest communication technology, for example, wireless communication, controllers in different ends of the control system can communicate effectively. As a result, efficiency and safety in transport sector can be improved. 


In air and water transport, information technology is important, particularly in the development new vessels and improving communication system. Advanced technology is used to creating latest planes and ships that can effectively and efficiently transport people and good over short and long distances. Additionally, the latest technology is used in improving communication and surveillance system in the sea and air. As a result, efficiency and safety are improved in air and water transport. 

Electronic Logging Devices

In this part of the paper, the main focus relates to the summary of the article by providing a critique, comparing and contrasting different items. The title of the article is "Electronic Logging Devices to be required across Commercial Truck and Bus Industries." The article was written by on 10, 2015. The main focus of the article is an improvement of the roadway safety through the employment of the latest technology. The writer of the article maintains that a rule, ELD Final Rule, has been introduced to strengthen bus and commercial truck drivers’ agreement with hours-of-service guidelines that prevent fatigue. 

The aim of the ELD Final Rule is improving the effectiveness of roadside law implementation personnel in examining driver records.  Firm protections are introduced, which are aimed to protect commercial drivers from pestering.  It is estimated that ELD Final Rule can prevent 562 injuries and save 26 lives from accidents involving big commercial motor vehicles, every year. According to the article, the ELD Final Rule includes four main elements.

The first element of ELD Final Rule is the necessitating commercial truck and bus drivers to observe hours-of-service records and implement ELDs within duration of two years.  It is projected that nearly three million drivers will be influenced to implement this provision of the ELD Final Rule. The second component of the rule involves strictly keeping out harassment of commercial driver.  The Final Rule ensures that both technical and procedural provisions are designed to safeguard commercial truck. The third component of the rule involves setting technology provisions describing design and performance requirements for ELDs ensuring that manufacturers are capable of producing compliant systems and devices, and clients are enabled to make the right decisions. The fourth element relates to the establishment of the new hours-of-service associate document, for example, fuel purchase receipts and shipping documents. 

The information provided in this articles has clearly explained the need for implementation of the latest technology to improve safety in the road transport. The writer of the article has clearly outlined the rule that will guide the implementation of ELD Final Rule. The two items related in this article are safety in transportation and improved technology. The article has clearly explained how advanced technology can be employed to improve safety in the transportation. 

Transportation Carrier 

In this part of the paper, the main focus is a discussion of the new information relating use of the latest technology in Western Express. Being a top road carrier company in the U.S, Western Express is dedicated to offering its high-quality client services. The company has employed highly experienced drivers to ensure efficiency in the process of different transport products from one location to another. Additionally, the company has employed the latest technology to increase safety and efficiency during the transportation process. 

The key information provided by the company about the new technology is a use of steer tires. The management team at Western Express always ensures that the best equipment and advanced technology is employed in day to day activities. Thus, the use of steer tires is aimed to ensure that the trucks can easily travel on different roads across the country. The tires are made using the latest technology to improve the stability and safety of the trucks while transporting different products, over long and short distances. 

In conclusion, transport information technology has made a massive contribution in improving efficiency and safety in the transport sector. Use of the latest technology has led to the creation of advanced transport vessels suitable for transporting different products. Additionally, the latest technology is useful in increasing communication in the transport sector.  

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