Supervisors in Today’s Business

Key Global Issues facing Supervisors

Today, the supervisors face the challenge of ensuring that the organization keeps pace with the dynamic market situations. The supervisors are expected to understand and deal with the complex environmental challenges. The key global issues facing the supervisors include the changing workforce and changes in demographics. Firstly, population and workforce growth is a major global issue, which the supervisors should monitor to ensure that the business is responsive. The global population has been increasing over the last ten years as well as the workforce. Thus, the supervisors should be able to utilize the diverse talents available in the workforce. 

In the global markets, there is a need to use a diverse workforce. In spite of all, the supervisors face the challenge of managing the diverse workforce effectively as they have different strengths and weaknesses. The different cultural and societal beliefs also affect the ability of supervisors well in the organization. Women and minorities opportunities are another key global issue facing the supervisors in the businesses.  The supervisors are expected to be able to treat the women and people from minority groups equally.  Since, all employees should be given an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.


Additionally, the supervisors should be ready to handle the changing technology and market conditions. Businesses have revamped due to the technological advancements, automation, and other competitive aspects, which demands both internal and external adaptation. Today, technical computer skills are necessary for the supervisors, as it would help in making effective decisions. Technology reduces the time taken to communicate with the various stakeholders including the customers and suppliers. Thus, the supervisor must be able to use a computer as manage and store all the data using the computers. With the growth of technology, the supervisors must adapt accordingly to enhance success in the current business environment. Other key global issues facing the supervisors include low wages and global competition. As a result, the supervisors must understand the global competition to be able to perform well in the international markets. 

Ways to Manage Business

The management of the business involves various activities and programs ranging from daily operations to the long term planning. It is important for the managers to understand their responsibility to ensure that the business runs efficiently. It is important to provide leadership in the business. Leadership process usually encourages, supports and motivates the employees to perform better. Effective leadership procedures give a sense of direction and focus to the business, which is a critical element of effective business management. For example, the supervisors should conduct regular meetings to provide directives and plans to improve their departmental performances. Offering leadership practices are useful in enhancing the effective managing of the business. 

The cooperation with the employees is also important. The supervisors should develop close relationships with the employees. Good employee relations will improve their motivation and performance. They will feel part of the organization. The supervisor should also delegate some duties to the employees. Thus, the cooperation of the employees is an important aspect of effective business management. Tracking of financial resources is another way of managing the business. Financial tracking helps in ensuring that the company is accountable for its business operations. It will involve the understanding of the basic accounting practices as well as the design of administrative procedures to manage the financial resources. Therefore, tracking financial resources is a relevant measure in ensuring that the business manages its resources effectively.

Most importantly, the creation of effective communication channels is critical. The effective communication channels help to conduct the upper management to the subordinates.  For effective business management, communication role is critical to share all the decisions and ideas developed in the organization. It also improves the performance of the organization, as the senior managers can communicate easily to the employees. It leads to improved efficiency in the delivery of service in the business. Therefore, the ways of managing a business include the cooperation with employees, effective communication channels and providing effective leadership. 

Specific Examples

In their article, Molinsky, Davenport, Iyer, and Davidson provide three skills, which every manager in the 21st century should have. The article is an example of the discussion of the various key global issues facing the supervisors in businesses today. It records how companies have changed over the years becoming more collaborative and less hierarchical.  It suggests one of the most important skills is code switching among the various cultures. The skill helps in supporting the overall efficiency in cross-cultural communication within the society. Thus, supervisors could learn from the skill to improve their ability work with diverse employees as well as reach other new markets. According to Molinsky et al., the second skill was to wield digital influence. Today, digital tools are important in creating strong networks with other businesses. It also makes it easy to obtain industry contacts and enhance active participation in corporate social media programs.

Finally, the article also suggests that there is a need to divide attention, which helps in becoming more productive. The skill ensures that the managers and supervisors understand the progress of the business effectively. The example of these skills as provided by Molinsky et al. is important in the effective business management process. The three skills imply the required efforts by the supervisors to support their performance in the business. Therefore, the example is important in understanding the initial ways of managing the business and the potential global issues facing the supervisors.

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