Martin Luther King: The Great Hero

I like the proverb: “Gold is tried by fire, brave men by adversity”. One can refer these words to a remarkable and brave person who has gone through many difficulties, but in spite of it, could overcome everything and become a legend. This person is Mark Luther King, an American activist, civil rights leader and an important figure in the history of America who changed the course of history for African-American citizens. 

Martin Luther King achieved success in his life, but faced numerous obstacles on his way to it. When the figure of King became important and influential, many protests and threats from white people occurred, even leading to a bomb explosion in his house in 1956. Moreover, King confronted such problem as the dissatisfaction of government: in autumn 1960, the young leader was arrested and sentenced to correctional work. Thus, there was a hard choice: to refuse from the struggle for the sake of the safety of himself and his family, or to proceed with the struggle with injustice regarding people of color. King chose the second variant and managed with all these events thanks to his intelligence and courage. He always said: “Before we gain our freedom, we will shed a lot of blood.” Sticking to his principles, he managed to overcome all obstacles on his way to success. He could do it, gathering the powerful team of black people and leading it, organizing numerous protests and not fearing to speak openly to people about civil rights. He could do it thanks to all his actions and demonstrations. Indeed, Martin Luther King headed the action “Walking for the sake of freedom” when all African Americans stopped using public transport. In 1963, the movement has achieved the first results: people of color began to go to common cafes, libraries, they picketed buildings and set up demonstrations. King led all these processes, not afraid of being arrested or killed. Much effort, knowledge, love to liberty and bravery helped him to get over all the troubles. 


Besides the mentioned qualities, education was essential for King. As a child, he was intelligent and talented, so he went to school a year earlier than other children. He studied at Booker T. Washington High School at the age of 13, and later passed Morehouse College’s entrance exam, finished Crozer Theological Seminary, and become a student at Boston University. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Divinity Degree. He also became a Doctor of Philosophy in Systematic Theology. Thus, from 15 to 26 years, King went through the process of gaining education. His broad erudition helped him to understand different spheres of life, resist pressure, become the leader of the power movement and eventually achieve success. 

Harding reported in his book that King was inspired by Gandhi’s success, achieved with a non-violent approach; he has even visited the native country of Gandhi. The visit to India extremely influenced King: after that trip, he understood the sense of nonviolence and began the struggle for civil rights. The other people who inspired King and even helped him include a civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, white activists Harris Wofford and Glenn Smiley The work “The Kingdom of God is Within You” by Leo Tolstoy had a positive impact on the views of King. One more motivation for his nonviolent movement was the essay “On Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau. Thanks to these people and their works, King comprehended that he had to fight against violence and break this evil and unjust system regarding the civil rights of black people. 

Martin Luther King was a great man, ideas of whom I can apply to my educational and professional success. After his stirring speech “I have a dream”, I comprehended that it is important not only to have a dream, but also to do everything that I can for its realization. Now I know that only brave people achieve desirable results. The life of King gave me a good lesson about freedom, teaching me that freedom in life is the absolute value. In addition, Martin Luther King was a talented speaker, which taught me that it is necessary to be able to express an idea clearly and to prove it to have success. One more inspirational idea is the importance of the leader, as to be a leader means to be responsible for every participant of the process. Some King’s quotations also inspired me, especially this one: “Human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and persistent work…”. I agree with this statement, as it proves again that an individual should make every effort to gain something. 

Learning more about Luther Martin King enhanced my motivation to succeed. I read a lot of information about this person, learnt about him in details. His story of a usual man from a usual family who, with an unbelievable desire and a great intelligence could achieve big success, inspires the modern generation. Martin Luther King was a magnanimous personality, whose life is an example of bravery and wisdom for everybody in the world. His personality proves that everything is possible, and that it is necessary to uphold liberty and human rights. Thus, I also can do anything, as everything depends on my desire and effort. 

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