Leadership of Richard Branson

Richard Branson is the global leader and one of the brightest and most successful representatives of the business world. He could establish Virgin Group that unites more than three hundred companies around the world in completely different fields. Sir Richard is able to quickly analyze and clearly evaluate the situation, to calculate and properly plan the activities of his companies with the lightning speed. But the most important thing is that Richard Branson is a wonderful leader who is able to motivate people in a special way; working with him is simply and fun. Thus, the paper analyzes the leadership style and characteristics of Richard Branson, its key elements and unique aspects, explores how the leader motivates employees, articulates the vision of the company to the employees, as well as reveals whether his leadership is good fit for the manager, why he is a global leader, and assesses Branson’s success within five years in order to better understand the aspects of proper leadership.


The Key Elements of Leadership Style

The leadership style of Richard Branson is participative. There are several elements of his leadership style that have had significant impact on his business success. First of all, as the founder and the CEO of his business, Branson has a great impact on the employees’ behavior. Such positions provide Branson with the ability to make decisions not listening to the opinions of other people. Thus, he has been making primarily successful and important decisions. He has also managed to avoid the suggestions of the top management who may cause significant damage to the firm by ignoring the comments of the employees. Secondly, the leadership style of Richard Branson includes such key elements as following the firm’s standards, humanity, and communicating with customers as well as staff. These components have helped to create a conductive environment in the company, which facilitates the achievement of goals and is favorable for business operations. Studies identify that employees work harder when they are listened to and when their suggestions are considered in establishing the firm’s strategy. In contrast, employees who are underestimated by the management and feel ignored usually performance worse due to the absence of motivation. Thus, Mr. Branson listens to the comments of mates and colleagues. He understands how negatively the ignorance of the suggestions of colleagues can influence the firm’s profitability. Another key element of Branson’s leadership style is perseverance, which has been enabled by the self-awareness. When he has ventured into the train business, the company has had to spend many years and resources to establish new trains and adjust to the new technologies. This change would be impossible without Branson’s unique perseverance.

Besides, the leadership style of Richard Branson includes such important elements as fun, inspiration and creative instincts. Visiting the office of the Virgin Group is as so boring as it may seem. It is an excitement similar to sport, where there are many challenges, and where the desire to win is more prominent than the fear of pain. This way Branson inspires, excites, and motivates the staff. Branson with his adventurous spirit and confidence in the ability of achieving anything inspires people.

The unique aspects of leadership style and the multifaceted Virgin Group

There are several aspects of Richard Branson’s leadership style that are beneficial in such multifaceted firm as the Virgin Group. First of all, Branson as a leader is trustful, which creates an open-minded environment. He trusts new entrants and current employees, which is reflected in sharing and accepting their suggestions and opinions. Secondly, Branson knows how to hire the right talents and put the organization in the beneficial position with the help of these talents. In such a way, the leader also facilitates the development of his multifaceted firm. Moreover, Branson has managed to create the innovative culture with the help of the participative aspect of his leadership. Thus, he pays enough attention to the decisions of the staff at all levels. Such organization perfectly matches the multifaceted spirit of the Virgin Group.

Besides, when there is an opportunity, Branson’s speedy reaction matches the multifaceted style of the Virgin Group. Since there are more than three hundred companies in the Virgin Group, it is hard to be a practical leader of each one of them. However, Branson relies on his instincts and does not waste time convincing others in the future success of his ideas. Instead, he implements them and convinces others by action. Thus, the Virgin Atlantic Airways and the Virgin Direct have been established five months after the idea has appeared, while the norm is two-three years.

Finally, another aspect of Richard’s leadership style that matches successfully the particular attributes of the multifaceted Virgin Group is his preference to keep the companies small, while the rest business leaders strive to make their firm bigger. Thus, Branson has managed to create the organization where the employees’ entrepreneurial spirit is maximized and the bureaucracy is minimized. As a result, his firms have been characterized by energetic and well-performing employees.


Richard Branson is able to magically motivate the people around him. Branson can lead by turning simple wage-workers into the followers of his exciting ideas and crazy plans. The two key ways he motivates employees is searching for the best in people and giving them an ability to participate. The most important point is searching for the best in people. The employees should be exulted, not criticized, and treated as the flowers that need to be watered, after which they will blossom. People need praise, after which they flourish. The company where the managers motivate employees and believe in as well as appreciate what they do will be extremely successful. This approach is likely to work in various organizational settings because it does not depend on the type of the company. However, it does depend on people. This method will not work with people who need to be criticized, instead of praised, to perform above average.

Furthermore, in order to provide employees the possibility to participate, Branson shares his cellphone number with them. This personal approach may also work in any organizational setting. Giving the phone number to the subordinate is a great idea. Employees will think a hundred times before calling their busy boss about irrelevant issues. At the same time, this action is a demonstration of trust on the side of the leader. In addition, everyone gets the opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions personally with the boss, which will undoubtedly benefit the business. For instance, a flight attendant has once shared with Branson the idea of offering the passengers of Virgin Airlines manicure and hand massage services during the flight. The service became very popular. As a result, the same stewardess opened a beauty salon named “Body and Soul” together with Branson in London’s Heathrow Airport.

Articulation and communication of the vision

Richard Branson has a clear and concise vision for his company. It entails improving the environment and the society. More specifically, the focus in the on reduction and abatement of global warming. Branson has learnt to effectively articulate and communicate this vision to the employees and other stakeholders of the organization. The most successful step made by Branson in sharing his vision with the organization is clearly stating it. What is more, he has managed to show the stakeholders and the employees what specifically should be done to achieve this vision. This initiative has also helped to establish detailed goals and objectives for different departments. Besides, this vision has been developed on the basis of Peter Cammock’s model, which takes into account such elements as imagining as a future possibility, involving or engaging, and adopting. This way, Richard Branson has been able to create a distinct sense of direction in the eyes of stakeholders of the organization by utilizing these elements.

However, in Branson’s case, the notion of a vision as a set of transcendent organizational goals is diffused at best. In addition, his company’s vision can be found in his operating philosophy rather than in a well-articulated vision statement. Branson’s organization is guided by certain fundamental values. One of them is the notion that a small organizational is preferred. Another idea that guides the Virgin Group is that of the utmost value to be delivered to the customers. Both of these visions are widely understood and shared by the employees.

Evaluating whether the leadership style is a good fit for a manager

After receiving a job offer to be a manager at the Virgin Group, I would use several criteria to evaluate whether the leadership style of Richard Branson would fits me in my managerial career or not. First of all, it is important to know whether his style of leadership promotes the common vision within the company, staff and other stakeholders, or not. The appropriate leadership style promotes the vision of a working environment and culture, which facilitates the implementation of business operations. The next criterion is the ability of Branson to create a working climate. Such ability would be beneficial for my managerial career because it would allow control over other workers. Furthermore, Branson’s leadership style should integrate the activities and resources of the Virgin Group in a way that helps to create a secure working environment. Finally and most importantly, Branson’s leadership style should facilitate communication, sharing and cooperation among the superiors and the subordinates. Such cooperation ensures that all decisions that are made within the organization are correct and all the activities are implemented successfully. Thus, the positive outcomes of the abovementioned criteria will make me consider the managerial position in the Virgin Group under the leadership of Richard Branson as an enticing career.

In conclusion, the leadership style of Richard Branson is both favorable and correct from my own standpoint. Thus, working under Branson can be very easily, interesting, encouraging, and motivating. Fortunately, his style promotes freedom in the working environment thus creating cooperation between the managers and the grassroots. Such organization leads to the moral growth of the employees as well as the whole organization.

The global leader

Richard Branson is one of the greatest examples of global leaders. First of all, in order to prove this fact, the notion of a global leader should be defined. It is someone who continues to produce positive outcomes beyond his/her own environment. When solving problems, a global leader faces challenges with dignity and sacrifices profits for the well-being of his followers. For instance, Branson has made great contributions to reducing the effects of climate change by creating the vision for his organization that promotes the elimination of global footprint. Furthermore, he has developed a plan of action that will help his employees to follow this green vision. He is an effective global leader because he cares for the world around him.

Moreover, the provision of free cooperation between the managers and employees shows that the CEO of the Virgin Group is a leader of people who sees no boundaries. Finally, Richard Branson has managed to establish numerous successful companies all over the world. This fact also makes him a global leader.


There are many reasons why Ricard Branson will continue to be a successful leader over the next five years. First of all, he is surrounded by a determined management team. His followers have been fortunate to reach the set objectives, which makes his leadership style lucrative. What is more, the success of the Virgin Group is another piece evidence in favor of Branson’s leading style. Besides, the spirit free interaction and sharing that he has been promoting within the organization ensures the mutual support among the staff members, which is very important for the future success of the business. Moreover, Richard Branson’s way of doing business accounts for today’s issues, which negatively influence the environment all over the world. For instance, he strives to minimize the effect of the climate change, which makes the whole world worry. In addition, he organizes the meetings of global leaders in order to present possible solutions to global problems. His global presence makes him in line with the current as well as the future. Finally, Branson widely uses innovation in the course of doing business, which is also important for his future success. Furthermore, not only the success of such organizations as the Virgin Groups, but also the success of the whole world depends on such global leaders as Branson.


In conclusion, Richard Branson became very successful in his business due to such elements of his leadership style as being the founder and the CEO of his business, following the firm’s standards, humanity, and communicating with employees, perseverance, fun, inspiration, and creative instincts. The aspects of his leadership style like trustfulness, knowledge of how to hire the right talents, ability to create the innovative culture, speedy reaction, reliability on own instincts, and preference to keep the companies small match successfully the multifaceted style of the Virgin Group. Branson is one of the best in ability to motivate the workers by searching for the best in people and giving them an ability to participate. Moreover, Richard can effectively articulate the vision of the company to the employees first of all by clearly stating it and showing what should be done to follow it. Furthermore, he is a global leader because he acts around the world and cares for the environment and will be successful in the next five years. Thus, the leadership style of Richard Branson is both favorable to work under him.

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