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Modern societies face various problems; as a rule, these problems are determined as such related to certain phenomena, non material concepts or certain individuals. This leads us to the assumption that people are inclined to look for problems that do not touch them closely, at the same time they neglect those issues which might concern themselves. Among such problems one can name healthy lifestyle of an individual living in the modern world. Living a healthy life involves working out properly and eating wholesome food, these factors being absent results in overweight, heart related problems and other organs disorders, premature ageing as well as osteoporosis. It is a pity but what concerns more the majority of the people is taxes, political parties, problems involving personal relationships job-related problems, the fact that their physical condition and the fundamentals of healthy eating habits are far from perfect is often disregarded. That is the reason of the need for the society to work out an elaborate program which is to outline the intentions of leading a healthy life where adequate physical training and healthy eating principles are integrated and well balanced. That is why our society needs a complex program that will unite it in its intentions to live a healthy life combining proper exercising and diet, based on healthy food. Theoretical fundamentals are required for the above program which will analyze the present situation in the society, outline the objectives and the ways to achieve them. 


The Analysis of the Issue

Firstly, one ought to be aware of the concept that the key factors of healthy lifestyle are healthy eating habits and adequate amount of physical exercise.  Even the classic ancient philosophers stated surely that both appropriate eating habits and everyday physical activity are of great importance. To support this one can quote a remarkable saying of French doctor and researcher Anthelme Brillat-Savarin dated 1926: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”. Having said these words he maintained the fact that the food an individual eats has a direct impact on the individual’s physical state and his health condition in general along with the mental condition.  The above words are true for the modern society in which one can see junk foods and various sugared fizzy and alcohol drinks with other harmful ingredients being widely advertised.  The advertisements are often so appealing that people get accustomed to them and consume various perilous products since the time they were children. Thousands of people, suffering from obesity, find themselves in the deadlock every year due to the mass culture popularization of fast cooking and eating fast foods. The increased amount of sugar in blood is the cause of diabetes; osteoporosis is provoked by high levels of soda; various ingredients of energetic drinks lead to insomnia, mental troubles and heart-related diseases. As far as foods are concerned, increased calorific values together with high level of fats and carbohydrates are the cause of obesity, problems that affect liver, kidneys and intestinal tract. Once people are diagnosed with the above problems, they go to see the doctors and get the medicines prescribed, though the medicines have contra indications, which may cause other diseases. Thereby, the absence of data about wholesome products and adequate eating regimes turns out to be a never-ending chain of illnesses.  Another aspect of the issue under discussion is the absence of physical activity in the daily routine of an ordinary person, which has also been the subject of discussion for centuries.  There is a statement of Abu Ali Abn Sina (Avicenna), an outstanding Arabic doctor and philosopher, who lived in 980-1037, that states that “physical exercises are the most significant factor for one’s well being”. Everyday ration which consists of unhealthy products characterized by high rates of carbohydrates and fat on the one part, and the absence of physical activity on the other cause fatness. The natural process of depositing extra amounts of carbohydrates as body fat conditions acquiring obesity. Should daily physical activity that makes our bodies use calories and burn fat be scarce, a human body becomes a depot of live energy which has the form of fat. Obesity causes the increase in the level of pressure on heart and other organs, bones and spine being under stress too. Thereby, absence of knowledge about the significance of physical activity and wholesome food leads to serious health disorders giving rise to a great number of questions concerning public health. A social project, the purpose of which is to provide the public with information and encourage it to become conscious of its principles of eating habits and physical activity, has initially to outline the characteristic features of population to aim attention at.

The Characteristics of the Target Group

To start with, each social program requires a target group to aim attention at; this is due to the fact that people of different age groups should be approached using different methods which have a direct impact on the efficiency of the program. To provide this we suggest that representatives of both sexes whose age ranges from 18 to 30 should be included in the target group. We base the choice on the fact that the people of the above age range are generally characterized by a high level of responsibility for their health; they are generally not married and are not too busy to follow special training and study course based on the given program. The knowledge they will get from the courses will make it possible for them not solely to take care of their own health, but apply the knowledge they gained in educating their children. Besides, the young age of representatives of this group allows them to take up physical activities not being exposed to any possible dangers of being injured or having aftereffects. The processes of metabolism of even overweight individuals are highly adaptable to alterations in eating habits and physical activity.   They have a possibility to go on educating themselves on the basis of the program, applying techniques of self education they acquired at schools and colleges. One part of the target group is to comprise people who are overweight, do not exercise and do not follow healthy eating regime, another part is to be composed of those who have normal weight corresponding to their age and dimensions, do not eat healthily and do not exercise in a daily or weekly basis. The two chosen groups are to be composed of males and females in equal proportions.  The above groups must consist of 10 individuals of both sexes from every state, their age ranging from 18 to 30 half and half. Middle-aged people from all parts of the country should be included into the groups that are formed. The groups should not accept people who suffer from fatal diseases and have mental illnesses; they are to follow the program created for people with disabilities and those having disorders. Thereby, chosen principles will provide the arrangement of groups of individuals satisfying all the requirements necessary to assure the success of the program.   

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Healthy Lifestyle

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