Drug abuse

Over the past several years the populations of the youths who are drug addicts have increased tremendously in the United States. The issue of drug abuse has remained a great challenge for the whole U.S. Drugs abuse has even been localized and personalized where by people are even taking drugs at the comfort of their homes. The drugs dealers have now focused their attention to school going teenagers and college where they easily find an available market. 

Youths and drugs

The drug barons have resulted to take advantage of the poor youths to recruit them to be smugglers of these drugs. They have used the youths to create a good network all over the states and even to reach even the interior ends. The fact that the drug barons have targeted the youths in schools and universities who are actually the top cream of the society has made the issue more technical. The fact is that at a youthful age a person is known to be very energetic and aggressive. It means that the energy and the intellect that these university students have are channeled to the issue of propagating drug trade. The other fact is that at the youthful age there is a lot of peer influence and this helps in spreading the vice among the targeted group.  Some of the youths will result into this business due to the kind of return that they derive.

 With the urge by most youths to attain the financial freedom easily they find it as the best solution to achieve their inspiration. Most research that has been conducted among the youth has shown that most of them have got no patience to wait for the right opportune time to get rich. The desire by the youths to live posh lives has also left them to do anything in order to get the necessary cash to do this. The freedom that comes to youths especially when they get to college overcomes them with most attempting anything that comes across. Having come from their parent’s custody and joining a new world where they are free of any control the excitement sometimes chocks them. In the process most of them are taken advantage of by their peers and they end up being introduced to drug abuse and finally end up becoming addicts.


Implications of drug abuse

The implication of the spread of this vice is that it has led over 60 percent of the youth generation that is not sober.The most dangerous thing is that when the youth generation is destroyed the society is also destroyed. The youths are the future of the society and a society which does not invest in the youths is warming up for a dull future. The effects of some of these drugs are seen within a short duration after the commencement of the habit. To other drugs such as Marijuana their effect might be deferred to a certain time in future. The fact that some States have legalized Marijuana it has made people to now abuse it in a broad daylight. Though cognizant of the fact that marijuana can be used medically, it abuse cannot justify it legalization. Science has confirmed that one puff of Marijuana can remain in the brain for a period of about thirty years. The implication of most of these drugs is that in the near future when the youth attains the age for active work in the job market, most of them will start experiencing the effects of these drugs.  A further implication is that most people will not be productive and thus the economy of a country will be at a risk. 

Drug abuse is also closely related to money laundering. Most drug lords are also associated with money laundering. It is has also been proved that most of the drug lords posses huge sums of money. They combine this with the money laundering and thus they are able to control a lot of illegal money. The effect of the money laundering business is that it leads to huge losses to both the individual and companies. To entrepreneurs the money sometimes hinders growth of their businesses and even discourages the entrepreneurial spirit. The stories of business people who have lost huge sums of money through some of this drug lords are common in all the states. The other effect is that these fake currencies sometimes end up costing the government especially when it affects banks. Generally the fake currencies have a negative effect to the economy and if not well curbed it can even lead to collapse of an economy. 

The abuse of drugs also goes hand in hand with violence and terrorism. In most states the issues of notorious gangs have remained to be a challenge for many years. These gangs have caused violence in most states disturbing peace, killing and making most people to live in fear. Ninety five percent of these gang members are drug addict, the use the drugs as a booster in order for them to be able to commit crimes.They also work closely with the drug lords and are sometimes used to protect the drug lords. The problem is that even with the police forces making several attempts to end the gangs it becomes difficult. With the influence of the drugs it becomes difficult for such people to reason objectively and that’s why most punitive measures have not been effective. Finally the issues of drugs, gangs are intertwined with terrorism. Terrorism has remained the most difficult issue to handle all over the world. With the issue of radicalization continuing day in day out, the culture of terrorist is propagated from one generation to the other. Youths who have sunk into the ocean of drug abuse have become a soft target for recruitment into the terror groups. Infact they are easily radicalized and can commit terror acts without having to care much. The drug barons have also been known to support terror groups and finance the terror activities all over the world.


Safeguarding of the young generation should primarily start right from their homes to the learning institutions and finally to the society at large. In the home setting the parents needs to inculcate the importance of upholding the right morals. The emphasis on religion is also an important factor. Parents should work to ensure that their children are introduced to the right religions at a very tender age. Religion plays a very great role in shaping up the character of an individual. The parents should also encourage children to make decision and stand with their own decision. The fact that some parents never gives a hearing to the opinion of their children sometimes impact negatively in character building. Those people who grew up not having their own stands will badly be affected by peer pressure in their youthful age. It is at times prudent for a parent to even accept a differing opinion from a child. This will go hand in hand with ensuring that an individual develop the art of making and taking responsibility of decisions and action taken. It will also ensure that the freedom attain when at college level is utilized positively.

The governments need to come up with a drug free learning institution policy. All the learning institutions and their surroundings need to be declared as drug free zones. The declaration should also go hand in hand with implementation of this policy. A special unit to fight drugs should be formed and whose members should be from those institutions. The special unit should compose of students, tutors and even staffs who work in these institutions. The task force should also work together with intelligence and the officers fighting crime. A combination of such, plus empowerment through the relevant resources required would be a force to reckon in the pursuit of a sobering up the young the generation. 

The government should also establish rehabilitation centers within the learning institution. This would go hand in hand in ensuring that the services of are right next to those who re mostly affected. The system, of the rehabilitation centre should be such that after undergoing the process there should be an alternative action for the reformed.  This would enable fighting the vice to the root rather than only treating the symptoms. Rather than peer pressure there are other factors that could lead to engaging in drugs. Lack of a stable form of income could be one and also other frustration in life including lack of proper parental love. The rehabilitation process should go further and seek remedy for the causes. For instance, if a person had engaged into drugs due to lack of a stable income it should be a policy that such a person should be given a job after reformation. The rehabilitation centre should be such that after the reformation one is taken through training and then given a job.


The issue of drug abuse is one issue with far reaching effects to the society. Thus a solution to the problem would imply a solution to many other problems. The youths being the top cream of the society and the future of the society need to be protected at whatever cost. The energy and the aggressive nature of the youths should be harnessed to make a positive impact to the society

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